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The Myth and Legends of Survivors / FS as AA--Why and How
« on: May 12, 2005, 10:56:13 AM »
I have been wondering, since Peter Kurth relates details AA gave the nurses at Dalldorf about the muders (that we now know to be true) where she might have gotten the info.  

I am NOT too interested in any Cheka plot theories, I am looking to discuss this in a realistic fashion.  Anyone have any ideas where FS may have gotten more details about the murders?  After all, wasn't what happened to the IF still pretty hush hush outside of Russia at this point?  

One thing I read about FS is that after Mrs Wingender took her in as a charity case (after the munitions factory explosion and FS breakdown) she spent a lot of time in her room reading books.  This may explain some of her info on court life, but not all.  

Anyone willing to discuss these ideas?

Well, I was also wondering if AA's TB of the bones could account for the Height difference and/or shoe size difference due to bone density loss.  

Inquiring mind posted:

From the web....

TB of the bones happens in a small number of cases. If left untreated permanent deformity and crippling can occur. Bone density is lost but after treatment returns with slow filling in of new bone.

Height loss seems to be attributed to compression fractures of the spine caused by osteoporosis and generally affects older adults both women and men.

TB of the bone can cause fractures but it has more to do with the infection and less to do with the loss of bone density.

It is said to be intensely painful.

To which I responded


Thanks, Inquiring Mind!!  

Well, we know AA is said to be about 4 inches shorter than FS.  AA was admitted to Dalldorf at 5'2", and I have seen reports that FS was 5'6."

Any idea from those with bigger libraries than I have WHEN AA was first diagnosed with the TB?  I have PK's book, and it says that in Oct 1922 doctors discovered TB of the breastbone.  But was this the first outbreak?  


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Franziska Schanzkowska and Grossman
« on: February 21, 2005, 01:21:59 PM »
OK--I am starting this here in order to move the serial killer theory from the DNA evidence thread.  

Here are some of the relevant posts from that thread, related to Grossman.


One thing to consider Bear, is that despite the possibility that FS was murdered by Grossman, this evidence was apparently not brought into the AA court case.  Per PK's book, there are no instances of people saying "this is all a moot point as FS is dead by Grossman's hand."  In  fact, the judge ruled that AA was not AN and was most likely FS.  

Grossman was not convicted of ONLY FS murder.  It was a series of murders as there were 3-4 butchered young women in his apartment when he was arrested.


Was Grossman convicted for FS's murder at all? I don't think so. It sounds like it was just speculation that she was one of the victims and that they never concluded that she was killed by him. If they had really concluded that FS was killed by Grossman, then her name would have never came up as a candidate for AA's identity later on in court. If they seriously thought that FS was in fact killed by him, they would never had gone 35 years later through the trouble and expense of DNA testing of FS relatives in order to show that AA may have been FS. If the serial killer theory was in any way conclusive in 1919, we wouldn't even be having this conversation today about whether AA was FS or not... This is just my opinion.


Not to my knowledge.  And few of the websites even mention AA.  The few that mention AN or AA at all say that he killed Anastasia while she was in the disguise of a Polish factory worker named FS.  Crazy, hey??

Hi!!  Just got the book In the Shadow of the Winter Palace by Crankshaw from a used book store.  I have seen critical reviews of it online, but was wondering if any of you have read this and what your opinions on the book are?  

Thanks!!  I am just starting to expand my Romanov reading beyond Massie and the AA question.  Any comments appreciated.


You know, Jeremy, I was wondering the very same thing.  I know that the photo on this board of FS has been touched up numerous times, supposedly to look more like AA.  Ok, then where is the original?  On PK's site there are 3 versions of that photo on various stages of touch up, and they all still look like AA.

Personally, I have no problem with her being FS, and it is a theory that fits well to the evidence.  Why is there so much resistance to the idea that she was a peasant?  That was only the status of her birth, and if AA was FS she obviously rose past it.  

Either way, I would be interested in other people's opinions as well.


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