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(behind the hand, low whisper) Psst! GD/GP Janet:

I'm here. The 24/7 protection you asked for. How did I find you, you ask? Master Spy Anna taught me everything I know. A little deduction, a few bribes - not so hard to get the railroad schedule...especially with money.

Not exactly the over 6'' hunk you were looking for, I know. But, who better to fit in with an all girls band then...well...a girl. Do you think I will stand out playing the harp in my trenchcoat

In any case, I've got your back. You can rest easy now. (snicker)...Tati

GD/GP Janet:
   If you are truly concerned about the mental well-being of our sovereign, you might consider intervention along the lines of the chair and straps ala "The Madness of King George III". Those English - they really know how to deal with a king!!!
    Always eager to help...Tati

Note in diary:

Oh, how I wish I had waited for GD Melissa to pick me up in the limo. But, how do you say "no" to the boss. From a tree to a flea-infested island. At first, ever the optimist, I thought this would be quality bonding time with my mentor Master Spy Anna. However, she, in her annoyance with the Tsar (attempts to scratch that out as I realize if this fell into the wrong hands...), was very short with me.

As she ranted about the recent goings on - pies in faces, strandings here and there, I did gently suggest that perhaps GD Janet's allegiance to our Sovereign should be tested. The string of invectives that flung forth - well, let's just say, the trees started looking good again. At least I was away from the fleas!!!

GD Melissa:
  Master Spy Anna may have landed on her feet, so-to-speak, jet-plane style, but me she pushed out the plane over Hollywood. Something about checking out a film. Said the parachute jump would be good training for me. If only I'd known I needed a parachute.  :-/
  Still, all those hours spent watching Discover and PBS (while the entourage parties at various West Coast USA mansions) wasn't for nil. I hugged my knees, making myself a little ball until well clear of the jet's airstream and then unbutton my way-too-big-for-me trench coat and arms and legs spread wide glided (?) smack into a tree top. That Anna - always the kidder!!!
   Once I extricate myself from the tree, I'll wander over to Hollywood. With all the film-napping going on these days, I should be able to get a hold of one of Val's prints. Hope it has some useful information - Valmonsky seems to change location with every post. (Brigadoon???)
  Reporting from a the field - well, a tree, really...Tati

No, my dearest mentor Anna, you have not lost me. I have just returned from "Piter" where I was on vacation. And there was pre-trip planning and post-trip jet lag, I am now!

Did I say vacation...well, you never know with us spies. Someone (!) has to keep on eye on the Imperial reputation with all the shenanigans now going on at the Palace. Finding and smashing the hidden printing presses turning out those disgusting cartoons of the Tsar with floozy at spa - what can I say, I'm exhausted.

The Feodorovski Cathedral & Gorodok / Re: Feodorovsky Cathedral
« on: October 07, 2004, 12:33:29 PM »
I just returned from my vacation in St. Petersburg. On Thursday, the feast day of "Hope. Love and Faith" I attended services at the Fedorovskii Sobor. The icons along the top of the iconostasis are now fully populated in a step arrangement from the center. Work was ongoing in the upper chapel, so services were held in the lower chapel - what was the Imperial portion before the revolution.

Antonio, they are no longer so free with picture taking. So, you were, indeed, lucky. But no matter - I was there for the service, not tourism.

They took me to the upper chapel to show me the ongoing work and some of the icons there. They showed me one of the icons that someone had tried to smuggle out of the country. I don't know if it was from the train story told above - they only mentioned this one, not 40 some. But, this is the sad thing - it was quite a large icon and it had been cut in half to make it easier for smuggling. So, it has been put back together, but the cut will always be visible.

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Imperial Family Claimants Post Here . . .
« on: September 04, 2004, 01:56:40 AM »
Dear Valmont:
I too am SO pleased you have returned. Of course, I was not yet in the Imp Intell. Service when you last were seen posting here, but, like a good spy, I did my homework and read all(!!) the previous posts.
So glad the hatchet has been buried. (Not IN someone, I hope). Does this mean you are giving up your claim to the Tsarship. Tsar Doug directed me to choose my own regal title and I quite modestly, if I do say so myself, selected a mere countess-ship. Nary a word did I hear. The budgerigevitch made me a GD. So, if you are not in the running, I may be going to the birds!!
 Also, I'd like to point out that I have three beautiful cats who are feeling left out of the imperial menagerie. I didn't mention that before because my boss and mentor Anna has a thing about cats. However, she is now spreading vicious rumors about soup slurping. I most certainly do NOT slurp soup. Burp champagne - well, that's another story - best not to go into. I do have my pride.

 Feeling slighted (sniff sniff) double agent for hire...Tati

Also, the tuberculosis might have had something to do with how ravished he looks in that picture.

Well, I first saw the film on TV, I guess when it was first released to that medium and I had always had nostalgic thoughts about it. I was way younger then and way less informed about the Romanovs.

When I saw the film was available on DVD I bought it and could NOT believe I had EVER liked this movie. To begin with, the Director clearly had an agenda - one that I take personal umbrage at, as a woman (always blame the woman- gees, aren't we past that yet). The advertising blurb for the movie was "The tragic true story of a man who lost an empire because he couldn't say no to his wife." Oh, please! I am no fan of Alexandra's, but I think that is just a smidge too oversimplifying.

The ONLY thing I liked about the movie was how closely the two leads resembled the people they were portraying. Oh, yeah, and the costumes, yadda yadda.

I agree with all the people who noted the many MANY times N II was told what a fool he was. See agenda.

I am surprised at how many times (this thread and another on the film) people have complained about Yurovsky being portrayed as a kindly old man. I thought he came off as uber-creepy: "How does it feel to be sick all the time. That must be awful" said with a sickly sweet tone and a sneer. Ugh!

Just my 2 cents worth.

The Imperial Family / Re: Romanovs and Faith/Orthodox Religion
« on: August 28, 2004, 04:49:17 AM »
I second Pravoslavnaya's recommendation of The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way.

They seems to be standard issue for Cathecumans.

I've been wondering how your search has been going, Rsskiya. Good luck...Tanya

Dear Mentor Anna:
  It's so nice to see you posting again. There was such a lull there for awhile that I got frightened and started burning all the sensitive papers. Unfortunately, my roof-top bonfire caught the eye of the local constabulary who were not amused at spywork for distant emperors, et. al. But, my cover is still secure - I 'm sure the eye rolling from the gendarmes confirms their belief that I belong to the class of local NY "character".

 Too bad, GD Janet is not coming to Newark. You promised me an introduction when she was back on her feet and Newark is just around the corner, so to speak.

  Hope to hear from you soon. Yours in service to the Tsar...Tati


That covers Elizabeth's life and religious work, together with her husband. In Russian, but with English narration translation.

but I don't think N and A could've anticipated the scope of the Bolshevik revolution as it was unprecedented.


Certainly the other Romanovs didn't. Nikolasha is cited as having regretted his part in urging the abdication. I think I recall reading of similar disemblings from other surviving members - maybe tinged with a bit of guilt, as some pre-revolutionary Romanov behavior helped to undermine the monarchy.

What a delightful article! Thanks Joanna I enjoyed it immensely.

You have reminded me that there was an older article published by Harper's Monthly Magazine in June 1889, titled Palatial Petersburg written by Theodore Child, pp 188 - 207.

This, or a very similar one is being auctioned on EBAY. I have been outbid by richardbyusupov (check out THAT name - wonder if he's a relation); auction ends today.

See, this is why this forum rocks. With Sunny's terrific description and Anna's link, instant gratification. You all are the best!!

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