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Title: To inherit by decent of bloodline
Post by: von Ebert on November 15, 2011, 11:16:38 PM
Most of us in the discussion group  concerning the lives of Czar Nicholas 11 and his family before and after their passing in 1918, want to know more of who they were not just as royals.

We all have our own opinion's but there is a few who have expertise , maybe they can answer with surety the following questions.

1-A. To inherit the crown one needs to be next in line as the male heir of a family.

1-B. To be the next in line does one need to be in the family line or can they be a one of the same distant ancestry which would share the same genetic ancestors if there was no longer an heir
inherit the throne like a living Romanov in the US

2. There are different Romanov  Pretenders, one mother and her son, would they be in line for the Russian throne if it existed today?.

2-B  Or might a British royal who had direct descendants ties to the Romanov family line be more likely to be the next heir?.

3 If none of the above what if a non royal with bloodline ties but no direct linage like the others would that person be equal to the others?.

Title: Re: To inherit by decent of bloodline
Post by: Forum Admin on November 16, 2011, 08:52:36 AM
Every single question here has already been answered. Please research existing discussion threads for your answers. Every answer is there for you to find.