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The Imperial Family / Re: Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna
« on: August 08, 2007, 02:40:18 PM »
There's an interview at Maria Vladimironva's web site where he is asked about the matter. I remeber he said that he liked Russian women and first of all his future wife should love Russia... I don't think there's any blue blooded princess in Russia nowadays! The only Orthodox Princess of his age that comes to my mind is Theodora of Greece but she lives in London. They could make a nice couple.

Mariya was buried many years later...She was put in a coffin and they there for years... ???

Spooky really  :o

Thank you grandduchessella for the added info.
I've read that in GD Leonida Bragration's memoirs (Mariya's sister-in-law and GD Maria Vladimirovna's mother) that Mariya was expelled by her family for her conversion to Catholicism so she went to live in Madrid with her brother Vladimir and died in Leonida's arms... so tragic and shocking :o
Then she says that she couldn't go with Vladimir to Germany for Mariya's funeral due to visa problems and that none of Mariya's relatives went to the funeral either because it was a Catholic burial!

Here's a pic of one or Mariya's daughters (Princess Margarita of Leiningen) wedding.

click to enlarge:

Yes. And Baby Bee was standing behind Ena, and Ali was behind her. It was one of the few times that Baby Bee gets to wear her mother's Russian fringe tiara.  ::)

Thanks. Baby Bee's marriage was a lot happier than Ena's but I imagine she was frustated for not being a Queen. She was more 'blue blooded' than most of the princesses of her time but had to put up with being 'only' a Duchess. :-\

Spanish Royal Wedding 
The wedding of Infanta Isabel Alfonsa de Borbón Dos Sicilias Borbón is celebrated at the Palacio Real, daughter of the deceased Princess of Asturias, Maria de la Mercedes de Borbón Hapsburg-Lorena, and of Infante Carlos de Borbón Dos Sicilias, with Count Jan Zamoyski. In the center, the spouses, flanked by the Kings and godparents, Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia. In the first row seated (L to R),Infanta Isabel de Borbón y Borbón, "La Chata"; infante Carlos de Borbón Dos Sicilies - father of the bride, Countess Zamoyski, King Alfonso XIII, the spouses, Queen Victoria Eugenia, princess Luisa de Orleans (2nd wife of the infante Carlos) and Prince de Asturias, Alfonso de Borbón and Battenberg (2R).


The pictures in this part include a glorious photo of Grand Duchess Victoria Melita (‘Ducky’) with her sister Alexandra (Sandra), baby Bee and Aunt Marie (1854-1920) in the gardens of the chateau Fabion, followed by several of the family, as well as some lesser Romanovs. Returning to London in July 1904 there is a fine image of Leo in his wheelchair, after another attack, and his brother Drino having fun with Sir Stephen. Then in August off for another trip to Bagnoles/De/L’oine with the Connaught sisters and Ena Queen of Spain. On September 5th they go off to Southampton, at this time the future Queen was already falling in love with Alfonso King of Spain, the album ends at Didlington, roy. 4to, pp. 61, over 500 images varying in size, mainly 3½” x 3½”, through 6” x 3½”, to 8” x 6”, 1901-04 Album frayed at edges of binding and coming away, some photos faded to varying degrees, internally fine. A truly loveley collection of original images.
The future Queen of Spain said of her time in Egypy that it was the most wonderful I have ever had and if Grandmama had been alive she would never have let us go. A truly lovely collection of original images.


