Author Topic: Welcome new Users (& advice for everyone too!)  (Read 14586 times)

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Welcome new Users (& advice for everyone too!)
« on: September 16, 2004, 10:21:48 AM »
Thank you for stopping by. We now have so many users, guests and postings, that we have a few "rules", in order to help us keep some semblance of order.

YOU MUST REGISTER AS A MEMBER TO POST. If you wish to reply to a topic, or start a new topic, you will have to register as a member with a valid email address.


USE THE 'SEARCH' FEATURE AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN BEFORE ASKING NEW QUESTIONS. With so many topics and postings, many FAQ's have already been answered on many subject. Please search your question BEFORE asking, so that we do not get the same question in many places. Additionally, many topics have many pages of archived discussions, PLEASE look at the older pages before posting a question to prevent duplications.

PLEASE USE STANDARD SPELLINGS OF NAMES AND PLACES. In order for the search function to work best, we ask that standard spellings of Historical names and places be used. Read them here:;action=display;num=1095358546;start=0

The Board has a feature allowing the use of "Private Instant Messages" to other registered users. PLEASE USE THIS FEATURE to send direct messages to a single user instead of posting a reply to a thread when your message does NOT relate to the topic of the thread.
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