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On the painting in colour showing Grand Duchess Vladimir somehow relaxing in a drawing room, it is interesting to notice that a brindle French Bulldog, wearing its typical badger collar, is painted just next to the lovely bunch of flowers on the left hand  and low corner of the painting. That painting sold at the Paris russian aution sale last spring and is at the moment displayed at the exhibition about the Vladimirs (especially Kiril and Victoria Melita) in Saint-Briac France. Most of the times, Miechen is represented with a pied (black and white) French Bulldog, unusual to see her with a brindle (blackish with more or less fawn hair and sometimes a white patch under the neck) French Bulldog !

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxemburg was often called Tante Lottie by her nephews and nieces.

Indeed, Charlot is the French version of Charlie Chaplin.
Of course " Je suis Charlie " is linked to the name of the weekly satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The tittle of this newspaper is itself linked to Charlie Brown (Snoopy) and also to Charles De Gaulle who was sometimes nicknamed either " Le Grand Charles " both beacause of his size and of his "achievment"s, or sometimes Charlie. I perfectly remember people saying Le Grand Charles (I am 60), not at all Charlie.

There is no real diminutive of Charles or Charlotte in France. For a man named Charles, Charly is rather " commoner " and Charlot has become a word used for a man who makes a fool of himself : he is a Charlot or " c'est un charlot " means the man is rather " funny ". Charlotte is just Charlotte and a name often given nowadays, just like Louise, Emma, Victoire etc...I would not say it is in the fashion, it is classic just like Louis, Paul, Alexandre etc...for boys.

In 1914, there were not many international breeders of French Bulldogs, since the breed was rather new, dating back to the late 1870s, and beeing recognized as a breed in the late 1890s. Frenchies have always and continue to breed by themselves. Using artificial methods is a disgrace for the breed and results in the poor specimen we can see worldwide nowadays. In the same way, a female French Bulldog only has a caesarian if there is a SERIOUS problem when the puppies arrive. A puppy girl Frenchie who was born by caesarian should never have puppies, because in her turn she will generally needs a caesarian. I have had French Bulldogs all my life, pets, not to be bred from. I am not a breeder. Breeding French Bulldogs is a matter of genuine and devoted to the breed people. French Bulldogs are healthy dogs, as far as amateur breeders do not push the standart to an hyper type of Frenchies : too cobby, too small, too low, too flat on the face. People who breed Frenchies at errands, with no knowledge of the breed, pedigrees, lines, health issues are greatly responsible for the poor state of the breed worlwide nowadays. Ortipo was a pet, she was not bred from. Her pregnancy and puppies were an accident. It did not happen again. Yes GD Tatiana wrote that the puppies were ugly and that no one knew who the father was. These things happen : one of my friend has been breeding Frenchies for the 45 past years. Once, one of her female French Bulldog who was then in season, managed to  jump over the garden fences. The result was a litter of a unique puppy girl, a mixture of Corgi and Frenchie, who was named Meg the Mixture, better known as Meg the Mix !!!

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Re: Tatiana Photographs III
« on: February 03, 2015, 01:08:42 PM »
Sorry to be late in discovering the lovely photo of Tatiana holding / cuddling a puppy : it is a brindle French Bulldog puppy, 99% sure. French Bulldogs puppies are very tiny when they are born, they can go their new home at the age of 8 weeks. They are teenagers between 6 months and about 1 year old, and change a lot. Frenchies are generally at their best around 3 years old, though boys generally mature physically quicker than girls.
Tatiana received Ortipo as a present from Dimitri Malama in October 1914 and she must have been a puppy of this size I guess. As to Ortipo's own puppies who were born about one year later, they were crossed breed, no one knew who the father was and the poor things were said said to be "ugly".
On another note, one has to know that the breed changed a lot between its origins around the 1880 and nowadays. To day 's Frenchies are larger, far too large in France in my opinion. I have had French Bulldogs for years and like them small and cobby.
This should be in the Tatiana and Ortipo thread, I guess. However I felt that this infos would be of interest for some members.

Imperial Russian History / Re: Orthodox worship practices #3
« on: September 29, 2014, 03:59:48 AM »
Many thanks for your answer and help.

As I cannot properly read and speak Russian language yet, would you please be kind enough to let me know the transcription in "Latin alphabet" of the Russian equivalent of Polychronion ?

Thanks for the "Many years" !

I remember reading in different books translated or written in French the expression " The Romanovs' Litanies ", exactly like there is a Litany of the Saints in the Roman Catholic Chruch, which is chanted by all attending the All Saints Day mass on 1st November, a day off in France. 2nd November is Day of the Dead, it is not off, thus most people rather go to church and to church yards and cemeteries on 1st November.

