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Old photos
« on: September 08, 2004, 11:34:32 PM »
I didn't know where exactly to put this so feel free to move it if you know a better place, but it was just so funny (at least to me!). I was re-reading Camera and the Tsars--I found it again! Actually, I haven't read all of it since I'm generally just looking at the photos, but anyway. It said that Russian photographers didn't enjoy a copyright before the 1890s or so, so some photographers (like Elfelt who I've seen listed on many photos & postcards) used to take photographs, re-photograph whole groups of  them and sell them as their own! Now that's chutzpah! I also can't image in was that easy back then with the big, bulky cameras but at least the subjects were stationary.  ;) I have some Elfelt prints and now I'mwondering about them.... :)
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