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She was reported to be missing at the time I do believe, in fact Franziska Schanzkowski's family members went to see if Anna Anderson was in fact the missing person they were looking for.  If I remember correctly, they quickly came to the conclusion that she was not the missing family member they were after, although they did believe at first that she did resemble her.

Still, a Polish factory worker knowing three languages?  Even being able to correct what mistakes people made when discribing Anastasia's childhood?  Nice mystery there....

Does the DNA of Anna Anderson confirm that she was Franziska Schanzkowski?

Yeah, probably just plan set up by a group of people to get money.  My guess is that a few people took this person who had similar features that Anastasia had and took advantage of this.  Maybe setting up the scars and such, teaching her about the family, even other lanuages, all in an atempt to get money.  Well, who knows, I'm probably wrong.  But at least that sort of makes sence..

My readings of "Anastasia, The Lost Princess" by James Blair Lovell have brought about many questions which I cannot answer.  First of these is that if Anna Anderson was not Anastasia, how can you explain these facts:

Anna Anderson had many physical characteristics similar to that of Anastasia.  For example, the bunions on her feet, the scar on her right shoulder, and the small scar on her left hand, along with her height and such.  Could some of these have just been created by her somehow as part of a hoax?  The bunions seem kind of hard to fake, and they were reported to be so severe that they have to have been present at birth.  Coincidence?

And if this was a hoax, why would Anna Anderdson risk her life and jump from a bridge into a river to simulate a suicide?  Why would she have not done something less risky to make herself "known"?  Could she have actually measured the depth of the water and the height of the bridge to insure her survival?

And if she was a Polish factory worker, where would she have the time or the resources to learn so much about Anastasia Romanov?  Even many small details few people, if any, knew about.  In 1920, the year Anna Anderson jumped, Poland was involved in the Russo-Polish War.  I would imagine factories would be quite busy during this time, making it hard for Anna to learn so much about Anastasia.  

Although I know nothing of the education system in Poland in the early 1900's, I would imagine a person who ended up as a factory worker would not know more than one of two languages.  During her time in the asylum, she reportedly spoke both Russian and English in her sleep.  This suggests that she could fluently speak both of these languages.  Plus she also spoke German when awake (if I remember correctly).

And how did so many people who had seen here before her disappearance confirm that she was Anastasia?  Pierre Gilliard said Anna Anderson was not Anastasia because she could not, or refused to, speak Russian, and because of the religion "crossed herself as" (she "crossed herself" in the manner of a  Roman Catholic rather than in the fashion of  the Russian Orthodox Church, but this could be because her wedding, if it occurred, was held "Roman Catholic style").  Anna Anderson said she did not speak Russian after the execution because it brought back too many memories.  And from her talking in her sleep, it is clear that she did speak Russian.

Lastly, it is reported that Russian Bolsheviks were looking for a missing body for weeks after the execution on July 19, 1918.  Could it be that Anastasia did make it out alive, or did the Bolsheviks somehow lose one of the bodies?  

Although it may seem that I believe Anna Anderson was Anastasia, I really don’t know.  The DNA tests say that she was not, but it just seems unlikely that someone could resemble and know so much about a person to this degree without being that person.  I’m trying to keep an open mind about it.  So if anyone can explain some "facts" about Anna Anderson, please do so.  

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