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The Windsors / Re: Government starts effort to change succession law
« on: October 17, 2011, 03:16:24 PM »
if they just leave it the way it is more english girls could become queen.  kate middleton is oing to be queen? right

She'll be the Queen Consort to Prince William, who'll be King William V (if he chooses to go with that name of course).

The arrangement of the veil and tiara (hovering) give this whole exhibit a very spooky feel, as many have pointed out.  Maybe more lighting and a manikin would have been a better way to go.

More details about Catherine's meeting with a little girl that has cancer during the trip to Canada.  Very touching.

I think Catherine dresses to the occasion and therefore, looks appropriate and elegant.  I think being able to choose her outfits is helpful on the tour as well, because she can be comfortable and confident in her choices.  'Boring' is definitely not the word that describes her wardrobe.

I have had tears of pride, joy and happiness seeing these two together. Their interaction and Williams warmth towards his Princess is more than I had ever expected. Princess Kate was born for this type of royal duty…what a natural.

It’s probably just me, but I’ve seen William steal a glance at Kate and it like he is secretly thinking…”My God, she’s the love of my life and is willing to do all of this public royal duty and she’s brilliant at it.” His love for her shows through in so many different gestures and looks. I AM LOVING THIS ! ! !

You have said it beautifully.  I love watching them interact with each other and with their future subjects/supporters.  I have a theory, that if one has the right support system, one is able to do almost anything, and this couple's support for one another is making public duties not as daunting.  And yes, the Duchess is brilliant at this.  I love (and want) her people skills.

The official photo's for the 2011 Royal Canadian Tour by TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:


This is a nice picture of them.  I'm looking forward to following their Canada/US tour. 

The Windsors / Re: Windsor Jewelry We Love to Hate
« on: June 21, 2011, 11:26:00 AM »
Thank you for the replies.  Very informative indeed.

The Windsors / Re: Windsor Jewelry We Love to Hate
« on: June 20, 2011, 09:46:06 PM »
I am honored to be the one.  :)

Best Wishes.

Back to discussion. I read the pearl choker Princess Diana once wore actually belonged to the Queen ?

this was a loan choker from HM

Maybe this has been covered (I didn't read all 14 pages of this thread and I apologize), but the chocker that Diana is wearing in the photograph looks like the one the Duchess of Cornwall wore for Trooping the Colour this year.  I may be wrong, so please, feel free to correct me.

I was sixteen years of age, and as it was the last weekend before the start of school, my mother allowed my best friend at the time to come over and stay for a few days.  We were just on our way in from the back patio, and Mom was watching the evening news.  As we passed to go upstairs, she mentioned that Diana was in a car crash, but was still alive.  My friend and I headed on up, and didn't think all that much on what we heard.  The next morning however, Mom came to drop off the laundry, and she just stopped in the doorway of my bedroom and said 'Girls, Princess Diana has died'.  It was such a shock.  My first comment was 'Poor William and Harry'.  I could not imagine what it must have felt like for those two boys to loose their beloved mother.  I remember sitting in front of the TV during the next several days and just watching and trying to learn who Diana was and why she was so dear to the people of Great Britain and the world in general.

Having Fun! / Re: Like or Dislike?
« on: December 14, 2006, 11:47:53 PM »
Never seen it.


Having Fun! / Re: Like or Dislike?
« on: December 10, 2006, 10:46:19 PM »
I like knitted sweaters and such but can't knit myself.


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