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« on: July 17, 2008, 03:01:47 PM »
Oh well aside of money,.....I admire Nicholas and his family as well.
God Rest teir souls !


Bear I believe that it was Sokolov who done did in the poor small dog. He was a menace to everyone and a liar to boot.
Michael that' a very handsome jacket you are wearing.


I am so thankful that this quiet and beautiful information was posted. Just reading has brought me peace deep inside my heart. I felt so much a part of this gathering like the services of my childhood. I think I yearn to be amongst gentle peoples as this. Today's world is becoming more selfish more about 'me' and forgetting about the world around them. I am so thankful for Ella; she lives on thank God ! Goodness never dies.


The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: June 07, 2008, 09:17:07 PM »
Thank you Nadia; it is extremely important that people and youth read and retain what they have read so that when they enter into any discussion here on the Alexander Palace or even off line, they will be able to coherently and astutely slide in without personal affronts to any person or and of those discussion matters.

So many have entered these portals with an 'i will conquer and show them they are all wrong' when history itself is and has already been addressed by countless 'known' historians who can testify to time, place, persons, and incidents where needed. No they are not all correct, and at times from those who have been kind enough to delve in and research till they really pegged it down, and posted their findings, then we gain that much more to the historical narratives, and understandings.

But to come to any discussion place with arrogance, and a know it all persona, 'even if one knows it all' does not set well with most readers, and with the public at large
Manners are and is an essential part of communication. Here on this site there arewonderful moderators who bend over backwards to help the process of communication. Lisa is another exceptional person.

But BTT - thanks again Nadia and Lisa for your input. : )

hmmmm, lol, i ain't nowhow done ever done heard words like Curiouser and curioser, must be one of them new types of words from one of them fancy languages, but to be fair i all essence of the issues below, I do not believe Gillard to be a betrayer, period. I would like to see scholarly referance to this, with absolute proof.


Imperial Russian History / Re: Who Betrayed Nicholas II?
« on: May 31, 2008, 07:56:15 PM »
It's one thing to point to real substance, it's another to keep posting propoganda. One would think with one particular poster that its important we embrace not only the issues of the communists, but as they enlarge on statistics it's important we keep that in our memories. Yup thats exactly the way of how communism was taught. I don't mind reading what other posters have to say, but to have this communist cabbage thrust down my gullet, is impossible. Most of the times the informations put forthe is not right and the tone at times quite harsh and most times, most slanted. Thank God Communism is no more! Just my two cents...


I still and always will believe Ella is a Saint!


Hello David,

I hear Std is not a plesant way of bowing out of life. Could not have happened to a nicer guy though.
Also agree with many here, that the pesants were an unruly lot who in the end for all of their wanting out of being under the Tsar, met their end with the communists at the top. Strange how the pesants were told to kill without let up, but when their time came, they fought back just the elite of the society had.
Revolution and the after math is such bloody situation to be in, especially if one joined in and thinks they are going to the end from this revolution until it's final demise, nobody really won....nobody at all


My yes, we are entitled as 'free peoples' to fully express our likes, dislikes, love or distance from issues as the Soviet viewpoint, or as decendants of the White Diaspora. As one can read through the many sites here, peoples have done just that. More than just the writers who thumb through and analyze history, the Soviets, the White Diaspora lost more lives than westerners would even begin to note in and of their own lives or countries history. The loss of lives, the insanity and tremendous loss of life of the Russian peoples was a terrible tragedy.

All their children as well see it through much different eyes, thoughts, feelings than westerners. At last though the people of Russia are coming out of their hazed lives and really starting to understand the endless nightmare of the Leninist and Stalinist years. Ptsd is hard to erase when it has been pushed in every conceiveable way on any peoples and children.

Russia I believe needs to work our her problems without any outside interests, or meddling. The peoples of Russia know what they want, don't want. Like any family they need to come together and make sure nothing as communism ever rears its head again. That's what started all this tragedy of a nation and peoples in the first place, 'outside interests'.

