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Forum Announcements / Re: New Users say Hello Here and ONLY HERE!
« on: March 12, 2006, 03:00:40 PM »
Hello everyone.
I would like to present myself.
My name is Adam, I am 34 yrs, born Norvegian. The last 5 years I have lived in Florence Italy, And before mooving here I lived 10 years in Copenhagen, Denmark.
It was in that period that I really started to enjoy my historical interest. I foud, and bought the memories of Roman Petrovitsj Romanoff, and I am very interessted in the Nikolajvitsj branch of the family, but also the rest. Ex. The Wonderful Dowager Emperess, and her husband. I love facts, and the truth. I am not interessted in hypothesies and ifs....I am interessted of knowing and learning about the positive and negative sides of every person, happening and  case in the Russian history, just to make up my own opinion about why it went so wrong. But I'm also enjoying all the funny and amusing stories, and all the creativity and artistic aspects.
I hope to travel to Russia and see myself, the big famous cities, the countryside, and I should like to visit Ukraina, Kiev and Crimea, i am so courios to see Djulber, Livadia, kharaks etc..

By the way, I work as a decorator in an agecy that organices events. :)
best regards Adam.

Yes, Eric, it's that Diary, I don't know if it's translated to any other language.
Best regards Adam.

Hello everyone. :)
In her diary for the 12.(russian 25.) of april 1919, during the escape from Russia, The Dowager Emperess was in Malta and she writes:
" For me, always a painful, cruel day of memories. 54 years ago, in Nice, where my belowed , unforgettable Nixa passed away, holding my hand to his end! How was I desperate then, I beived, and felt, that the happiness of my life was put out and had been crushed for ever, and only Our Lord turned everything to the best, and gave me so much happiness thereafter, through his loving brother, my owh blessed angel Sasha."
This shows that even if the life of The Dowager Emperess was on a dramatic culmination,(lost her country and closest family) she never forgot what happened so many years ago.
Best regards Adam.

Palaces in the Crimea / Re: Dulber
« on: March 10, 2006, 01:55:44 PM »
The German title is:
"Am Hof des letzten Zaren", it means At the court of the last Tsar, which is not at all what teh book is about , what does the danish title mean?  

The danish title means: " It was a rich house, a happy house".  
Best regards Adam.

Palaces in the Crimea / Re: Livadia, Palace of Nicholas II
« on: March 09, 2006, 04:38:08 PM »
I am not sure if the information that there was a hospital at Livadia at that time is correct. I have read the diary of The Dowager Emperss (26.april 1917- 26.april (9.may) 1919. The Dowager Emperess didn't mention once that there was a hospital running at Livadia. If so, who runned it, and for whom, the red army or the white army? If it was for the red army, I am sure that she would have been very upset and mentioned it , and if it was for the whites I belive that she would have wisited it, as she used to do before the revolution.
Maybe someone has some reliable information?
The Dowager Emperess stayed, during her 2  years in Crimea at 3 different recidences. First at Aj-Todor, second at Djulber ( during the most dramatic period) and at last at Kharaks.
Before this stay at Crimea, the Dowager Emperss had not been there for 23(!) years. Crimea was for her linked strongly to the death of her beloved Sasha, emperor Alexandr III.
During the first days and weeks of the stay, the Romanoffs had freedom to move around,and they did. The Dovager Emperss visited Princess Irina and Prince Felix at the villa Koreiz, and she saw from a distance, for the first time the new Livadia, built 1911-1912 by Emperor Nikolaj II. She didn't have courage to visit it at that time, she was too  dread,moved and upset. In fact she had decided when Sasha died that she would never(!) wisit Crimea again.
The only part of the old palace Livadia that Nikolaj II had let remail, was a small anneks, containing the room where Alexandr III died.
It should pass another month before The Dowager Emperess felt that she was able to wisit the new Livadia.
She writes about it in her diary the 24.april(7.may) 1917:
" After lunch, I drove with Xenia, and just us two alone, to see Livadia. My first, sad visit. Like a pilgrimage. No comparison with the old palace, everything so dramaticly changed with this new, all too huge palace on the exactly same ground!
Was inside our own modest small house, heartbreaking seeing it again, after all those years. I was living over again all those cruel, sad memories. Then visited the new, saw the new church also, of-course enlarged  that too. I didnt feel at home. The public wandered around in the garden as if they were at home. Disgusting soildiers with  rude faces didn't even bow!
Arrived home at 5.
This is the only time the Dowager Emperess mention Livadia during her 2 years long stay at Crimea.
Best regards Adam

Palaces in the Crimea / Re: Dulber
« on: March 08, 2006, 02:52:22 PM »
Hi BobG.
From the preample of " Det var et rigt hus, et lykkelig hus" " Erindringer af Roman Romanoff, prins af Russland, 1896-1919." :
"The book is translated from the original manuscript in Russian, which has never been published before."