Imperial Russian History / Re: Orthodox worship practices #3
« on: September 27, 2014, 05:15:33 AM »
I looked again for the litanies or prayers chanted for the Tsar and His family at the end of the Divine Liturgy in the Russian Orthodox Church before 1917.

Isn'it a form of the old Greek POLYCHRONION, "EIS POLLA ETE" an hellenized form of the old Latin acclamation for the Roman Emperors "AD MULTOS ANNOS" that one can translate by " UNTO MANY YEARS ".

At the end of the Russian Orthodox Divine Liturgy, the deacon or the priest would recite the name(s) of the individual(s) to be commemorated and the choir would respond by chanting three times : " Many Years "

TO OUR MOST PIOUS TSAR NICHOLAS, (other names could be added, the Tsaritsa, The Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses etc...)

Would any member let me know whether this is correct / right, and if there is a special word in Russian language for this PLOYCHRONION litany ?

Thanks for your help. God Bless.

Imperial Russian History / Re: Orthodox worship practices #3
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:53:55 AM »
Sorry if this question was already asked but I could not find infos after carefully searching the site for a long time. I am sure I red in several books that there was an every day prayer or rather litanies for the Imperial Family and, wider, for all the Romanovs, which was / were recited or told during every Russian Orthodox religious service, of course before the 1917 Revolution in Russia and the abdication of Nicholas II. What were the words, if possible, and was there a proper Russian word for these special litanies ? Thank you to all for your help !

Though a composite photo, it is rather nice indeed. And I cannot help noticing that Duchess Marie is holding a brindle French Bulldog by his collar and that the same lovely dog appears with Maria Coburg on others photos takne at the time of Sandra' engagement and wedding. One of these photos was published by Sophie Gordon in Noble Hounds and Dear Companions a few years ago and created a stir in the little world of French Bulldog people ! Composite or genuine, always pleasant to discover " a new version " of this photo !

The Final Chapter / Re: How Did Jemmy Die?
« on: January 22, 2013, 07:37:21 AM »
"The best reason I can think of is that they were told not to bring anything with them, and Tatiana was far more of a "rules" person than her sister. I'm sure it must have been hard for her to leave her pet, but there was never any real indication that they wouldn't be coming back"

This makes sense to me, and I agree with you, as far as I know it is Ortipo who was "left" upstairs.

The Final Chapter / Re: How Did Jemmy Die?
« on: January 21, 2013, 12:17:50 PM »
....and the following question might be "why was Jemmy taken downstairs whilst Ortipo was left upstairs ?".....

The Imperial Family / Re: Imp. Family/Romanov's Family's Pets Links List
« on: August 30, 2010, 05:52:07 AM »
Keeping in mind that this is a thread about the Romanov's pets, I would like however to ask a question to AGBEAR about this puzzling assertion :

" the Romanovs and their cousins [Hohenzollerns, Queen Victoria's group, etc. etc.) who's pets were all from the same basic stock.. ".

Do you mean by " same basic stock " that all the royal and imperial pets owned by the early descendants of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert ( let us say first and second generation ) all came from some kind of " homebred royal kennels with a lot of different breeds and crossbreeds " or " royal puppies farm or mill " ( not to mention cats, parrots etc...) ?

 I am absolutely sure you know this is completely wrong and that the royal and imperial pets of Victoria and Albert's reigning descendants came from very different places, breeders, friends etc...and this, especially in the case of NAOTMAA's favourite and best known pets.

Forgive me if you meant something different by " whose pets were all from the same basic stock", you know I am always a bit picky when it comes to " imperial and royal pets " and that I dislike the use of the word " stock " for living creatures !

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Re: Tatiana Nikolaevna & Dmitri Malama
« on: January 06, 2010, 11:34:29 AM »
Thank you for the information about the meaning of Rdr.

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Re: Tatiana Nikolaevna & Dmitri Malama
« on: January 05, 2010, 11:59:28 AM »
So sorry to ask, but as a French man, I am afraid I do not know what RDR  ( in front of a first name ) means ?
I am at the moment finishing the writing of a chapter named " The Royal Breed " for the book of Nick Waters " Art and Heritage of the French Bulldog " which shall be published in the Netherlands but in English language this year. The last part of my chapter ends with the most famous imperial Frenchie of course ORTIPO. In her book about Alexis ( Le dernier Tsarevitch enfant martyr ) Princess Eugenie de Grece states that Dimitri Malama who gave the brindle " girl " Ortipo to GD Tatiana had himself a French Bulldog named Rojah ? Would anyone know whether Rojah or Roja was a boy or a girl Frenchie ? ( I mean male or female of course but prefer using boy or girl even for dogs ) ! Thanks if anyone can help !

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