Do you honestly think peoples of nations like others to come and tell them how to run their governments, etc.?
It couldn't happen and is not happening where such identifiable 'interests' feel that nation is worth poking their noses into, or where they would profit from it 'big time'. The Russian people outside of the Russian Mafia, (made up of many holigans of the past Soviet team mates) are solidly starting to feel finally 'who they are' and of how they can become a positive nation. I believe in time, it will become more and more democratic, but not the democratic lifestyle as in America or England. I believe also that more and the more the White Diaspora are in many ways helping the new Russia to keep her new found voice and center of being.

In time Russia will once again be solely unto herself and become of positive influence in the global arena. Faith took Russia through the ugly years, and determination and faith once again will bring the Russian peoples to a lasting place of home at last.

The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: May 31, 2008, 08:03:29 AM »
No matter how much one reads about Lenin and Stalin, their abused of power was beyond the limits of acceptabiity and I believe they both enjoyed very much what they did and enjoyed even more their hold of power over the peoples. Stalin finally had his slap in the face wake up time when he realized all too late of
when Germany moved against Russia. I think that's when he realized even more he needed the people on his side and 'allowed' the peoples to open their churches and places of faith. Not that he was a believer, his only belief was as the devil himself and reveled primarily in destroying people in every way, especially all who opposed him. Look what the brute did to his only son. That's not a father, that's not a leader, that's not a man. But to be sure, he and Lenin were the scourge and monstor of those 'communist years'. Neither of them were worth the extremes of loss of human life in and trough out Russia.


The Soviet Union was a BIG mistake, but we don't have to worry about them anymore, nohow, noway; they is past history, long gone, fini, kaput, gone, lost souls, dregs, drains, killers of dreams, killers of human kind. May the find no rest in hades. Oh boy I feel better stating that and so does the NEW Russia !   : ) 


Well Happy Celebrating and have a lovely time on the yacht!  : )


Forum Announcements / Re: Where do you come from?
« on: May 28, 2008, 11:37:58 PM »
Hello you lovely people, Just dropped in to say hello. I've been out fighting of sorts on continued dialysis. Not the best, but still holding on. Hope all of you have been getting along fine. I am here to ask if any of you would be kind enough to help me. We are addressing a very important need of gatherig before the Beijing Olympics, one million signatures. It's about the gross human rights violations transpiring in Communist China, since 1989. In over 7,000 concentration camps, those youth to elderly incarcerated are being harvested alive for their organs and tissues, killed while alive, by concentration camp guards with sharpened knives, their organs and tissues rushed to the camp hospital and rushed to awaiting Communist Officials needful of organs or tissues and or their family members or for those abroad needful of these organs and tissues. There are many of us on 'life support' very needful of an organ or tissues, but we would never knowingly go to Communist China to gain any tissue or organ from a human being whose organs and tissues are taken forcefully, most without any written consent. Many lives have been 'harvested from head to toe'.

So as peoples with disabilities and on life support, we are asking people around the globe to join with us in offering their signatures, so we may collect the signatures. Health permitting, I will go to the United Nations with others in the global community of every day citizens and youth, to ask the United Nations to bring all those guilty of these outrageous crimes against humanity to be brought before the world court. All we need from peoples is their valuable signature, in and for freedom's name. Thank you for you kindness to listen. Thanks and God Bless!
Tania+  or Tatiana+

« on: January 18, 2008, 02:28:21 AM »
Dear Tsaria,

Of all the people on the internet offering just sage and completenes of understanding Russia, you my dear outshine all.
I hope all is fine with you. I'm still fighting for my life, but what else is new ? Take care my dear friend. God Bless and Happy New Year !


Forum Announcements / Merry Christmas & a Peace Filled New Year to All !
« on: December 23, 2007, 02:09:19 PM »
While I have the strength and eneregy, I should like to impart to all of you who still might remember me, a very beautifull Merry Christmas, and a peace filled New Year. Thank you kindly for those who were able to send me the cheer and uplift you offered. It was meaningful to me, especially for this time of year.
God Bless, stay well!


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