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Douglas love the idea- I was actually thinking the same thing, but I'm glad you posted it! A while ago, when I was reading through Lili Dehn's memoirs, it occurred to me that this could be an interesting spin on this story, which would be seen through her eyes, or really anyone's. It would definitely cost a lot for BBC, but that's why Hollywood is supreme- don't forget they did "Band of Brothers"- the most successful mini series of all time and it was historically accurate. Hollywood in general would have more success with such a film than lesser corporations. Also, for larger budget films, companies will band together to divide the costs, which is very prevalent during these economic times. 

Robert Hall I totally agree with you on the Grand Duchess look alike aspect. When I think of historical films, I find that is some cases I wish that the real people looked like the actors/actress instead of the other way around, mainly because they are so believable on screen. In "Nicholas and Alexandra" it's very clear that OTMA are no more interesting than wallpaper. Giving each of them a unique feel, and separating them from each other- each daughter suddenly becomes interesting (it's precision in character development- flaws and all!).

Pavlov I agree that they all should be British actors/actresses- naturally the Russian and French languages will have to be tossed into the dialogue for obvious reasons. I guess, the only problem with starting with Alexander II assassination is that the mini series would solely only focus on Nicholas II, Alix would only be a side character. Also, you can't just toss back and forth between Nicholas and Alix's lives, years before they would meet, because the drama disappears and becomes boring- much more suitable for the history channel (the History channel is not boring, I love it, I'm just saying that, that this would be the case.). If it's strictly about Nicholas than great that would be an excellent movie hook- right into the action, but Alix can only be a supporting character.

In fact it is completely understandable why "Nicholas and Alexandra" begins with the birth of Alexei. It starts off with a monumental moment that goes instantly sour- a problem emerges- films revolve around conflict. Nicholas and Alexandra both have needs and wants- their need is a son, there want is for his survival. This is true for every character in film history- or at least it should be...

Here's a thought I've had on this topic for a while. Out of curiosity, how do most of you feel if in a Romanov film a line of dialogue were shifted to another person just to save from introducing 50 characters. Basically you pick the top 15 characters for such a film and you blend certain aspects of characters not depicted into those characters. True you loss the historical accuracy, but you spare the enormous amount of headaches that will occur from knowing who's who. Does that make sense? This same idea can easily be applied to scenes. I'm just saying, although Nicholas and Alexandra's lives do fit neatly into a three act structure, there are some area's that need to be trimmed or remodeled for time, drama, or just plan good story telling (Act I: Ella's wedding/Nicholas and Alix separate/ re meet-proposal- inciting incident/ marriage-coronation-plot point one Act II: Alexei's birth/OTMA/Bloody Sunday-Duma/Rasputin/Standart incident- skip to Tercentenary/ WWI/Nurses/Nicholas as Commander/Rasputin murdered- inciting incident/ Abdication- plot point two Act III: Nicholas and Alix reunited/ Imprisoned at Tsarskoye Selo/ Imprisoned in Tobolsk/ imprisoned in Yekaterinburg/ murdered- end with nicholas and alix's signature on window in the lower dacha). I know some of you think that a mini series might work, and perhaps your right, but I'm just saying it would never happen, because to do it right would cost a lot and not much of the viewing public would ever watch- in general it would bomb. By creating a film that's both exciting and MOSTLY historically accurate, (in terms of the fact that at least some scenes or dialogue DID take place, just not in the right order or said by the right person), this will appeal to more people. Focus primarily on Nicholas, Alexandra, and OTMAA, and many unnecessary characters/scenes fall away. I'm telling you, it's how the business runs- it's how they made the Lord of the Rings.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra's Personal World
« on: July 08, 2008, 05:10:17 PM »
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows what music Alexandra might have played on the piano in her free time. I know she adored Richard Wagner, but what specific music did she play (was it very challenging or just average). Maybe list some music pieces that were popular to play in the turn of the century. This may be a detail that no one knows, but a guess or something that would be in the ball park would help. Thanks!

