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The Byzantine Heritage / Romanov Byzantine Ancestry
« on: September 15, 2007, 03:12:54 PM »
I have heard some information with regards to Romanov DNA and I would like other peoples views on it.

"The male Purcell Y chromosome and the male Romanov Y chromosome is basically the same. only a few fast mutating markers difference.
This would indicate a common male ancestor.
Historically this would make sense, because the Romanovs were meant to have descended from Byzantine Royalty and the Purcells are descendents of Sir Percival, who was the same male line as Charlemagne, who was meant to have descended from Byzantine Royalty.
It is a J haplotype."

Does anyone have good knowledge of Byzantine Royalty? Could anyone comment on the historical statement - were Romanovs descended in the male line from Byzantine Royalty?
I cannot remember where I read Charlemagne was descended from Byzantine royalty, any ideas anyone? There is conflicting information on Charlemagnes ancestory.

However I do know that most of the Irish Purcell bloodline was wiped out by Cromwells army. Certaintly the ones that were left had their lands, castle and titles taken away from them. Their very existence all but wiped out of the history books.

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