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Nicholas II / Czar Nicholas 11 and his son Alexi
« on: August 08, 2016, 04:04:59 PM »
There has been many a member of who has written comments and questions about Czar Nicolas 11 and his family some from younger generation and others of an older generation.  The question range from what the Romanov girls wore to who was the missing female remains found with the remains of the boy. The experts   say it was Maria others suggest it was Anastasia.  It really does not matter as the count of remains found are the same as the Romanov Royals lost in the action of them been murdered.

I am the contributor and co-author of a web page called Royal Bloodline Descent on Facebook. such royal pages show some of three royal families who shared the same ancestor and the shared DNA gene that tied them together with visible markers from birth. For many of the followers of Czar Nichols 11 and family its is a sad story and not of how Royal Bloodline has put the facts together.

To give the followers an insight of the rare visible same ancestor gene was inherited by a few but not all of the related decedents of three dynasties . RBC will quote certain geneticist who have supplied the following information, where others will deny because they do not want know the truth or they did not know as it may change their standing in their chosen profession . The following below are quotes of biologist/ geneticist .

My question to them was, D_____  am I correct if Czar Nicholas 11 had inherited the same visible DNA marker from birth as some other royals,and his DNA sequence  show a mutation as noted, would or should others with the same inherited markings show the same DNA sequences as he did ? his reply was a qualified YES.

He goes on to say

The DNA sequences examined bear no direct relation to physical features , but they can show kinship, so a DNA match between your DNA match and that of the others of that line you are probably descended from would clinch the case.  That is just one Geneticist opinion but it shows probable kinship to others .

Another well known geneticist advised the writer, what I and the others show they have inherited (markers) in his opinion are what is called a complex family inheritance.  I am not a royal but I too inherited  the same from my German ancestors.  Because of what has been mentioned there is a DNA visible marker of Nicholas 11 and others that show a kinship to other royals who inherited the same.


Royal Bloodline Descent  on Facebook


Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra and her Health Part 2
« on: July 29, 2016, 05:31:09 PM »

Over a period of time the editor of Royal Bloodline Descent and myself (contributor)posted actual facts and posted untouched photos of certain born royals who shared a rare visible markers on their earlobes.

During the times of posting we received your comments mostly negative indicating we did not know what we were talking about and making false statements in other words trying to bend the facts as they were then and now on certain born royals.

No matter the difference of opinion Royal bloodline Descent  recognizes your knowledge on subject of genetics as we are of the rare shared royal ancestor DNA markers on certain born royals by sharing the same ancestor

Royal Bloodline Descent  on face book

Email royal.bloodline.descent



You are correct to say DNA testing has debunked the claim that prince Albert of Saxe ciburg was illegitimate with the poof of his British Coburg decedents etc. Like before when RBD posted photo proof of the same ancestor gene been passed down in certain royal decedents but was questioned by some as fraud or manipulation of facts and Photos.

You appear to be a knowledgeable person and Royal Bloodline Descent appreciates people who like yourself understand what is correct and what is not.

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DNA testing really has debunked a lot of absurd claims, hasn't it.

It certainly has. For example, DNA testing has debunked the claim that Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg-Gotha was illegitimate. His British Coburg descendants in the male line match the Y-DNA of other male-line descendants of his ancestor Leopold I, King of the Belgians so that claim has now been proved to be absurd.

However DNA sometimes confirms claims that were thought to be absurd, and those results are not always made public. Silence does not always mean failure.

If you have questions on what Royal Bloodline Descent has posted and how the information provided puts Nicholas 11 and his inherited  DNA earlobe markers together with other royals who inherited the same, please ask.

Royal Bloodline Descent     on Facebook

Email address is

The Russian Orthodox Church has still not recognized the remains interred in Peter and Paul Cathedral as those of Nicholas II and his family members and entourage

DNA confirmed the identities of the Imperial Family two decades ago.  There is no margin for error, regardless of what the ROC thinks.

How true look at the proof posted June 2016 proof is in the pictures posted on Royal Bloodline Decent on Facebook

At 20:23 it shows the Vladimir Soloviev (the chief Russian investigator into the murder of the Imperial family) and the reporter at the gates of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Ganina Yama complex. Despite having received permission in advance, the reporter and camera crew were denied entrance.
What is more astonishing is that the guards also refused to let V. Soloviev himself enter the premises — even after he showed them his credentials from the federal government. They told him to take it up with Archbishop Vikenty of Ekaterinburg!

