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Just as a version: Rittmeister (cavalry captain) of the 1st squadron (N-II sign and crown) of the Cuirassier of Her Majesty Regiment (golden cloth and blue stripes).

Imperial Russian Antiques / Re: cigarette case
« on: May 10, 2013, 02:45:08 PM »

But if someone at least could identify the Imperial Navy division on the upper right corner of the backside of the case (with the whistle) that would be really helpful.

Thanks all.

This is the coat of arms of the Sea Cadet Corps. So, it's likely the initials of graduates. 1902 - the year of graduation. Shoulder boards are of those units in which they were enrolled after graduation.


Something else I noticed this thread has been viewed over 307 times and you and I are the only ones commenting on all this information we have exchanged!! That's a lot of lurkers. Is that normal? I really never have done this before so I wouldn't really know.


This conversation is very interesting at least for those here who are interested in different military things, uniforms, etc (Kalafrana, Daniel Briere, me and others). So, keep it up;). And also one thing is amazing: your ancestors served and fought in the armies of two biggest enemies during the Cold War, and now you are peacefully talking about their uniforms on the forum.

I couldn´t find any more records of his history (Fiodor Vinokurov) in the Imperial Navy...

best regards!

Ricardo Turenko

Here is some info.

1916. April. List of ranks of the fleet. Lieutenant colonels of the Admiralty.

Vinokourov Fyodor Aleksandrovich, 2nd Baltic naval crew, for service on the administrative judicial institutions (23.02.15). Born (20.09.62). Orthodox, married, two children. In the service (83), *Captain (05), the first Captain of the Admiralty (07). Last rank (Lt.Col.) (25.03.12). Military decorations: Silver medal (96), light bronze medal for campaign in China 1900-1901 (02), the Order of St. Stanislaus 2nd degree (09), Badge in the memory of 200th anniversary of the maritime pilots Petrograd society (10), light bronze medal in the memory of the 300th anniversary reign of the Romanov dynasty (13), light bronze medal in the memory of 200th anniversary of Gangut Battle (15), the Order of St. Anna 2nd degree (30.07.15). Foreign awards: (Fr.) Badge awarding the title officier d'instruction Publique (14).

*Note: the rank captain here is an armed forces captain, not naval.

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: Maria and Nicholas Demenkov
« on: April 02, 2013, 03:33:09 PM »
Absolutely amazing! Where did you find this?

I "constantly went" to Paris the last years, but, to my shame, I never visit Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois. Rest in peace.

Hi res image of the Count.

Uploaded with

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: Maria and Nicholas Demenkov
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:30:07 PM »
According to the description, this officer is Demenkov. What do you think? Does this photo exist in a better quality?

Description is wrong. This is Alexander Ivanovich Butakov. Here is info about him:

Forum Announcements / Re: Forum Members Not Heard From in a Long While
« on: February 18, 2013, 02:34:29 PM »
Has anyone heard anything about Inok (Father) Nikolai? His last visit was in November. They (monks) were transferring from one monastery to another, or something like that. In last letter Fr. Nikolai said that he wouldn't be able to access internet for a few weeks, but it's already three months...

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures XI
« on: February 18, 2013, 01:28:45 PM »
For TatianaZ Yep Yep Yep... Hourra!

Thanks for those excellent pictures of Alexandra Fedorovna. Really like her living expression at them.

A question, perhaps for Nicola: who are the 2 officers in this picture of Olga and Anastasia at the tennis court? Is one of them (the one at her right?) A. K. Shvedov? And the other? And in the winter picture with Tatiana? Thanks in advance Nicola... or anyone else!

A question, perhaps for Nicola: who are the 2 officers in this picture of Olga and Anastasia at the tennis court? Is one of them (the one at her right?) A. K. Shvedov? And the other? And in the winter picture with Tatiana? Thanks in advance Nicola... or anyone else!

I think the man Matushka is asking about is Victor Erastovich Zborovsky
sotnik His Maj.'s convoy
Seriously injured in autumn 1915. Evacuated to the Fedorovsky hospital. Went back to the convoy in March 1917.
Died Oct. 9, 1944 from wounds sustained in fighting (26 Sept 1944) with Tito's partisans in the river Drina, in hospital in the city of Graz (Austria), where he is buried.

The blond man in Reply #563 I believe is Mikhail Alekseyevich Skvortsov

Agree with tian79 about both Zborovsky and Skvortsov. Interesting that both later fought in the Russian Corps (anticommunist formation against Tito partizans during WWII). R.I.P.

