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I've been looking at Thyra's pictures, and I notice she bears a striking resemblance to her niece Grand Duchess Xenia.  More so than Dagmar.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Re: Alexandra and her Health Part 2
« on: December 25, 2008, 09:27:14 AM »
I don't think Alix had rosacea.  The redness and blushing happens to certain people because of their reaction to uncomfortable situations.  I know because it happens to me.  It tends to happen around the face and neck area, looks like a rash, but it goes away when I calm down.  In a shy self concious person like Alix, it was bound to flair up.  There is an actual name of this condition, it is not life threatening, but you can get surgery for it.  As for her heart issues, she had diptheria as a child, this can lead to heart failure.  She might have had this later in life, exacerbated by all the stress she was under.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Did the Dowager Empress Call Olga Ugly?
« on: September 30, 2008, 09:39:02 AM »
I read that Queen Marie of Romania didn't think she was pretty, and thought her forehead was too wide.  Prince Carol didn't think she was attractive either.

Does anyone else see a slight resemblence with Cecilie and Empress Marie(Dagmar) in her young days?  Not saying they look alike, but just so in the pictures.

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: Marie the plump one?
« on: April 20, 2008, 09:48:03 AM »
Marie was definitely plump.   You can see it in some of the pictures from her preteen years to her early teen years.  Not to mention she had a baby soft cherub face.  Of course  standing next to tall rail thin Tatiana made her look bigger.  She grew in height though, and it evened off.

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Re: Letters from Tatiana
« on: March 24, 2008, 03:45:15 PM »
Was it Tatiana who refered to the Prince of Siam as a monkey?  Foot in mouth again.  I realise that she was quite young when she said that, Alexandra tried to smooth things over by calling her a monkey, but I am sure that Alix must have been embarassed.  She was most likely mimicking what she heard adults around her saying ie, refering to Japanese people as yellow monkeys, little monkeys etc. 

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: About her name; was it Marie or Maria?
« on: March 24, 2008, 03:37:22 PM »
Funny how all of them do this dramatic loop at the bottom of their signatures.  Also interesting is how the unity among them, sending one card to represent them all. 

I honestly believe Felix was gay, not bisexual.  He seemed more interested in affairs with men than with women.  Irina served as his beard, although I don't think Felix cared that much about his reputation  She was from a good family as well as a vessel to produce an heir,   As for Irina, there is so much about her we don't know.  I agree with whoever said she seemed to have no personality.  Of course we don't know if this is true or not, but there really is not much information about her.  We never hear about her experiences, her opinions, nothing.  True she was shy, but lots of other people are shy, yet we still get an impression from them about their character.  We hear she was considered pretty, this is subjective, all of us can look at her pictures and have our own opinion on her looks.  As for her being fashionable, well, this is what young women of the time were wearing if they could afford it, I do not see her as some sort of trendsetter.  She was a married woman and of course there is going to be a difference between what she and OTMA were wearing.  Perhaps she really was asexual as someone else said and didn't care for that side of marriage.  If so, she was the perfect wife for Felix.  As for them having more children, considering that they grew up with nannies, they probably couldn't cope with the one they did have.  They could not afford to hire help, and they couldn't handle the day to day adventures of child rearing and the reality of raising children without wealth.

As for who could play Felix in a movie:  There is an actor that reminds me of his, not so much in looks, although he could be made up to look like Felix. but the flambouyancy that Felix is said to have had.  He was on the soaps and played a transgender character.  Check him out:

The Yussupovs / Re: Who could play the Yusupovs in a movie?
« on: April 21, 2007, 10:20:45 AM »
There is an actor on All My Children named Jeffery Carlson.  He is more of a broadway, theatre type, but he has been doing AMC for a special story. He is handsome and eccentric, a bit of a diva, and he looks good in a dress.  He has the exotic look like Felix.  And he is good at foreign accents.  I think he would make the perfect Felix. 

Since I am joining in so late I would like to say a couple of things about earlier discussions.
First of all, I find Irina stunning as a young girl, during her engagement, and deifnitely in the 20s style. None of Nicholas's daughters could ever compare with her. OTMA looked all like healthy provincial daughters of a Moscow merchant, perhaps with the exception of Tatiana. But I admit that the younger two were too young to have fully blossomed. But Irina's thin, sharp features make her look like a super model and certainly very sexy. But I find her mother to be the most attractive woman in the whole family.
Wow, frankly I never found Irina very attractive.  She was way too, boney, hard and manly for my tastes.  A dead ringer for her father, who I never saw as handsome.  I prefer softer, feminine features.  But that is just me.  As for her personality, I have always wanted to know more about her, too bad there is not more information about her and her life, Felix always seemed to have been more into the limelight and the fame than she was.

The weird thing for me is that I think she looked like Alix in middle age, not young Alix.  In the picture above, she appears to be squinting, something we see Alix doing often.  In the 1915 picture I posted above, I think T and especially A resemble Alix, while M looks like her grandfather.

She definitely took after her Hessian side.
She looks a lot like her mother and Ella in this one.  I think she would have looked nice with her hair up and a serious expression on her face.

Has anyone watched Fall of the Eagles?  The actress who played Princess Victoria would have made a great Alice. She really resembled her.  I was thinking about this throughout the whole thing.

I do not think William was gay.  He was a man's man.  He had to be ultra macho to prove himself.  That does not make him homosexual.  I read in Greg King's latest book that he was well aware of Sergei's affairs with young men.  Of course he and everyone else.  I got the impression that he made fun of it in an "I told you so way."   Then he sort of bad mouthed poor Ella after she became a nun.  I was at B&N reading the book, so I skimmed through very fast, so I might not have gotten that right.  Interestingly enough, he got married not too long after Dona's death.  Wasn't there a standard mourning period?  He certainly moved fast.  Here is a link to some videos of him and his (I assume) new wife.

Being an active socialite would have certainly improved her likeability among the aristocrats, members of the court, nobility, etc, but I think Alix thought that the regular poor peasants of Russia were the ones who really counted.  If she felt that the people loved her as their "Little Mother", she was content with just that, and not the frivolities of the upper classes.  Sadly she was mistaken.

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