At that point the reporter comments that it seems that the Church is not separated from the State, but the State from the Church.


A related item:

Paul Kulikovsky, in his "Romanov News" No. 98, May 2016, posted this:

The Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria burial-case continues
DNA test shows match between remains of Nicholas II and Alexander III, and Alexander II

29 May - According to Peter Saradinaki, the DNA studies recently made on Emperor Alexander II and Alexander III MATCHED those of Nicholas II, whose
remains were found on the Koptayakovsky Road and were buried in St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in 1998.
It is also said that all the relics of Emperor Nicholas II, his family and Faithful servants were removed from the Peter and Paul Fortress' St. Catherine Chapel for further "anthropological studies".
This means the Russian Orthodox Church is now in possession of all the Ekaterinburg relics and that in turn must mean they are soon ready to announce their acceptance of them as the Imperial Family.


So, stay tuned...!

The Alexander Palace / Re: Rare Bloodline DNA of Nicholas 11
« on: May 27, 2016, 02:36:51 PM »
The subject of a major flaw in our theory is as you suggest  We Cannot Demonstrate that a specific mutation of Nicholas 11 and his brother George had is the physical cause of the ear lobe shape, you are correct the mutation inherited does not shape the earlobe but it does provide the genetic map to form the earlobe markers. You go on to say until we can do that it is our theory and speculation and nothing more.

Been Nicholas 11 or his German Kaiser Wilhelm 11 who both show in posted photos on Alexanders Palace Time machine, show otherwise . Is it just speculation and nothing more you might be able expand on your comments if you wish .

Thank you for your theory very interesting and in closing I would mention in case you were not aware or I failed to mention when Queen Victoria daughter Vicky married a German Prince whose first born was Wilhelm 11 who inherited the identical ear lobe mutation markers at birth as his Russian cousin Nicholas 11  and other mentioned and shown on RBD page on face book.

As for myself not been born within a royal line but maternally my German ancestors showed the identical visible markers as I  and I have passed them down to my child and she on to her child, I would ask is it just theory and peculation or facts.

As mentioned I am not royal but a commoner who looked like the Prince who married Queen Victoria's first born daughter inheriting her husband's eyes and facial looks and later I took on the looks of their son Wilhelm 11 and his mutilation on on my earlobes and has descended to my my child and her child.

My personal feeling somewhere within my German ancestors linage such mutated gene was passed on to my maternal side by what means I don't know, but it is definitely not just theory and speculation.

I welcome your comment for or against but what I have mentioned and the photo verification of royals who inherited the same is fact and not fiction. If you have not seen photos we have presented on Royal Bloodline Descent you may be interested or not to see what is real and what is not.

Royal Bloodline Descent

Thank you for your comments about the inherited royal markers that you mention they are  there.   Just wanted to let you know other Royal photos have been posted on RBD showing other British Royals who have inherited the same visible DNA earlobe markers.


Royal Bloodline Descent      On facebook

Royal Bloodline Descent function is to bring forth facts that so far have been proven real and untouched photographs.  We face reality but we do not understand your outbursts  and negativity might it be you have accepted our information as true?.  RBD function is to present what is fact and not fiction but there are those who will deny anything that does not go by the way another may see a situation , we are open to other people views right or wrong  and as you can tell it is very hard for RBD to falsify photos found on various web sights including the well respected Alexander Palace.
We are not denying the facts of the photographs, but you are drawing the wrong conclusions from those facts. A mutation in a parent need NOT be handed down to all the children. There is a genetic reason for this which you seem to have misunderstood.

An example is the hemophilia that Alexei suffered from.  This disease is the result of a rare mutation which was carried in his mother, Alexandra.  But she DID NOT have the disease.  She had two copies of the gene, and only one had the mutation and could cause the disease. Each of her children had a 50 percent probability that they would inherit the mutation. That mutation is carried on the X chromosome. IF the child was a boy and IF he inherited the mutated gene, he would get the disease.  So Alexei did. IF the child was a girl and inherited the mutation she would NOT inherit the disease but she would be a carrier for it. Like her mother Alexandra who had one good copy and one mutated copy.