Sadly, but the name of handsome one of "dark, moustached type" as Annie said (lol) I don't know. But it could be easily Shvedov, judging by his too frequent appearance with Olga and the fact that he served in Convoy as both Zborovsky and Skvortsov.

Thanks to Tatiana Z for another part of pictures.

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures XI
« on: February 16, 2013, 11:14:38 AM »
Anastasia is "teaching " that young officer how to knit...well you can imagine the hilarity potential there. He lived in New Jersey for 50 years after the revolution . There was an Life magazine article about him and his photos of the family in the 1970's. He can be seen in other photos taken in the Crimea....and it seems  to me that's him with Anastasia and Alexis in  the photo before the kniting one .   

Annie, you are right.

This is Baron Taube Georgiy Nikolaevitch (1890-1975). He died in 1975 in Freehold, New Jersey as far as I remember. In emigre he was a marine writer.

Btw, excellent photos. Big thanks to Tatiana Z.

Forum Announcements / Re: Forum Members Not Heard From in a Long While
« on: December 24, 2012, 02:45:14 PM »
I also remember Elizabeth. Our discussions were very interesting and hot (discussions were started by two liberals, but at the end I was named as "a one generally only hears on FOX News and Tea Party radio" lol.  But anyway, her knowledge in the case of Russian history was enormous. Wish her all the best and waiting to hear from her.

Forum Announcements / Re: +Robert (Bobby) Hall
« on: December 15, 2012, 06:25:13 AM »
Rest in Peace.

3. The official report of the senior doctor of 1st separate battalion of Guards crew, court councillor Herman to the commander of separate squad on the right bank of river Vistula. Vyshgorod, December 15th, 1914.

"On 14th of December about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, mortally wounded senior lieutenant Butakov has been delivered to coast of the river Vistula. Laid on a stretcher with weak signs of life, it has been examined by me, the following was thus found out: passive position of a body, strong pallor of visible mucous membranes and a skin, the threadlike pulse, hardly appreciable reaction of pupils and absence of consciousness. The clothes and underwear are wetted with blood near a waist; behind at the left side an entrance aperture of a bullet wound – the round form of the insignificant diameter, located in four centimetres from a center line of a back and on the same distance from the bottom of left iliac bone. In front – an exhaust outlet, the oval form, to 3 centimetres at length, with the epiploon which has dropped out of it on 6 centimetres, to the right from a navel. After imposing of a bandage and after hypodermic injection the general condition has not improved, and soon, without regaining consciousness, the senior lieutenant Butakov has died. From the moment of wound before death no more than 20 minutes has passed. The body of the died has been transported on a hospital's two-wheeled cart in private hospital of Vyshgorod where it has been washed, an abdomen wound, after epiploon reposition, has been sutured up and the bandage wetted with blood changed. Examination by a finger through an entrance aperture of a wound has found out plentiful blood clots and a finding in a cavity of an abdomen of liquid blood why, and in connection with the described phenomena, I believe that the death of senior lieutenant Butakov has followed from an internal bleeding, owing to damage by a bullet of large arterial vessels.  On what I inform your Wellbornness."

Source: RGAVMF. f. 935. op. 3. d. 16. l. 204 – 204.

Some information about the death of Butakov. (Sorry for little mistakes with medical and military terms).

1. The official report made by the lieutenant Hvoshchinsky to the commander of squad on the right bank of river Vistula. Vyshgorod, 12/16/1914.

"I inform that on 13th of December with a platoon of lower ranks I have took command from the senior lieutenant Butakov over island Janush-Kempa, which was just occupied by him. I have spread the people in bushes along the edge of island which was in 70 meters from enemy coast, I have ordered my people to dig in, using darkness. With a dawn strong gun firing has begun with the enemy not stopping for a minute before dark. From time to time the island was fired by shrapnel fire. Having received an order from the senior lieutenant Butakov to cut down a glade on island in order to start firing the enemy coast by an artillery fire, I've begun this work in the morning. Owing to small width of island and to rather rare trees fire has been opened on working people very soon. Work proceed and made already by people in a lap. At ten o'clock lieutenant Butakov has arrived on island with additional people and works proceeded under its personal supervision. Bullets continuously laid down near the people, but in a kind of necessity of cutting down the senior lieutenant Butakov continued it personally, helping to cut trees and encouraged the lower ranks by personal example and calmness. Soon the chief of detachment has arrived on island for inspection of all works. Thus this cutting proceeded without interruption all time under enemy bullets laying down around under constant and continuous supervision of the senior lieutenant Butakov. At 12 o'clock 30 minutes of day the senior lieutenant Butakov cutting a tree, has been mortally wounded in an abdomen with the bullet went through. He has been transferred on a motor boat and sent on coast for medical aid rendering. Clearly understanding the close inevitable end, the senior lieutenant Butakov all road silently spoke with people, asked to tell to a company that it is a pity to him to leave people that he hotly loved, loved it's company. The senior lieutenant Butakov has had time to reach the coast where he has silently died on hands at come running lieutenant Rodionov".

