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The Alexander Palace / Obscure AP room photos over the decades?
« on: May 13, 2023, 07:42:07 PM »
I'm searching for any photos taken of the servants' rooms on the children's floor - specifically Derevenko's and Nagorny's. Probably no photos exist, but if anyone knows of something, I would be grateful.

Hi, all! I'm trying to research Nagorny, and I'm looking for ANY photos that may have him either prominently featured or even in the background - photos where he's labeled or not, but might be in them. Any photos of unidentified men on the Rus, at Tobolsk, Mogilev, etc. Lots of photos are available, but there are so many now in private collections that I'm sure I've not seen, and I would be very grateful for any scans. Likewise, any mentions of him in diaries, letters, memoirs, etc. If anyone has access or any material about the letters he & Derevenko exchanged while Nagorny was in Tobolsk, those would be phenomenal.  I really hope this is okay to request; I think it could be useful to all of us. If anyone is more comfortable messaging or emailing me, that would be great.

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