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"When one reads his bio, he is always wanting to break away."
- Is this marriage more due to Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna's feelings than to Grand Duke Alexander Mikhaïlovitch's feelings ?
- Was she alone to decide ? who in her family was involved in the decision ?
- If "Her parents were originally wary of the match, unsure of his character", why have they changed their mind ?
- Can Tsar Alexander III's death (1st November 1894) - just 3 months after her marriage (6th August 1894) - have an influence in a way or another : was Tsar Alexander III ill as she married ? If yes, can it be imaginable that he wanted to marry her daughter before his approaching end of life ?
- for reading Grand Duke Alexander Mikhaïlovitch's bio, I shall read it as soon as I can find it.   

Thank you : I shall look for this book ; does this book exist in french ?
The thing is I am specially interested in Grand Duke Alexander Mickhaïlovitch and his feelings.
Has he had any famous mistress (and eventually child/children) at around this same period when he marries Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna ?
- Could it be the reason why his feelings are not known ?
- Could it be a reason why GD Xenia Alexandrovna's
parents were originally wary of the match, unsure of his character ?
I have read on this forum about a mistress someone and you called F.'s wife : but this period 1893-1896, interests me specially.

Why did Grand Duke Aleksander Mikhailovich marry Grand Duchess Ksenia Aleksandrovna
(the emperor's sister, and OTMAA's uncle) really near in the family relationship ?

Russian Noble Families / Re: Princes Volkonsky
« on: March 19, 2012, 01:43:03 PM »
In France, in 2011, are still living - :
Prince Alexandre WOLKONSKY who has 2 children = a son Prince Cyril and a daughter Marina.
Prince Cyril and his wife has 3 children
Marina and her husband has 2 children
I do not know more !

In France this family name is written with W and not V : is it the same family ? I guess yes but ?

The Greek Royal Family / Re: Greek royal palaces & residences
« on: March 16, 2012, 06:00:39 PM »
Thanks for posting the link !

I try to put this photo probably in Tatoï the 1900' but it was perfect at that time ! I do not know why it is in our album. I only post it to compare it with the previous one.

Amanda Micha, For one of your two questions :

Exists something that George has written ?

Grand Duke Georgy Alexandrovich has written his diary.
I cannot tell you more.

Bonjour Joanna,
I succeed to call this church Sotira Lykomidou, but - but they do not understand my english.
I guess they speak greek and/or russian.
So a friend of mine will call them and speak in russian to know if there is a cimitery close to this church : I have a doubt.
The place I am looking for, is in the Pyrrhée (Athens's port) : there is probably there, a small cimitery with a small russian chapel.
Je progresse doucement, mais sûrement.
Merci. Thank you.


Thank you Marc.
I have posted some photos. on other topics.
Which was the "statut" (the rôle) of the women, and specially the old woman.
If we are right (if, if, ? ?), she is the Countess Olga Eg. de Balmain.
Is there any mention about her, in the book you above-mentionned ?
The Countess Olga Balmain was russian, widow, had had 2 girls dead very young, and she adopted one boy, one of these young children whom we see on the photos, without knowing who they are. In our photos-album, we can see 1 girl, and 2 or 3 young boys.
In an other topic, we look for the information, the Countess Olga Eg. de Balmain should be burried in the russian cemetiry in Athens/The Pyrrhée (dead in 1904).

What do you about this ?
Whis are your appreciation ?

Hello Joanna,

Since yesterday I try to phone at the number you wrote above this message. No success.
Have you the possibility to controll this number, if it has changed.
From France, I must dial :
00 30 1(for Athens) + 7numbers.

With your help, I am so near of my research !
Ok step by step !
Thank you so much.

The church is very beautiful. I have seen it on a site, by Google - and so old - constructed in 1031 !

After having read other topics, the personns whose names I am looking for, could be in english "Lady's in waiting".
Other personns are mais of honour (= dame d'honneur) ; translation to be controlled.


Thank you Joanna.
I call them and tell you later.

Do you know the names of these personns who were around the Queen Olga de Grèce, at the Royal Greek Court.
Where can we have informations ?

The Greek Royal Family / Re: Help with Identification
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:22:03 AM »
Here a few photos coming from our private family-photos-album.
Without any mention.
We only know that some people, perhpas the children, should be Russian but living in Greece.
Why ? ?
Who ? ?

What do these photos inspire to you ?

I try to send a photo of one place, where are the church and the cimitery of so many Russian of the Corps Expéditionnaire Russe.
It is in France, near Mourmelon (dept. 51), exactly in Saint Hilaire le Grand.

If the church seems to be small, the cimitery is hudge. RIP.

(Daniel Brière : Thank you for your help. Merci pour votre aide pour savoir comment publier des photos)

My reflexion from France1

1. If you were beginning to have TB,
2. if you were "bisexual" (?),
3. if you were Tsetsarévitch,

would you marry a Royal Woman ?

Would a Royal Woman marry an Imperial Man who has TB ? - even if he is Tsetsarevitch ?

Si vous commenciez à être atteint de la tuberculose,
si vous étiez éventuellement bisexuel,
si vous étiez le Tsétsarévitch,
acepteriez-vous d'épouser une Femme de votre rang pour la postérité ?

Quelle Femme accepterait d'épouser un Homme qui a la tuberculose - même s'il est le Tsétsarévitch ?

PS. Who can explain me how to post photos ?
By 'insert image', it doesn't work : or ???
Some of our doubts come from our family photoalbum ?
Qui peut nous expliquer, comment mettre des photos sur le forum, pour identifier des personnes ?
Thank you and mercis.


The thing is,

1. There is no evidence of George's sexuality at all, so your bisexual label is speculation, and may or may not be true.
2.  His being Tsesarevich was viewed as purely temporary by nearly everyone due to Nicholas' relative youth and marriage to a woman who could have children.
3. His medical condition, as I repeatedly have stated, would not have afforded him the ability to have anything approaching what most would consider a normal adult relationship with anyone of any orientation.

His family was not inclined to promote marriages of any kind, let alone his.

So, your point is?

1. I am quite OK with you. But the 33 pages let think the Grand Duke Georges Alexandrovitch was and/or was not. I wrote to stay in the context of this forum (no speculation from myself). About this, as I said on previous topics, I am looking for his children. They are some people who are very far and who perhaps know. I am writting on this forum not to speculate, but to try to know if somebody knows. Une bouteille à la mer : I have very special reason to look for them, for the children.

2. He was Tsetsarévitch during a short period, waiting for his eldest brother the Tsar Nicholas II has a young boy.

3. If I understand correctly what you write : you think that to have TB at that period, would not change a decision of marrying or not, even for such weddings with a royal, or high-society young woman. Is that correct ?

Since 3 years, I am in contact with a genealogical person in Moscow, who is studiing Grand Duke Georges Alexandrovitch's diary. He is looking for his special relations in the years 1894-1895. It is serious, but complicated and very long to explicate.

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