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In Hessen Elisabeth was a  traditional favourite name for girls named by the holy  Elisabeth von Thüringen. I think each generation of Hessen- Darmstadt called one girl Elisabeth. And one of the boys was named Ludwig.  :)

Dear grandduchessella,
if the shown proberty is Heiligenberg in Hessen the governments teacher trainig center I will join every training  ;)

Yes, Thomas, I have seen it in Wolfsgarten. It is a typical "Hessische Tracht". More of this are exhibited at the Veste Otzberg, very intereting.
Dear Imperial angel I don't understand what you mean.

Mediatized Noble Families / Re: Metternich - Winneberg
« on: August 11, 2006, 03:36:23 AM »
1941 Tatiana met her husband Alfons Duke of Metternich- Winneburg. After WW II they went to Johannisberg in the Rheingau. ( one of the nicest places in the world  :) ). In Schloss Johannisberg - - they lived and were buried.
Tatiana was one of the founder of the Rheingau Musik Festival. Many concerts take place in Schloss Johannisberg

Mediatized Noble Families / Re: Metternich - Winneberg
« on: July 30, 2006, 03:41:31 PM »
She was born 1915 in St. Petersburg as princess Wassilitschikow.Does anybody has pictures of her childhood?

One more of Ella

I think  that isn't a Hessian costume. And this isn't in Wolfsgarten. There is exhibited a typical Oberhessische Tracht

Linnea had posted it. But I think at this picture Elisabeth was younger.

Is this picture available in the Prinzessinnenhaus in Wolfsgarten?

Some words you identifieded accurate. The solution: Solms is one of the 6 vice presidents of the german parliament, the Bundestag.  He is member of the liberals and their speaker for financial policy. He took off his title Prince and the "von" and is named Dr. Hermann Otto Solms. A modern aristocrat with a political career.

The St. Ludwigskirche is a catholic church, the first catholic church in Darmstadt who was built after the reformation. It was built 1822 - 1827 by Georg Moller. In 1944 it was destroyed and in the last year the renovation was finished. Now it is a church with  an own charisma.

She is the "mother" of all Mountbatten. You find something about her  at Wikipedia : Julia von Hauke

The answer is simple. they were poor and hadn't enough money for the trousseau.
Have you understand the current job of H.O.Solms?

Have a look to
than you have an overview about the family and if you look at
you see the wellknown member of the family today

But Solms is only a small part in Hessen, in Mittelhessen with the little towns Lich ( famous for the wellknown beer), Solms and Braunfels near the the university town Giessen. Eleonore was born in Lich.

The grave was designed by Ludwig Habich one of the artists of Jugendstil.

Mir hat das Buch gefallen. es war eine angenehme unterhaltsame Lektüre mit historischen Fakten, die in einer ansprechenden Geschichte eingebettet sind. Du darfst allerdings keine wissenschaftliche Dokumentation erwarten. Es gehört zu den Büchern, die in leichter belletristischer Weise Geschichte verarbeiten bzw. näherbringen.
Ähnlich sind die Romane von R. Marschner "Das Bücherzimmer" und "Das Jagdhaus", die sich mit dem Dritten Reich in Österreich beschäftigen. Beide sind lesenswert.

Sorry all who cannot read the text, but the translation would be hours and I have no time this evening.

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