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I would as as well, when price and delivery are listed.

What has happened to Grand Dukes 2 ?

I am just stating facts, are you a doctor ?

That is a clinical diagnosis you have  no qualification to make.

True charity comes from actions, not platitudes and sentiment.

Who was Louis LC!? If you mean Louis XVI, there was no "getting it right" it was painful for him to have sex until a minor operation was done. You make it sound like it was their fault. Please try and get the story right, for once.

I did fin d it.  Amazon UK, as a US import ! Only  10 GBPs though. Amazon US though, has it only on instsant play.

Zog and his  clan were actually  representatives of the Sultan in Albania, before the "liberation". Sons went to schools with Ottoman princes at the academies in Istanbul and Zog himself kept up a loyal relationship with the Sublime Porte. After the Ottoman abolition, they were not  impoverished, not any other than the Caliph and before that the Sultan were actually exiled- comfortably. Many stayed in  Istanbul. Ottoman Bank, still going, comes to mind.
 Zogs problem with his sisters  was that they simply were considered non-royals. Not at all equal to any  Moslem reigning family. Also, they were useless. They were so dependent on their brother, they started falling apart when he died. Zog had built a large estate on Long Island, with gardens, fountains,  a grand palatial style house. Staffed it with servants from Albanian exiles.  But there is some mystery if he ever occupied it. The intent was  to house his court in exile but it seems nothing ever came of it. The sisters could have occupied it but by this time, after Zog the money was running out.
 The estate is very near my good friend's home but he never knew what it was until I told him about it. He checked it out and amazingly it was still there- in a way. The gardens in weeds and overfrown. The house itself derelict and vandalised. There was some question about who actually owned it as taxes were always paid but the place was a ruin. The last we heard, the county was going to declare it abandoned and derelict, tear it down. In the age of tear downs and larger mansions, that would not be surprising.

Thank you Larry. I have been trying to think of that film for ages. It was on TV when I was very young and I remember her waking up in the empty palace and escaping, but that was all. Now I will try and find it.

QV was essentially against ALL Romanov marriages. She felt they considered themselves "superior" to her family, both men and women. I can see why, the S-C-G s were a rather provincial lot compared to the lavish court of  the Romanovs. Verging on the Byzantine.

Actually Larry, Ottoman princes  could have been an option, even if deposed, but Zog was either too cheap or did just not have it for dower money. They were indeed beautiful ladies, Hollywood style but dim as a dead tree.
 I think those are the reasons no  Moslem princes wanted them. I have several bios on the family and this seems to be the consensus. Euro princes were out of the question, of course.

Annoying is putting it mildly. Someone is obsessed with the sex lives of dead GranDukes and is showing more than a prurient interst with speculation, gossip and plain wishfull thinking. IMO. the topic should be closed, it is disgusting with all the unproven undocumented accusations.  This is showing more of one poster's sexuality, or lack of, than any dead grand Duke's.
  Another thing Louis XVI & MA were not infertile. The delay was a medical impediment, once easily taken care of, the had 3 children together,. More idle gossip. That situation is well documented in many sources.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Upcoming Books in 2012
« on: October 25, 2012, 11:33:13 AM »
Thank you Ann, I was afraid to ask.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Upcoming Books in 2012
« on: October 25, 2012, 11:06:05 AM »
I know what spotted  dick is, but don't think I have ever heard of soused or dead baby. Sounds disgusting.
 And speaking of cook books, one of my new arrivals is 100 recipes from the Court of Louis XIV.  As the Court cooked for hundreds, these recipes have been modernised  for 4-6. This is the English edition, the French is still on the way.
 I have no problem with other people using Kindles, I see it all the time, especially on planes, as I travel so much. It does seem more compact than carrying a book around. I normally have a magazine- BBC History and perhaps a paperback.  I usually buy books when I am away, and those I carry back. But Kindle is just not for me.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Upcoming Books in 2012
« on: October 24, 2012, 06:11:27 PM »
That must be be quite a collection, excet for the cook book.
 Sure, hold on to them.

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