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Research Russian Roots / Hereditary Commanders in Europe
« on: October 23, 2004, 08:21:16 AM »
I am involved in resurrecting the charitable Order of St. John of Jerusalem in Paris.  The original Paris Order was launched in 1928 by twelve of the thirteen surviving Hereditary Commanders of the Russian Grand Priory that had fled Bolshevik Russia for Paris.

The original Hereditary Commanders in 1799 numbered twenty and served under Paul I.  One of these Hereditary Commanders was Paul N. Demidoff, my ancestral grandfather, which expains my interest and connection with the Order.

Unfortunately, the original Paris Order withered away in the 1970's due to lack of interest from the sons and daughters of the founding members of the Paris Order.  The Order vanished with its original members.

We are now attempting to make contact with the living male and female descendants to invite them to become Members.  Since this is Hereditary title, it can pass to the female line in the event that the male line is extinguished.  

Could I ask for your support in placing me in contact with direct descendant of any of the following names:

Leon Naryshkine, Nicolas or Boris Youssoupoff, Nicolas Cheremeteff, Alexandre or Paul Stroganoff, Gregoire Samoiloff, Alexandre Beloselsky, Basile Dolgorouky, Leon Davidoff, Ivan Boratinsky, Basile Troubetzkoy, Ivan Worontzoff, Constantin Maruzzi, Pierre Toufiakin, Mathew Olsoufieff, Alexandre Gerbetzoff, and Porphyre Boutourlin.

Many thanks for any support extended as well as any comments.    

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