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Title: Alexander Gate
Post by: JStorey on August 17, 2005, 01:00:12 PM
Hello -

Does anyone have a photo/description/information on what the Alexander Gate might have looked like between 1910-17, located on the Northwest corner of Alexander Park on Stolbovaya Road?  Is the gate still there?  Was the Alexander Gate as magnificent or at all comparable as the Egyptian Gates?  

I believe the gate is identified on this map:

And described here:

"... brings one to the Stolbovaya Road, where it leaves the park through the Alexander Gate, brought here in 1846 from the Llama House.  On the other side of the gate, lies Alexandrovka Village, a favorite summer retreat of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg. At this spot the Stolbovaya Road splits into two with the left part going to the Alexandrovskaya Railway Station on the Warsaw Line and the right part leading through the Riedkoe Kuzmino Village to Pulkovo and the Nicholaevsky Chief Physical Observatory, ending at Warsaw Road."

Am also generally interested in the security gates/guardhouses surrounding the parks and palaces.  Were they all white pallisades, as listed below?  Can anyone describe them to me?

"These guard houses stand symmetrically at the sides of an iron gate, which forms one of the many entrances into that part of the Alexander Park, which is cut off from the rest by a white iron palisade. The guard houses serve as quarters for two of the park rangers. That part of the Alexander Park, which is surrounded by the palisade, is open to visitors only during the absence of the Imperial Court from Tsarskoe Selo."

I'm terribly grateful to any help or information.