Source: RGAVMF, f. 935, op. 3., d. 16., l. 201-201.

2. The official report of the commander of squad on the right bank of Vistula and the commander of 2nd separate battalion of Guards crew, captain of 1st rank Polushkin – to the commander of the Fortified area. Vyshgorod, 12/16/1914.

"I inform your Excellency that owing to the necessity I was informed by the commander of 50th infantry division 9th this December of constant reconnaissance on islands of the left bank of Vistula and appointment of outposts for opposition to debarkation on them by the enemy, me had been occupied on 10th of December by an outpost from Guards crew island Janush-Kempa, adjoining to the left flank of a position of the enemy. In view of extreme proximity to the coast occupied by the enemy, the islands separated by a channel hundred steps wide and full cover of the enemy from the river's side by artificial ramparts and trenches, - there was a possibility of hidden preparation and fast transfer by enemy on island superior forces. At the same time, conditions of coastline of the island did not favour to its defence against an enemy ferrying, while the inconvenient connection of island with the right bank of river owing to shallows did not provide also possibility of timely transportation of reinforcements or a withdrawal of an outpost from island. On the basis of the above-stated there was a necessity for maintenance of supervision over island from the right coast and support of an outpost in case of need of artillery and gun fire. For this purpose the first measure which I've took was an appointed cutting down a glade on the side of island turned to the right coastline, - in the wood, masking island from my supervision. Work have been begun on 13th of December and proceeded on the night of 14th December and day. All the days long outpost stay on island, firing between the people on island and the enemy, located on the left to the river bank behind entrenchments, did not stop. Without having till this time of losses, our outposts, by personal observations of officers have annihilated about twenty people from the enemy formation. About 11 o'clock in the morning on December, 14th I've arrived, together with the senior lieutenant Chistyakov and adjutant midshipman Filatov, on island Janush-Kempa, and have been met by the senior lieutenant Butakov on a place where deforestation took place. Having stayed on a place of work about an hour, I have made sure of success of work and in cheerful mood of the lower ranks, despite close falling of bullets of the enemy, continuing to fire at the posts of an outpost located on the left coast of island on distance from the enemy, reaching in some places to 150 steps. Thus I have paid attention to a distinctive sound during falling of some bullets, specifying to their rupture. Approximately an hour later fire of the opponent has calmed down and, having established with the senior lieutenant Butakov the organisation of supervision from island over planned by me fire on the left coast from the our steamships, I together with accompanying me officers, have left from island to steamships. Almost after my returning to Vyshgorod news about wound of senior lieutenant Butakov from delivered it in Vyshgorod the motor boat has come. Immediately rendered help by the senior doctor of a battalion court councillor Herman could not rescue it owing to the mortal wound which has caused heavy infringement of an internal organs, and, about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, in the presence of mine and officers of a battalion, the senior lieutenant Butakov, being in an unconsciousness, has died.  Copies of official reports of the commander of an outpost  lieutenant Hvoshchinsky and senior doctor of a battalion court councillor Herman below.

The captain of 1st rank Polushkin"

Source: RGAVMF. f. 935. op. 3. d. 16. l. 202 – 203.

Alexander Ivanovich Butakov descended from a fascinating family. His grandfather - Vasily Davydov - was a Decembrist. His grandmother followed her husband into exile and lived for many years in Siberia. According to Mariamna Davydoff, Alexander's cousin by marriage, Vera spent most of the year in St. Petersburg, but often spent her summers at the Davydov estate Kamenka in Ukraine. Vera and her children likely knew Tchaikovsky. The composer's sister married Vera's brother, Lev Davydov, and spent a great deal of time at Kamenka.

Thank you very much for the information. To my shame I was not aware of such a rich history of Butakov maternal line.

P.S. Just found out via the Internet, that Tchaikovsky dedicated to his mother two works, while Pushkin dedicated a poem to his grandfather. Really amazing...

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