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French Royals / Re: Queen Marie Antoinette, Part II
« on: September 07, 2009, 10:59:17 AM »
The Revolutionaries were trying to "break" Marie Antoinette when they bought her to trial. They initially had her sitting there under questioning for hours and hours, with barely anything to eat. She was known to have been bleeding heavily (even hemmoriging) and weak. Not to mention the extreme amount of sorrow she must have still been feeling due to the final separation from her children.  A woman does not get over her children being taken away - especially in a couple months time!  So, here we have a woman, in ill health, sad beyond description - and she still managed to rise above all her accusers. I don't think that these morons realized that she was capable of outwitting them.  What a bunch of bullies - all those men ganging up on one woman- it is to her extreme credit that she was able to maintain- I doubt these men could have behaved as well under the same circumstances.

Thank You FA!  I saw that website also and applaud your actions.

French Royals / Re: French Royal Palaces (except Versailles)
« on: July 18, 2009, 09:44:04 PM »
I have pictures of Chenonceau, Chambord, Fontainbleu, Cheverny, Versailles, Petite Trianon and the Hamlet, Louvre, and maybe a few other places.
I don't know how to post pictures on this site, so if anyone is interested in seeing any photos I took, can you tell me how to do it?  Thanks in advance!

French Royals / Re: Children and the French Revolution
« on: May 27, 2009, 07:51:20 PM »
Hopefully there were many kind souls who tried to help these parentless children who were no doubt traumatized as well. These innocent victims  are among the saddest victims of the brutal revolutionaries. We all know how the Royal children were treated. I have often wondered what was done with the newborns of women whose pregnancies spared them the guillotine until birth had taken place. Stanley Loomis in "Paris in the Terror" says "the pregnancy of a condemned woman secured her a temporary reprieve, but upon the birth of her baby she was dragged weak and tottering to the scaffold; the baby was sent to a state orphnage." (pg. 333)  Anyone care to speculate on the conditions in these "state orphanages"? There is also an account of the Noailles women who were executed, left by Abbe Carrichon, were he tells of taking the children to the care of a relative.

French Royals / Re: Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen
« on: April 21, 2009, 08:07:27 AM »
Although we will never actually know the "truth" about Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen - I think that they did love each other, but whether they actually did the deed or not, we can only surmise. It seems as though MA probably had feelings she had never felt before concerning Fersen - possibly being the first time she had fallen in love. I am hard pressed to believe that she "fell in love " with Louis XVI, even if she grew to love him.  As we all know, love is a powerful emotion which can sometimes make people behave in ways they may possibly later question.  I wonder IF they would have risked an affair.............then again, when people are in love, don't they usually find a way to be together?  I would not be surprised if they somehow, at some time may have found a way to steal some moments for themselves.  But we will never know for sure.
Dashing Count or Dull King? Hmmm.............................................................Ladies, think about it.

BBC On This Day         Here You can find actual footage (broadcast by the BBC) of the funeral's of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  (each is just a few minutes long)

I also had the same impression Grace.  How about Wallis' book the Heart has it's Reasons (? I think that's the right title) - has anyone read this? If so, what did you think?

After getting your reviews on King's book, I am sure I picked the right book as a starting point in my reading on The Duchess of Windsor!  I also realized upon seeing the name Frances Donaldson that she was another author I was told not to depend on to be reliable. Thanks - Great help!

Thank you for being such an honorable group of people, I am grateful to be among you! Thank you.

Back to topic: Last night I read through 30+ pages of this topic vaguely remembering a few things I read in a book on Wallis several years ago. My post was to ask if anyone knew about these vague things.  I did not come across any discussion about the Queen Mother's treatment of Wallis through the years. The other things were cleared up as I had to find the source in the midst of this discussion. It turned out it was the Greg King book I had read several years ago. Realizing , of course, that since I had only read one book, that I really had no frame of reference,  I decided to ask you all here what you could tell me. I love the book references that you all contributed and reading all views is absolutely right - that is the best advice!! What do you think of the Charles Highham book? Anything about Queen Mum's behavior - did she go out of her way to be nasty and petty and to hurt Wallis whenever she could?? These are but questions - because I don't know - I am trying to learn from you all. Also please do not feel like I want/expect anyone to research anything on my behalf, just conversation of things you know from your studies on the subject. Thank you for all your kindness.

Jeniann- What authors, whom you trust, would you advise reading on the Duchess of Windsor? I have heard that Charles Highham is an unreliable source. What do you know of this?  Thanks for all your help!

RE-READ THE POSTS and stop blaming others for your bad behavior.............That is the last I'm going to say to you!  RE-READ THE POSTS

Jenian - it's proven in writing with backup sources as to what we have said. This guy is all talk - he has not provided one fact for what he has said  -re-read the posts.
Really inappropriate!

 Greg King's Duchess of Windsor - pages 474-75:

"The Duke's burial at Frogmore, sheltered among the trees below the castle, took place immediately after the luncheon. David was interred near the corner of the burial ground, next to a long, low hedge which separated the royal burial ground from the gravel paths leading to Queen Victoria's mausoleum and, further along, Frogmore House where he had spent his childhood summers. The spot was tranquil but seemed much too small to accomodate both Wallis and David. Seeing the size of the plot, Wallis turned to the Archbishop of Canterbury and said "I realize that I'm a very thin, small woman, but I do not think that even I could fit into that miserable little narrow peice of ground." the end, Wallis' concerns proved correct, and the hadge indeed had to be moved before her own grave could be dug. "

Regarding Wallis' funeral -
So, regerdless of the circumstances, Wallis' name was not mentioned at her funeral ceremony.

No, you did not respond to questions, you behaved insultingly.  Just man up and apologize for your bad bahavior.
And Oh "Yawn" too bad the rest of us are not as well read as you say you are.  (How would you know?)  YAWN

Please stop telling me what to do - I will enter any debate of my choosing! Debating does not include insulting and talking down to people. I do not need your permission.

You "fail" to see how a person's name can be omitted from a funeral service - because you fail to see it does that mean it can't be so?

OK -  Thank those of you who sent personal messages and those who posted support for me. I was really shocked to see that anyone would respond so rudely.
In any event, "The Duchess of Windsor The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson" by Greg King  this is where I read about Wallis' funeral, page 494 tells of this "hilarious"
ascertation of her name not being spoken. Since this is the only bio I have read about her (and that was several years ago - hence WHY I was ASKING for info) - I knew I had read that someone -THANK YOU JENIANN - had been sent for the purpose you mentioned. Also -  I stated NO OPINIONS before other than that I think Mary was a cold Mother - understand that opinions are subjective and if I think that - you have no right BOY - to call it a joke - anymore than I have the right to call you an idiot if you like the color blue! Icky - Icky I did not come here to be insulted by you!  The issue of it being "FACT" that George VI went to his early grave on account of the abdication - what do you base this "FACT" on?????  How would anyone know that for sure???
Now, I do not know if the author Greg King is credible as it is the only book I have read on Wallis. Please advise me if anyone knows.

Thanks again for your support - I most certainly will continue to post here!!

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