There are photos of the Connaught Princesses - Patsy and Daisy, and Alice of Battenburg, future mother of Prince Philip, followed by more images of the royals at play. Unusual images of Leo (a haemophiliac) in his wheelchair with his nurse, and of Prince Andrew of Greece & Alice of Battenburg, his fiancee, with a kitten (they were married later that year in Darmstadt). Princess Beatrice is shown walking towards Lambeth Palace to meet the Archbishop, further Royal photos include Alice of Albany holding up a dog, Leo with his tutor Mr Smith in Kensington Gardens, Ena future Queen of Spain asleep, Marie Louise, Drino of Battenburg (the nickname of the future Queen's brother) on the Aurora.. The Princesses Beatrice & Ena, Kyril, Grand Duke of Russia, and Princess Sandra (born Alexandra of Edinburgh) are on a page with images of Princess Beatrice at Osborne Cottage and the young Princess Beatrice of Saxe Coburg/Edinburgh with her cousin Leo of Battenburg. For the next thirty-three pages we have photo’s charting Ena’s 5 month trip through Egypt. The journey begins on board the Muldavia with pictures of the crew and other of the ship’s residents, “Leo caught by the wind” showing him as a young man, holding onto a pole pulling himself back from a large gust of wind. The pictures then turn to interesting stopovers on the long journey, the first being various pictures of Marseilles, the fountain, the triumphal arch and Chateau’s. “Bee and Mama walking to see de la grande” shows her mother and Bee walking a long promenade before heading up a large hill. Then the party arrives in Cairo for Christmas at the Jhezireh Palace, with pictures of the Palace, the gardens, “Leo at the citadel”, the streets of Cairo, baggage camels, ‘“Fatty” in the Bazaar’, the El Azhar. At this point the party head for the country and we see scenes of the Tombs of the Kalips, the sphinx, “Mama getting on a camel”, Bee on a camel, a group photo’s taken at the entrance of the Temple of the Sphinx. The group travel up the Nile on board the Ferouz, lunching at the village of Lahun, then onto Assyut to visit the tombs, meeting “The Coast Guard Camel Corp”, “Leo & Mr Stenhouse at the temple of Alydos” and some fantastic views taken from the temples. Bisharins fighting at Dendera, the temple of Alydos, Dendeca, Karnak with some fantastic early photographs of hyroglyphs and recently excavated remains. Many images of local workers discovering artefacts, as well as more personal photo’s such as “Leo looking out of his cabin window”. They move on to the excavations at the Plain of Thebes, and it is here that we see the first pictures of Mr CARTER (Howard, 1874-1939, Painter and Archaeologist, Discoverer of the Tomb of Tutankhamun) on full length on his horse and in various social poses, we see him at the Tomb of Kings, with more pictures of the Ramaseum and their arrival at Assouan. There are scenes around Kom Omba, one photo titled “Bee and Mr Carter” shows her and Carter from behind walking around one of the historical sights. There are many pictures of the excavations and Temples of Amada and Abu Simbell. Next to the palace at Khartoum we have Bee with Lord Edward Cecil, Lady Wingate, Slatin PASHA (Slatin Rudolf Carl, Freiherr von, 1857–1932, Austrian adventurer in British and Egyptian service) and the Sirdar. There are many very interesting images of Slatin Pashar (including ones showing him in front of his house and in his garden), and the Sirdar with the party. The group are pictured visiting the battlefield of Xerreri & a landing stage by the Nile,. Other images include Major Phipps, a donkey taking a sand bath, the Palace stables, Omdurman, an impressive 9 horse escort for Lord Linden, ‘The Whistling Coon Race’. There is then a colourful menu from The Rowdy House, listing a starter of Crocodile farci, followed by game schnitzel, Pigeon and black pudding. There are more photographs of the streets in Khartoum, the Pyramids of Meroe, a group photo of the party taken at the Abuseir rock, “Lady Williams and Bee ‘Cartouching’”, Assuan, the Cataract Hotel, the Dam, ‘Leo at Kalabashen’, their view from their hotel, several pictures of Bazaar’s, a Sheik tower, the Fort, the ‘Ibis’. There follows a trip to the desert of Kossên with the escort and the full party, Bee, Mama and herself on camels with images of an oasis, Lord William Cecil (in one he is in front of his tent), the Wells of Hammamat, the green valley near Kossên, inside the mosque, the beach, a minneret, Bee with a baby camel, their camp. Finally there are two pictures taken at the railway station titled “Waiting for the train to start” and “Good-bye!”. This is followed by pictures taken aboard the Oceana on their journey home, stopping en route for a visit to their Edinburgh/Saxe Coburg cousins.

It would be great to see this photo-album! If anyone here has a spare £ 12,500, here's the place to buy it (and maybe share the piccies with us  :D)

(1887-1969, née Princess Ena of Battenberg, only daughter of Princess Beatrice and Henry of Battenberg, and wife of Alfonso XIII, King of Spain 1886-1 Fabulous album of original unpublished photo’s personally annotated by the young Princess, beginning at Rosnau, July 1901, while in mourning for her grandmother Queen Victoria, with images of herself and her brother Maurice but also Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh/Saxe-Coburg (Bee), charming photos of members of the Royal family of 1901 in their swimming costumes and with their dogs. Then she is at Schonberg and the images show the staff and her aunt Marie, next she visits Osborne Cottage again with informal photos of her brother Leo (a haemophiliac), scenes then move to Villa Cynnos with all of the Battenburg children, Osborne House, then London for the Coronation of King Edward VII with some of the Indian attendants. At the bottom of the page is a faded photo of the future Queen Mary with Leopold of Battenburg in the garden of Buckingham Palace, then photos taken at Farnborough Hill including the ex-Empress Eugenie who the Princess was named after - her Godmother. The annotations then describe the period from August to September 1902, with pictures of Alexandra (Saxe Coburg/Edinburgh) with her cousin Toria (Helena Victoria, daughter of Princess Helena), there are extremely rare images of the drawing room and library windows of Osborne Cottage and an unusual picture of Albert Cottage.

