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There are some very fine postings on this thread.

The US never even thought about taking in the Tsar and his Family.  I don't imagine that Wilson, or anyone else wanted to give asylum to an Autocrat.

Wilson was too much of an isolationist, but I think that the poster who said that the US didn't enter the war until after the Tsar abdicated might be right.  I had not made that connection before.

Although the sinking of the Lucitania took place in 1915 way before Nicholas abdicated. That was supposed to be the catalyst.  However, now there are papers that show that the sinking might have been engineered by none other that the British themselves.  Winston Churchill no less was supposed to have been involved.

A lot of Americans went to Canada and France to join up before the US would take an official stance.  But they were there to fight "the Hun" not to destroy an autocracy.
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