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Hello , just joined this forum as I have been researching a link with Michael and Natasha . This link relates to their friends ..maggie and Koka abakanovich. I am based in uk on a peninsula opposite liverpool called 'Wirral' . Well maggie abakanovich lived and died here !!!  Her and koka's son ...michael (named after the duke who was his god father) set up a carpet weaving business in the uk and married a woman who actually I know through my job (she was michaels second wife and married him when he was 56 and she was 28) . They never had children but michael had children from his first marriage. . I'm still finding out details after I only started reading about this in feb 2015 after a chance conversation with this lady after I had commented I had been to st Petersburg . The lady is in her 70's now ..but she is interested in getting the story told of her husband and mother in law maggie abakanovich . She said she will bring me some photos in. I will update any information I find's very exciting and an honour .
Whilst I'm doing this ...does anyone know anything about jack hoth ...Maggie's brother?
And Also maybe what ' Koka' is short for?
Thank you..I'm very honoured to be researching this lady and happy that I found this forum!!

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