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The Stuarts of Scotland / Tracing the family tree
« on: November 06, 2019, 10:50:58 PM »
My in-law family is just like this.  Honestly its nice to have an open minded family.  My wife and I bought a bidet for our toilet best thing ever and our in-laws were surprisingly obsessed.  They bought one after visiting, and now the whole family relies on them.

I think its normal among goofy families.  Nothing wrong with it, so long as its not the topic at Koto Japanese Steakhouse during the hibachi performance

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I think that most scripts that are run by the game run at priority 100.  There are some, such as the attacked signal, that lower the current priority, run another script at 100, then when the one at 100, completes, the one at 99 resets its priority to 100.   However, the only reason I think it does this is to check to see just what its doing and to avoid putting another run away script on the stack in the event theres already one there.

Question for you...   you keep mentioning running vs. interrupting.  I am assuming that when you say you interrupt a script  with another one, you are doing a  THIS --> .....      and when you are running a script for a ship, you are either doing it through the ships command menu, or through a START.....

Is that correct?

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