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Re: Maria's letters & notes
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Thank you for this Inok Nikolai. Really great information! Many thanks!

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Re: Maria's letters & notes
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Inok Nikolai, Iím so grateful. Thanks for clearing things out. Now it all makes sense! Actually, I was hoping that you would take care of the problem, and I was right. Thanks again!

Well, I think PhotoBucket will still allow me to post links.

1) A table of the letters found in Pr. Eugenie's book:

Princess Eugenieís father was Tsar Nicholas IIís first-cousin, Prince George of Greece (ďBig GeorgieĒ), who had saved the then Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovichís life when he had been attacked in Otsu, Japan, in 1891. According to Princess Eugenie, after the death of her parents, she discovered a biscuit tin in the cellar of her motherís house containing eighteen letters written by the Imperial family from captivity. Although Princess Eugenie suggested several possible scenarios, she was never able to determine for certain how those letters came into her fatherís possession.

The account given here concerning the one letter found at Yale from this period suggests a possible source for those other letters. Perhaps the letters which eventually found their way to Prince George of Greece were originally part of this same cache of letters and photos described by Rodion Bulatsel.

2) Rodion Bulatsel's account:


The destinations for NN. 17 & 18 should read "Tobolsk", not Ekaterinburg. They were written from Ekaterinburg.
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