But i have understood that the book later has been translated to German, unfortunatley I don't know the title. Maybe someone else can help you.
Best wishes Adam. ;)

Palaces in the Crimea / Re: Dulber
« on: March 07, 2006, 04:45:15 PM »
Hi BobG.
You are most welcome.  I am very, very interessted  in this branch of the Romanoffs.The book that i refeer to has 510 pages of facts. So if there is anything else you want to know, just ask... ;)  
Hav a good time.

Palaces in the Crimea / Re: Dulber
« on: March 07, 2006, 04:01:48 PM »
Hi BobG.
I'll write what i know about GD Peters homes in St. Petersburg.
GD Nikolaj NiKolajvitsj (the elder) Had two sons, Nikolaj and Peter. When the father died in 1891 the two sons sold the Nicolaj palace in St.Pb. The byuer was The Russian State, and in 1894 it was rented out to The Xenia Insitute.  The sons shared the rest of his properties, and among other GD Peter got 3 different huge grounds in St.Pb. He also got some houses, but never lived in them, because as his son Prince Roman says: "They could not fullfill our needs". They were rented out, and GD Peter and his family had an huge income on these houses.
Before 1905 the family spent all thir time on Znamenka or Djulber, but when they had to stay overnight in St.Pb for official ceremonies ecc, they stayed by GD Nikolaj, where they had a small appartment. I belive that GD Nikolaj rented this house, situeted at Italy-street. Lateron, after his marriage, GD Nikolaj bought a ground from his brother GD Peter and built a palace on the right side of the river Neva, just in front of Oldenburg Palace, Connecetd to this ground there was another ground 13.000 m2, of GD Peters property. The Russian State wanted to buy it to build the Duma: But GD. Peter didn't sell, because he didn't agree to the idea of a Duma. On his 20. birthday, Prince Roman recieved this ground as a gift.
After 1904 the family GD Peter needed a recidence in St.Pb as the GD was promoted to General Inspector for the Ingenieur Trops. His plan was to built a recidence, but it was never realiced. They rented a Palace at the English Quai. The owner was L.D von Dervis. A few years later they changed recidence, closer to GD.Peters work, at the Fontanka-street no 22. The palace belonged to The Vonljarskij family and was like a huge villa on 2 floors. This was in 1907. As the GD Peter became a part of GD Nicolajs staff during WW1 and GDucesse Militza devoted her time to hospital work and chairity, the family never fullfilled their plans of an own Palace in SP.B, They never came back. They spent their last dramatic years on Russian ground at Djulber, Crimea.
Hope you understand my bad english ;)
Best regards Adam.

Palaces in the Crimea / Re: Dulber
« on: March 06, 2006, 03:33:49 PM »
I have a very good book, written by Prince Roman Romanoff, the son of Grand Duke Pjotr Nicolajvitsj. Prince Roman was a child when Djulber was built, the Prince loved it, and all the year he looked forward to wisit Crimea. He describes every room in the palace, furnitures, carpets, objects...everything, also the garden..the neighbourhood, the neigbours, etc.
In the book there are some photos of the palace, but all takrn outdoor.
There is also the very dramatic story abouth the imprisonment in Djulber, where also HM the Dowager Maria was kept. Prince Roman tells us thet The Emperss got the best room in the Palace (The Grand Duke and Grand Ducess' private rooms) and also GrandDuke Sandro and Xenia with all their children stayed there. The book in very, very interessting because it tells us almost incredibile details from first hand. I have become to love this branch of the Romanoff-dynasty with relations to the Throne of Montenegro, as Prince Romans mother was a Montenegrian princess (also sister of Queen Elena of Italy) I highly recommend this book to all. But unfortunatley I don't know if it is translated to english. Originally it is written in Russian, and translated to Danish by Prince Romans son, Dmitri who lives in Denmark and speaks fluent danish.

Hi Margerita.
I have read it in Danish. The title of the book is " Det var et rigt hus, et lykkelig hus". Erindringer af Roman Romanoff, prince af Rusland, 1896-1919.
( I translate:) " It was a rich house, a satisfied house". memories of Roman Romanoff, Prince of russia, 1896-1919. The story is translated from its original language wich is russian.
Prince Roman died in 1978, The memories was edited in 1991 of his two sons Dmitri and Nicolai. His memories are so interessting, he speaks a lot of life on Znamenka, Djulber, St.Petersburg, and in Kaukasus.  And about the political and social situation in the last days of the empire. Rasputin, The Emperor and his family etc.He also describe very interessting the prishonship in Djulber, and the trip with HMS Malboroug together with HM Dowager Maria and many others. His uncle Nicolai Nicolajevitsj plays a mainrole in Romans life, and i should like to read his memories, but I don't know if they are edited, does any one else now?

Hello everyone!
I am new here, and very delighted to have foud this site. Thank you all!
I have recently read the memoties of Prince Roman Romanoff ( son of  GD Pjotr Nikolaivitsj) I love that book, and have studied it several times. The author often mention the memories of his uncle Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaivitsj. he referes to them, and brings also some interessting short-cuts from his diary.
Does anyone know if they are edited? And eventually who is the author...??
many thanks for attention.
Adam E.

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