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They were gone from Amazon when I got there,  and very rare everywhere else.  So, I may just look for Occleshaw.  It may be a mythological read, but diverting, to say the least, in light of what we now know to have happened at Ekaterinburg. 

Thanks for the info, Penny!  I just saw this on Ebay and was wondering about it. 

Not sure if antone else is looking for this book--it is OOP now.  I saw on AbeBooks a used copy for $300, but Amazon US has a seller with new copies for $59.90.  Still steep, but comparable to the Amazon price last year. 

Just placed my own order.

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Maria Marti
« on: November 17, 2005, 09:43:26 PM »
Anyways I went on the website and looked at his family photos they do have Romanov facial traits.

I thought so too.  Of course, like many Anna Anderson photos that folks claim resemble Dagmar or Anastasia, it may just be the angle of the person in a particular photo compared to select photos of the Imperial Family.  I noticed that the comparison photos of his family tended to be the same 6-8 shots, as were the IF photos--a few select shots.  Also, black and white photos have more shadow and light effects than color, which may alter the appearance of the person photographed.  

I do believe he is in Spain,  Very frustrating to use the translater on that site, as it does a poor English translation.  Like the report of the bloodwork David posted here on the Forum, it sounded fascinating but the translated page was next to impossible to understand due to the grammatical and vocabulary errors.  I used to teach college English, and still couldn't make heads nor tales of it!!


Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Maria Marti
« on: November 13, 2005, 04:43:45 PM »
Email sent!!  :)

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Maria Marti
« on: November 11, 2005, 07:34:57 PM »
Rachael, You've got mail!!

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Maria Marti
« on: November 09, 2005, 08:08:17 PM »
Ena, I sent you a PM with the link.  Let's discuss!

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Maria Marti
« on: November 08, 2005, 02:50:50 PM »
I agree!  That was an interesting claim.


Forum Announcements / Re: My honor to Laura Mabee
« on: November 06, 2005, 09:45:41 PM »
I just want to add my praise of Laura.  This year has been a difficult one for my family, but Laura has been there for me with positive thoughts and prayers when I needed them most.  It is wonderful to know that there is someone, who you've never met in real life, sending you so much positive energy.  

Thanks Laura!!



Females vs. Male

Russian vs. non Russians

Adults vs. younger set

Ok.  I'm game.

Non-Russian (American mid-western to be exact!)
Adult (most of the time!)


This is why it is best to explore various sources and authors on a topic before forming an opinon. Those who only believe one writer are putting themselves at a disadvantage.

True.  But sometimes it may take a while for other researchers to write on a topic.  As we know, Russia has just opened up many of its archives, so therefore it may be some time before there a variety of authors writing on the same topic based on new research (hope that was clear).  So, we need to use our own common sense when digesting any new "revelations" in light of what has gone before.  

As mentioned before, it is hard for many layman Americans to research primary documents due to language difficulties.  So many of us rely on the books that are being released to tell us what those documents contain.

1. 100% yes without any reasonable doubt.
2. Yes, by a preponderance of the evidence.

I agree with this.  Qualified to say that if any new information comes forward in my lifetime, I'll take a look, but the DNA satisfies me.  And the likelihood of a mystery cousin (close or distant) of FS being AA is slim to none at this juncture.

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: "Grabbing at Straws"
« on: October 29, 2005, 02:51:51 PM »
Thanks for moving this over here.  I feel more confident discussing this in a "speculative" thread.

D (reading and waiting, as I mentioned before!  ;))


Best let that one go.


Believe me, I have.  The politics here lately has me letting a LOT of things go.  There has been nothing new said, same old circular motions.  Therefore, it is time to move on until new irrefutable evidence rises to silence the questions, and solidify all the answers.  If that day never comes, then we are left with the one things human being seem to thrive on--a mystery.  And also par for human nature, if the mystery can't be solved, then a conspiracy must be created  ;).  

As for me, DNA has solved the questions.  The apparent differences between the characters of FS and AA may never be reconciled, at least not here on the AP forum.  There are too many strong emotions at play, on both sides.  

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