Iberian Royal Families / Re: The Spanish branch of the Orléans family
« on: October 07, 2006, 12:33:32 PM »
Ali's illegitimate daughter?

"Pip Scott-Ellis was not so politically committed: she hated the 'Reds' but was confused by being in love with a possibly homosexual Orleans prince who was flying in Spain with Hitler's Condor Legion. Until 1995 hardly anyone knew that this adventurous 21-year-old daughter of Lord Howard de Walden had worked as a nurse in a field hospital behind the Nationalist lines, close to the last two major battles of the war, at Teruel and the Ebro. Then her voluminous diary was discovered, edited by Raymond Carr, and published under the title The Chances of Death. This prompted her rotter of a former husband, Jose Luis de Vilallonga, to declare that the diary was a forgery and that his deceased wife was in fact the illegitimate daughter of her Orleans boyfriend's father. Part of the diary has recently been on display at the Spanish Civil War exhibition at the Imperial War Museum."

Iberian Royal Families / Re: The Spanish branch of the Orléans family
« on: September 28, 2006, 11:13:36 AM »
Does anyone know about this bit from Time magazine Mar. 4, 1929?

Engaged. Mrs. Mabelle Gilman Corey, of Paris, onetime U. S. musical comedy star, who in 1923 divorced William Ellis Corey of Manhattan, President of the U.S. Steel Corp. (1903-11); to Prince Louis Ferdinand of Bourbon-Orleans, Infante of Spain, 40.

Well it seems that around that time Louis was in desperate need to find a rich wife  ;D

Iberian Royal Families / Re: The Spanish branch of the Orléans family
« on: September 22, 2006, 05:48:26 PM »
I've found some interesting information regarding Luis Fernando. The scandal in France, involving the death of a sailor, was not the main reason of King Alphonso wrath that deprived him of his title of Infante. A column of a prominent Paris newspaper published that the scandalous nobleman was not Luis Fernando but The Prince Of Asturias, King Alfonso's heir. A picture of him was printed too! I guess that was too much for the King  :D
About her singular mother, Infanta Eulalia, they say that during his years in Paris she lived in a way that it was so highly disapproved by the Spanish monarch that the staff of the Spanish embassy in Paris received orders not to attend at her residence when invited  :o
About Beatrice Coburg, at some point, she was suspected of being an English spy, as well as Queen Ena.
Has anyone read the book "Diario de la guerra de España" (Diaries of Spain's War) by Scott-Ellis, Priscilla? The autor is a British aristocrat who, at 21, decided to be a nurse at the National Army despite her poor professional preparation. It talks about her relationship with Infante Alfonso of Orléans-Borbón, Beatrice and their sons: Alvaro, Ataulfo and Alfonso. Sounds very interesting.
Thank you Isabel for the pic. I wonder if there are more photos of Luis. He was a regular at parties and he married a famous and rich woman so I guess more pics should exist. Maybe it's not possible to upload them due to copyright issues but I'd like to know if someone here have them at least  ;)

Iberian Royal Families / Re: The Spanish branch of the Orléans family
« on: August 26, 2006, 12:49:59 PM »
I guess his homosexuality was the main reason for being so hated by his family. His father spent almost all his fortune on mistresses, his mother was well-known for her countless lovers and excentric behaviour and his cousin the King Alfonso XIII wasn't the best 'moral paragon' with his many extra marital affairs and sons (and the rumours about his relationship with his cousin's wife, Baby Bee). So I think Luis was not better or worse than most of his relatives.
And as for marrying the richest woman in France, Marie Say... he was certainly envied by many men of his time  ;)

Iberian Royal Families / Re: The Spanish branch of the Orléans family
« on: August 03, 2006, 04:01:46 PM »
Thank you Arturo. Is there any book in Spanish or French? I speak both languages.

Any picture will be appreciated.

Iberian Royal Families / Re: The Spanish branch of the Orléans family
« on: August 02, 2006, 07:10:26 PM »
Hi all!

I've been trying to obtain information about Infanta Eulalia's second son, Infante Luis Fernando de Orléans y Borbón. I know he led such a scandalous life that infuriated his cousin King Alfonso XIII. I would like to know about his relationship with her mother Eulalia and also any colourful anecdotes. Any photo will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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