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Hello Everybody!

Yes, I know there is already a board somewhat touching on the idea of reincarnation, but, as curiosity has gotten the better of me, I just don't think it was discussed in full length as I (and, am not alone) would like it to be.

  So, what do you all think about the whole idea of reincarnation, none the less, reincarnations of the Romanovs? I think that the Romanovs have been reincarnated (at least some of them) I just don't know when or where (as, again I'm not alone on this one ::) )

Have any of you read "To save Russia, reincarnation of Czar Nicholas II"? I would love to read it, but don't have access to it, at all...so boo on my part! But, to those of you who have read it, what did you think, did you believe this Donald guy? I also heard that in his book he was reunited with most of the Romaovs (all but Alix and Anastasia, I believe).

Also, someone, and with my forgetful mind I just don't remember who mentioned a psychic getting in contact with either the spirit guides, or the actual entities of the Romanovs themselves. Do any of you have any more information on this subject, my skin is itching to find out more! Don't you just hate it when people only tell you part of the story?!

I don't intend to start another board on the imperial claimant mumbo-jumbo. But, to those of you who are unconvinced and believe that you really were a Romanov, please PM me, I would love to hear from you, and not in a sarcastic way, either.

By the way, in my past life I was not a Romanov, but rather a daughter of a German politician, who met the fatal end of falling asleep in the bathtub.  :o Rather strange thinking about it now...

~Anyways, Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthly post, Cecilia PS-Sorry for gammar errors, half awake here (or...is it half asleep?...lol)

Hello, Cecilia!
I believe in the idea of reincarnation, too. I am hoping to experience a regression in the future, but my life is all too busy right now, going to other doctors. :(
In the Imperial Claimants section, I started a thread (it didn't turn out that great, so it might be on the bottom) about how I have experienced certain qualifications to being a reincarnation of someone from the lasst Romanovs' era.
I am not specifically or intentionallt entitling myself as "a Reincarnated Romanov", but I AM a reincarnation!
My grandmother herself had a past life regression, and she had the memories of being the daughter of a French member of the Russian court (in the late 1800's with Nicholas II on the throne).
I really would love a thread here on this forum that goes more in deoth about these possibilities, but find it hard to keep this thread alive, so if any moderator can, I think this should be moved to another section, not the Having Fun section. In my opinion, what we are talking about here is not "having fun", and as you can see no one that vacates this thread has replied to Cecilia's post, until now. I am not stating that I want it deleted, I just want it actually be visited! ;D
Anyways, here are some links to similar threads on this forum:
My thread that I mentioned earlier.
A past lives thread


Laura Mabee:
I can move it to the Claimants thread if you guys wish. I do not think that this thread should be here though. Let me know what you guys wish.  ;)

That is what I thought, too, but it is all up to Cecilia, since she started the thread.  :)


 Yes. I am so sorry. I thought I posted this thread in the claimants board, so I was looking for it, but then I didn't see it and I'm like "awww well, maybe it was deleted." But now, being my ditzy self ::), i find that indeed it was posted, in the Having fun thread, not the Claimants.  So sorry, I feel really stupid, and of course--I would love to transfer it, but how do I go about doing so??
    Oh and russian_duchess_#5 I am so glad we share the same intrests!! Sometimes, it seems like I'm the only one, and that can be a little awkward. I love the spirit world and do wish I was...like psychic or something to that extent ...  :D



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