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Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, discussion and pictures Part 2

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Ally Kumari:

--- Quote from: Eric_Lowe on February 25, 2009, 05:13:07 PM ---I wonder if there are paintings of Olga's children ?

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Olga´s sons under Christmas tree

Ally Kumari:

Two well known, but in better quality than usual

imperial angel:

--- Quote from: PAVLOV on December 20, 2008, 04:09:06 AM ---What has always facinated me about Olga and Michael, is how different they were to their other siblings.
They both married non royals, and appeared to be completely unpretentious. Olga moved to Canada, and lived in a little house, painted, and worked very hard at surviving. Michael as well, lived in a very ordinary house with Natasha in Gatchina.
I think perhaps they inherited their fathers love of a simple life, and dislike of pomp and ceremony.

Xenia, on the other hand, remained fairly close to her Royal connections, and lived at Wilderness House close to Hampton Court, which was a "grace and favour" property and given to her by George V . I read somewhere that she was also a fairly regular guest of the Royal Family.
Perhaps it was harder for her to let go of her previous life, or accept that her previous life was gone. I think she was much more "Royal" than her brother and sister.   

Does anyone know what Olga's relationship was with her sister ? They dont appear to have seen each other after Olga moved to Canada. Perhaps there was some sort of disagreement between them, I would imagine that in a family which went through so much trauma, emotions would perhaps have been a bit strained, at the best of times.       

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Have you ever read Xenia by Coryne Hall? It might answer your question. I did read it, but don't own it anymore ( gave it somebody) but I believe it may have mentioned Xenia's relationship with Olga. Olga was younger than her siblings, so there was an age gap between Xenia and Olga, which may have affected their relationship. I agree Olga was down to earth, but she did early on agree to an arranged marriage, so at one time she was royal enough to go along with that, although I think she was also young and confused. Michael fell in love with a royal cousin and wished to marry her ( Ducky's sister Beatrice) but they were first cousins so under the rules of the Russian Orthodox church they could not marry. So I'm not sure Micheal esp was less '' Royal'' than Xenia, it was just that after both Micheal and Olga wed commoners, their lives took them ever more away from royal circles, especially in exile with regards to Olga. So it may not have been they were less inherently '' Royal'' it's just their lives took them in different directions. Also, informality was very prized in the Danish Royal family of MF ( who was raised in very simple circumstances for a Royal, despite her later rank) so it wasn't just from Alexander III that the informality thing came.

Olga Maria:
Seeing her works, she indeed has a very talented pair of hands and brain to imagine what she want to paint.
Absolutely correct eyesight!
Who was her most favorite niece/nephew?


--- Quote from: Großfürstin Ingrid Alexie on March 09, 2009, 11:38:01 PM ---Who was her most favorite niece/nephew?

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GDss Anastasia.


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