Analysis of the DNA from the skeletal remains showed that Alexandra did indeed have one good copy of the gene for hemophilia and one mutated copy. Alexei had the mutated copy only. He was a boy so he had only one X chromosome, the other was his Y chromosome which made him male. One of the daughters, either Maria or Anastasia, also had one good copy and one mutated copy of the hemophilia gene so she would have been a carrier like her mother. The other daughters did not carry the mutation - they just had two good copies so would not have been carriers and could not pass it on.

I have used this as an example of why a rare trait that is known to be inherited need not pass to all the descendants. Some of them might inherit the rare trait. It is unlikely that they all will, and as we go down the generations it becomes less and less likely.  It could apply just as well to the ear shape you keep going on about. There is NO SUCH THING as a permanent genetic marker in a rare trait that will mark out a family for ever.

You mention We are not denying the facts of the photographs, that is a step in the right direction. Might (We) be a individual or a scientific qualified biologist, geneticists?.

In your  information you mentioned You have used an example of why a rare trait that is known to be inherited need not pass to all the descendants. Some might inherit the rare trait. It is unlikely that they will ,as we go down the generations it becomes less and less likely. Yo also mention There is NO Such THING as a permanent genetic marker in a rare trait that will mark out a family for ever.

You are correct on one matter,  Why a rare trait that is known to be inherited need not pass to all decedents, This writer on behalf of Royal Bloodline Descent  is an example of what you say, I inherited the identical visible marker from birth as did my child and grand child.  From my sister's side she did not inherit what we are speaking of.  I am aware my German Great Grandfather inherited the same visible trait a hundred and some years past, he as I understand was of German nobility  to where he or his family may have inherited this trait from the same ancestor who passed it on to some royals past and present.  Whatever the case may be that is the facts of what we are discussing.  Such inheritance of the same trait is clearly showing up on a few related royals today as the photographs posted show.


RBD on facebook

Childish manners and crude remarks are are not expected from intelligent persons but you know the answer to that statement.  We are not sure what you mean by saying I know what side your theories are on?  We would be interested to know your meaning .

Royal Bloodline Descent function is to bring forth facts that so far have been proven real and untouched photographs.  We face reality but we do not understand your outbursts  and negativity might it be you have accepted our information as true?.  RBD function is to present what is fact and not fiction but there are those who will deny anything that does not go by the way another may see a situation , we are open to other people views right or wrong  and as you can tell it is very hard for RBD to falsify photos found on various web sights including the well respected Alexander Palace.


Royal Bloodline Descent  on Facebook
I understand DNA far more than "rudiments".  I suggest you study English with more interest than DNA. Your claim that one daughter did not share some ludicrous "earlobe" marker as yet "UNKNOWN" and UNPROVEN is HOGWASH. There is no respect for utter speculation without scientific background. Take your spurious claims to the unintelligent. Learn to write proper English. Your grammar and vocabulary are out of Google Translate.

"Proper Grammar is the difference between "knowing your shit" and "knowing you're shit". 

I know which side you and your theories are on.

It is not of interst to discuss further this subject matter with you as one cannot communicate with the other person who uses words such as Total misleading . Rubbish and Hogwash.

As to your second paragraph (Quote )  As for statement that Maria did not show the DNA markers from birth as did her brother Alexi, but Anastasia did. what did you infer from that? That Marie and Anastasia were not sisters? That is wrong too.  We are not sure how you came to that misunderstanding but that is your opinion not ours

RBD will conclude by saying we have a mutual respect for the Romanov murdered family and we have provided photo proof of fact and one can accept or reject the other parties opinion  in the matter of what RBD has presented so far  comments provided are what they are. Thank you for your opinion on these matters our communication is now concluded.


Royal Bloodline Descent      on Facebooki

Officially yes the story is closed but in actual fact the story is ongoing and proven so far by photo facts that show Royal Bloodline Descent has posted the inherited DNA markers of Nicholas 11 and two of his children so inherited are on RBD web page on facebook.

As to any confusion mentioned Royal Bloodline Descent are not experts in DNA only experts in photo facts of the royal inherited earlobe markers, but our experts in DNA are respected geneticist who advise to inherit the said earlobe markers one Must share the same DNA ancestor.  As to Maria or Anastasia , Marie did not show the  DNA visible markers from birth as did her Brother Alexei. but Anastasia did.  We would appreciate if you feel you can provide us and any other member who may be following the subject matter with the written report of Dr Terri Milton.

With Respect


First I would thank you for your comment of Hogwash which I assume in English would mean not true. The Specialist you mentioned Teri Milton would you kindly show his/her words to contradict what Royal Bloodline Descent has mentioned and proven by providing photo pictures and been suggested as fake photos .

