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Yurovsky's fingers
« on: February 15, 2006, 03:02:01 PM »
I'm re-reading Francis McCullagh's "Prisoner of the Reds".  McCullagh was a pre-war journalist who spoke fluent Russian and who was attached to the British Mission in Siberia in 1919 as an Intelligence Officer.  He was captured by the Reds but persuaded them he was only a journalist and they sent him back to Britain via Ekaterinberg & Moscow.

In Ekaterinberg he interviewed Yurovsky and noted that the tips of three of his fingers were missing.  According to McCullagh these were blown off by a stray bullet during the massacre in the cellar.  Is this mentioned elsewhere?

McCullagh's account is pretty much as per the usual story, though he seems to have heard also the story of the waiter at the Red Workmen's Club who overheard the killers boasting about the burials.  Quite where he got this information, and some of the other stuff he writes, he doesn't say.

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