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Title: Hereditary Commanders in Europe
Post by: Demidoff on October 23, 2004, 08:21:16 AM
I am involved in resurrecting the charitable Order of St. John of Jerusalem in Paris.  The original Paris Order was launched in 1928 by twelve of the thirteen surviving Hereditary Commanders of the Russian Grand Priory that had fled Bolshevik Russia for Paris.

The original Hereditary Commanders in 1799 numbered twenty and served under Paul I.  One of these Hereditary Commanders was Paul N. Demidoff, my ancestral grandfather, which expains my interest and connection with the Order.

Unfortunately, the original Paris Order withered away in the 1970's due to lack of interest from the sons and daughters of the founding members of the Paris Order.  The Order vanished with its original members.

We are now attempting to make contact with the living male and female descendants to invite them to become Members.  Since this is Hereditary title, it can pass to the female line in the event that the male line is extinguished.  

Could I ask for your support in placing me in contact with direct descendant of any of the following names:

Leon Naryshkine, Nicolas or Boris Youssoupoff, Nicolas Cheremeteff, Alexandre or Paul Stroganoff, Gregoire Samoiloff, Alexandre Beloselsky, Basile Dolgorouky, Leon Davidoff, Ivan Boratinsky, Basile Troubetzkoy, Ivan Worontzoff, Constantin Maruzzi, Pierre Toufiakin, Mathew Olsoufieff, Alexandre Gerbetzoff, and Porphyre Boutourlin.

Many thanks for any support extended as well as any comments.    
Title: Re: Hereditary Commanders in Europe
Post by: Vera_Narishkin on November 24, 2004, 08:08:32 AM

My name is Vera Vadimovna Narishkin, and I know that the males in my family have the hereditary right to be Knights of Malta - and I know that one of my father's cousins was one. Does that count?

Are you in any way related to Nikita Demidoff who lived in Switzerland, and married a de Blonay? Nikita asked my mother for my hand in marriage when I was only 13 years old... Today, I am 57 years old.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland.

Best regards.
Title: Hereditary Commanders in Europe
Post by: Demidoff on November 24, 2004, 08:37:18 AM
Dear Vera Narishkin,

Yes, as a descendant of one of the original Hereditary Commanders of 1798, we would be delighted for you and your family join as members of the resurrected Order of Paris.  

I am a Demidoff, but from the San Donato line of Tuscany.  The Nikita Demidoff of Switzerland who proposed marriage to you when you were only 13 must be a distant relative.   With hindsight I assume that you are pleased to have gained a childhood by refusing the proposal at such a tender young age.  

For the benefit of the others we should take the process off line.  Could I ask you to contact me on my personal email system:

I will then update you on where we are with the process of resurrecting the Paris Order, pending projects, Members of the Board, etc.
Many thanks.

Best regards,
Title: Re: Hereditary Commanders in Europe
Post by: Vera_Narishkin on November 24, 2004, 09:13:17 AM
I'll do that.

Alex Tissot sounds very familiar - could you have known my brother Nicholas?

Title: Re: Hereditary Commanders in Europe
Post by: Demidoff on November 25, 2012, 09:34:15 AM
Dear Vera,

It has been a long time since we communicated!   I wanted to let you know that the Order of St John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta is growing and actively involved in Charity work in support of the disadvantaged in Russia.   We supported a classical music concert held in Paris at the end of May that raised tens of thousands of Euros towards the St Magdalene Hospital in Petersburg.  We are now working with the St Gregory's Foundation to support a summer camp for 11 young adults from dysfunctional families to attend a 'work' summer camp.  The goal is have the young adults perceive the benefits of a work ethic.  As you can appreciate, highly challenging but very much worthwhile.

I will send you our latest newsletter but do please confirm your email address since the one in hand may be out of date.

Kind regards
Alexandre Tissot Demidoff