Author Topic: Diaghilev's "World of Art"  (Read 2610 times)

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Diaghilev's "World of Art"
« on: July 30, 2006, 07:54:31 PM »
Has anyone seen any of the issues of this periodical from the late 1890's-early 1900's?,

Or, a program for the exhibit of Russian art that Diaghilev put together in the early 1900's?. I know that D. himself, escorted the Tsar through the exhibit (I think it was held at the Narodny Dom), but that is all.

I've read about them in various accounts, but would love to see what they were like.


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Diaghilev's "World of Art"
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2010, 02:53:22 AM »
A wonderfull exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum;"Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes":
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