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Ludwig III's daughters-Bavaria

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I'm interested in Ludwig III's daughters.

1.  Princess Adelgunde(1870-1958] -Fürst von Hohenzollern Wilhelm

2. Princess Maria Luisa(1872-1954)  -Duke of Calabria Ferdinando of The Two Sicilies

3. Princess Mathilde(1877-1906) -Ludwig Gaston of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

4. Princess Hildegarte (1881-1948]

5. Princess Nothburg (1883)

6. Princess Wiltrud(1885-1975) -Wilhelm Karl , Graf von Württemberg

7. Princess Helmtrud(1886-1977)

8. Princess Dietlinde(1888-1889)

9. Princess Gundelinde(1891-1983)-Graf Johann Georg von Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos

He had so many daughters! Please post phtos and informations~.
(only Mathilde, I know her many photos in this site. thanks. :D )


--- Quote ---Not a beauty among them I am afraid...Maybe Mathilde.
--- End quote ---

Mathilde was a recognized beauty. Also Maria was quite pretty as a younger woman...

Ludwig's second daughter Maria was named "Maria Ludwiga".

Princess Hildegard raised rabbits and loved dogs.

Princess Wiltrud was the second wife of Wilhelm of Urach, whose first wife was Amélie, Duchess in Bavaria - a half-sister of Princess Marie Gabrielle of Bavaria and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.


--- Quote ---Princess Hildegard raised rabbits.
--- End quote ---

Wonderful hobby! ;)

Will you help to build up a collection of pictures of the countless daughters of the last King and Queen of Bavaria?

Adelgunde Marie Auguste Therese (1870-1958).
Maria Ludwiga Theresia (1872-1954).
Mathilde Marie Theresia Henriette Christine Luitpolda (1877-1906).
Hildegarde Maria Christina Therese (1881-1948)
Wiltrud Marie Alix (1884-1975).
Helmtrud -or Helmtrudis! - Marie Amalie (1886-1977).
Gundelinde Maria Josepha (1891-1983).

(I have left out Notburga and Dietlinde, who only lived for a short time; yes, they do seem to have had difficulty thinking of new names).

To start off, then, here are the four youngest:


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