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Yeah... I did write him a little note giving him my address and the name of the movie I wanted along with the money... perhaps that is what he meant?

I can't help you there.... All I did was email him telling him that I was interested in buying the movie and asked him if he could let me know how to go about ordering it.  He replied after a few days and told me to just mail my money to him and he would send the film out as soon as possible.  

Thanks Georgiy..

Father serfes usually takes a couple days to respond... I don't understand why he would ask some people to write to him tho.  I had no problems with ordering with him.


NOt to be morbid but is the execution scene in Ventsenosnya terribly graphic?  It is the only film on the Romanovs that I have not seen yet (with the exception of Fall of Eagles and The Agony).  I understand the actors in Ventsenosnya found it very difficult to get through the cellar scene.

It's actually quite similar to the execution in Rasputin... You can hear the screams of the girls and watch as they are shot... It also shows the executioners bayonette (sp?) Demidova to death and afterwards it shows the room with the now famous bloodied wall and the IF's corpses laying on the floor; we watch the guards rip jewelry off one of the daughters blood stained and bullet ridden bodies. One point of interest is the fact that they show the different writtings on the wall made by the executioners  But where most films stop, this one keeps going.  It shows the attempts to bury the family, so we see their nude, lifelss bodies moved from one place to another and what makes the scene even more heart breaking is the music.  A young woman is singing a poem prayer written by Olga Romanov.  It's really sad.  It also shows the fates of Nagorny, GD Ella and others.  All in all the film is MUCH more graphic than Rasputin and more emotional.

dac87>> Can you tell us the email of the man, and how much it was? Cheers :)

the email is:   It was about $35.00, though I sent $40.00 as I wanted to give a little extra to charity.  $35.00 may seem like a lot but it is worth every penny!!!

Despite all of the negative points it is a really good film and is worth buying.  It has WONDERFUL actual footage of the IF that I had never seen before and is worth its weight in gold for that alone!

Well, I have just recieved the film in the mail... and I am rather emotionally drained after watching it.  It is one of the better documentries I've seen about the IF and certainly one of the best dramatizations of the last days.  The film completely recreates the Ipatiev house in minute detail (details such as the fact that the IF had to pass through the court yard to get to the murder room is left in).   It also has scences in the Alexander Palace and other actual locations. Over all the mood is very dark and somber, perhaps the most I've ever seen in a Romanov film and the execution scene is almost unbearably realistic, showing the family flail about the room and the guards stabbing the GD to death.  We also see the family's gruesome burial... it is very religious.  Some scenes are rather odd and it seems as if the director was going for an artsy independent film, but that is my only complaint with it.  I HIGHLY suggest this film to any Romanov buff, but I warn you to prepare yourselves for the more graphic scenes!  The copy I have is pretty good picture wise, but rather jaring, as if segments are missing from it.  

From what I understand it is a docu drama... (please correct me if I am wrong) so it is a documentry with re-enactments.  I have only seen a few scences (from A&E's Nicholas and Alexandra) and it is quite stricking when it comes to sets and scenery.

BTW... The guy emailed me again... he has mailed the movie out and it should reach me in a few days!  I really like dealing with this seller because he doesn't keep the profits he makes from selling the movie... he actually donates it to charity.  I get to buy the movie I want and do a good deed! lol

Yes I will be patient, but if we're both in the US I doubt it will take as long as it would if one of us were in Japan! Hopefully I will get it in a couple of weeks!

Amy Irving's Anasatsia and the cartoons mentioned above  you can buy on line, the Ingrid Bergman version is easily found at many large movie stores or rental places.  

I will deff. let you guys know how it is... the guy who sells it is an orthadox priest and is super nice!  Can't wait to get it!

ATTENTION EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The web site owner contacted me today and informed me that he was indeed still selling copies of this film...  I am mailing the payment out tomorrow and he said he should be able to mail it out as soon as he gets it.  I'm soooo excited...

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