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Title: The dear Ossorgin (?)
Post by: Namarolf on April 29, 2004, 11:36:18 PM
In a letter of Empress Aleksandra to Anna Aleksandrovna Virubova, sent from Tobolsk and included in Virubova's memoirs, the Empress says "How sad dear Ossorgin is dead! Who, apart from her, has been murdered?". Does anyone knows who this Ossorgin lady may have been?
Title: Re: The dear Ossorgin (?)
Post by: Belochka on May 01, 2004, 03:25:02 AM
There was a writer called Mikhail Andreevich Ossorgin (1878 -1942) who later resided in Paris.

Perhaps the statement concerning Ossorgina made by Viroubova refered to his spouse or to another family member?

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Title: Re: The dear Ossorgin (?)
Post by: Thierry on May 03, 2004, 01:13:06 AM
There was a noble family named Ossorgin, who was related with the Trubetzkoys. Unfortunately I do not have any further details :(
Title: Re: The dear Ossorgin (?)
Post by: PAVLOV on July 30, 2010, 07:31:37 AM
I cannot work out who the murdered Ossorgin was. The family were related both to the Trubetskoy's, Volkonskys, and the Gagarins.. They lived mainly on thier estate on the Oka river in the Moscow province, quite near to the Tolstoy estate, until 1918 when they were thrown out by the Bolsheviks.They lived a very precarious life in Russia after the revolution, before moving to Clamart, Paris and New York.
Their estate Sergiyevskoye boasted an enormous manor house, and beautiful gardens, of which nothing remains. The house was burned down by the Bolsheviks and all that remains today is the school house and very little of what once was a very beautiful baroque church.

The Golitsyn family lived on a neighbouring estate called Gorodnya and fled in 1918. Old Prince Golitsyn later wrote to the peasants who lived on his estate after turning it into a collective farm :

" Bandits and thieves ! Go ahead and steal without conscience my house, my property, my cattle. The Devil take you. Only preserve my century old Linden Park. On these Lindens, planted by my ancestors, I will hang you, when I return. "

Sadly no one has returned, and nothing remains of his beautiful estate either.

Title: Re: The dear Ossorgin (?)
Post by: Svetabel on January 24, 2013, 02:33:27 AM
The murdered Osorgin was in fact Colonel of the Empress Alexandra's Uhlan Regiment, Mikhail Aleksandrovitch Osorgin.