That's interesting... I didn't know that it was a mixture of the two palaces I just assumed it was just the Catherine Palace. I guess I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I thought that Anastasia was asking for the Winter Palace... sorry for my goof :D.


otma-gal3- "I mean, how sad and desolate the lovely Winter Palace looked, the loneliness of Anastasia..."

I think it was actually the Catherine Palace, but in the movie I believe they called it the Winter Palace. If you look at some aerial photo's of the palace you'll know what I mean. Anyway, I agree with you about the song it is very beautiful-- movie's pretty good too.

absolutely, positively, 1000% no to both

which is very tragic… :'(


         That’s an interesting topic. I am actually going to major in film and this was one of the projects I've always dreamt of doing. I don't know if I would title the movie Nicholas and Alexandra (probably something more creative), but I definitely think that there should be a movie portraying the last family. I've read several ideas for what should be put in the movie, and they all sound really good. However, I would not do a 7 hour mini series (all though that would be interesting to watch). I have several reasons for this. Number one there are ALOT of people that are sadly uninformed of the last Imperial Family. For this reason it would not be as exciting for some people-- especially in the future because of short attention spans. Also the longer the movie the harder it would be to watch multiple times (I have a hard time watching Lord of the Rings straight through, even though I love the movie). Yeah a mini series might be great for us Romanov fans, but no one else would care to see all that extensive interesting facts, at least until there is a GOOD movie to introduce them to the Family in the first place. I want to portray a story that people would be pulled into and want to research further.
          I DO think it is very possible to do a movie that’s about 2 1/2- 3 hours long (look at all the information that was in the Lord of the Rings... and trust me there’s a lot, and they could do it). If a future movie would be called N&A it makes sense to concentrate the story mainly around N&A as well as the Children. Yeah you might say what about all the other characters involved with the family’s life...well you can still have them, but it would be unwise to go into detail of every person that was connected to the family. I guess one example I could use would be the Titanic. Now I would've loved to have a movie that had most of the passengers on the ship portrayed. Obviously, that would be unrealistic; there were 2,200 people on board. In the case of the Romanov’s there were fewer people, but there is SOOOO much to tell.
          As hard as it might be, the family’s story would need PROPER editing (and I don't mean just cutting parts of the story out just because). It would probably be good to shot scenes that showed dramatic moments, like when the Standart hit some rocks and N&A couldn't find Aleksey. Otherwise, showing multiple scenes of the family picking daisies or walking in the woods would be kind of boring. I would actually like to reenact footage and pictures that the family took, like the footage of the Grand Duchesses and Aleksey spinning in a circle on board the Standart. It would not be a long scene just something I think Romanov fans would enjoy. Obviously, it would be shot on location, and hopefully the sets would look authentic. The actors/actresses should fit there parts very well, and it would be nice if they looked similar to there characters. I think it's also very important not to get too wrapped up in romanticizing the family, as I think they often times are portrayed in other movies. History should speak for itself. The communists should not appear to be doing justice towards the family by making them (the family) look like the bad guys. The communist deadly actions were not any better then some of the deadly mistakes that Nicholas had allowed.
          It’s something that would take a lot of research, and that’s what I'm doing now-- it’s a project I'm willing to take on, and I hope it would encourage more people to take interest in the subject. One last note: I have been thinking of a different title then N&A for a movie-- any ideas-- I don't think the title should be gloomy, deadly, a cliché, or really long (for instance: Bloody Nicholas, Russia's Last Imperial Family, The Last Tsar, etc...) I would like a title that includes more than just Nicholas and Alexandra, but also there children-- It should not give away the families demise directly-- you know how when you see a movie title and you don't know where they got the title from like, Cinderella Man, or October Sky. That’s how I would want this title to be...any thoughts... sorry for the long message :)


Palaces in St. Petersburg / Re: Winter Palace
« on: March 13, 2006, 10:43:30 PM »
Hi all!

This is my first post! I was just wondering if anyone knows if the Chapel was where Grand Duke Serge and Ella were married, as well as were Nick and Alex were wed. I read the book Nicholas and Alexandra which said that Serge and Ella were married in a chapel in the Winter Palace. I just wanted it confirmed that it was this chapel (and only from what I can see). Thank You


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