Always nice to hear from you even though we have different opinions on the matter at hand. I assume you have not yet found time to look at our posted photo facts but always appreciated your comments right or wrong


RBD on facebook

Just watched the program on C5 in the UK. well that wrap sit up at last. All members accounted for and ow only to bury the last two with the rest of their family.

DNA shows remains children of Tsar and thus Alexis and Anastasia (or Maria).


Even though the results were some time ago and in reply to your comments  ( DNA shows shows remains children of the Tsar and thus Alexis and Anastasia (or Maria) . it was Anastasia  and not Marie as DNA examination showed three of the the daughters shared the sane DNA of their mother, Anastasia did not but shared  the DNA of her brother Alexei and their father Nicholas 11 .  Photo proof is posted and can be seen on Royal Bloodline Descent    on face book

Royal Bloodline Descent     On Facebook



I have read your information provided also noted the bloodline connection  to George V who was a cousin to Czar Nicholas 11 as you well know.  If you may be interested to see what other king who was a cousin to the Nicholas 11 and a problem for the Czar sharing the same ancestor  bloodline then is still been shared today by a few present day royals.

Royal Bloodline Descent           on Face book

This is my first post and I am afraid that my English is not better than the Grand Duchesses' when they were 7. Nicolas is my real (family) name, not any kind of tribute to the Tsar.

I have finished reading "Ekaterinburg", by Helen Rappaport and what I found most interesting in the book was the attempts to save the Imperial families done by the European royal families (most of them, their relatives). Whereas the British monarch George V (Nicholas II's cousin who looked like his twin brother) does not play a very honourable role, King Alfonso XIII of Spain (a remote relative through his wife, Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, a cousin of Empress Alexandra's) made any possible effort, up to offer to send a ship of the Spanish Navy to collect Nicholas II and his family and asylum in Spain (this does not appear in Helen Rappaport's book, it is from a Spanish article), in the middle of a World War, with European waters filled with mines and German submarines which sunk neutral ships. And with a lot of revolutionary agitation and violence going on in Spain (George V supposedly withdrew his offer of asylum to the Imperial family because of the opposition of the "public opinion", that is, a handful of angry articles in the press).

Victoria, Alexandra's eldest sister, Louis of Battenberg (then Mountbatten)'s wife, aknowledged the generosity of the Spanish King:

[This is my translation from the Spanish translation of the English original, so I suppose it sounds a bit weird

"Dear Alfonso,
Now that there is unfortunately nothing to hope for my dear sister and his children [The bolshevists had initially acknowledged the murder of the Tsar, but they have said that the Empress and her children were alive in this life, now that it is clear that death has liberated them from further suffering, passing from the cruel hands of men to those of Fair and Generous God, I fell that I must send you some lines to heartfeltly thank you for everything you have tried to do to save them from their enemies.
The King that had a more direct influence on the revolutionary government in Russia [the Provisional Government, after the February Revolution, the King who had met my sister when she was a child, the King who had the same blood in his veins, I am afraid that he abandoned her in her hour of need, whereas you, to whom in comparison she and her family were strangers, strived to help them. I will never forget the gratitude I owe you for that."

Does anyone has more information about any other attempts (the Danish royal family, the Vatican. They are mentioned in Rappaport's book) to save the Imperial family?

The Hohenzollern / Re: Books on the Hohenzollerns
« on: May 17, 2016, 01:51:06 PM »
Finally: Next year a book about Kaiser Wilhelms II. siblings will be published in german

Wilhelm II. und seine Geschwister von Barbara Beck
Pustet, F,
24,95 €

Look forward to reading the book on Wilhelm 11 and for those of who may be interested in the royal bloodline of Wilhelm 11, more information is available at Royal Bloodline Descent  pages

Royal Bloodline Descent     on Facebook

The Alexander Palace / Re: Rare Bloodline DNA of Nicholas 11
« on: May 16, 2016, 06:38:54 PM »
To DNAgenie

We have for your perusal posted a couple of new photos of certain British royals who show their inheritance of the same ancestor visible gene marker on the earlobe does exists as is the same with previous photos posted of a few related royal families such as Nicholas 11 a hundred plus years ago.

We thank you for the questions you have put to us and if you decide to discuss further with us we welcome your comments and any questions.


Royal Bloodline Descent      on Facebook

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