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Their World and Culture / Background and Provenance of Icon Painting
« on: March 11, 2007, 08:22:02 PM »
Hello, people:

                       Every time I see "Nicholas and Alexandra"'s movie I keep thinking at the same thing and I ALWAYS forget to post my doubts here.  ::) Now, I finally get time to do it, and I remember the whole issue. It's about Icons and their "order".

                        There is a scene in the movie, when Rasputin is coming from the first time to Tsarskoe Selo, to see Alix, since Alexis was bleeding (1905). He caught the Empress, doing something with the Icons she had over a table. When she know Rasputin was there she said something over the lines of: "...I can't put them in order. Before, I knew all the Saints names, but now I can't remember them. I think the order is important..."

                        Well; this is exactly the problem I have, and the thing I don't understand. Is there and order to put Icons in a table or hanging in the wall? Can't people place them as they wants? For the lines in the movie, it seems clear that some Icons goes first than others, that's it that they have a special order to go along...Or am I saying a great stupidity? ::) ??? :D



Forum Announcements / Can't answer my PM...
« on: April 13, 2006, 11:37:40 PM »
Hi, people:

                 I have a lot of problems trying to answer three PMs I got some days ago. When I post a reply, I only can read "An error has occured", and I can't answer to my PM...What is happening?

                  So, LisaDavison, Eddie and Ordino, if I'm not answering to you is just for I CAN'T do it...I thing there is some technical problems going on here... :-/ Any idea?  [smiley=huh.gif]


Forum Announcements / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2005, 02:05:57 PM »
Happy New Year 2006 to all my Romanov's fanatics fellows!

I hope this year will put all your wish to realities!

RealAnastasia. :D

Forum Announcements / Merry Christmas!
« on: December 23, 2005, 06:45:06 PM »
Hi, people!:

                   I don't know if tomorrow I could visit this site, so, I will wish you a Merry Christmas. The better one in your life.

                    I could have some differences with few people here, but discussion is good to discover the truth and I'm happy to be able to discuss about the topics I like.

                     I found also, some excellent people here, and I'm thankful to have found this site.
I learned a lot of interesting things, and make a good bunch of friends, like the sweet, marvelous Laura Mabee and the warm, friendly Tania, whose soul is make in gold.

                       Merry Christmas again!

Forum Announcements / I OFFER translations services.
« on: November 30, 2005, 07:03:09 PM »
Since I know French , Spanish and Italian I feel that it is my duty to offer translation from those languages for people who need them. The problem is that my English is not terrible  ;D, but I may ask for help if you really needs the translation.

I'm offering this, for  I have not much money, but I feel that I must offer something to this excellent board. I took to many things from here (photos, new infos, friends, etc) and now it's my turn to return myself all you gave me.


Forum Announcements / I can't help it...I MUST share it with you all.
« on: November 05, 2005, 09:42:07 PM »
This is a very trivial thing, but I live in the same block of a Russian Restaurant here in Buenos Aires (we have so much foreign communities among us ) and this night, the restaurant have a singing-traditional show night. They have a garden, and I can see it from my flat balcony...and I can "hear" it. This is the important think.

This night a Russian singer, sang the classics Russians "hits": "Kalinka", "Katyusha" , "It's snowing over Moscow" , "Black Eyes" and so on...

I went to the balcony with a wite wine glass and spent there some two hours, drinking and tears rolling down my cheecks. I thought about Nicholas, and Alexandra, and the children, and my beloved Russia.

It is really silly, but I really wanted to share this with you, for you are my virtual friends.  ;)


Imperial Claimants Post Here / Mlle.Berditch. The First Known Anastasia.
« on: November 03, 2005, 07:12:15 PM »
Anyone knows some good info about the first known Anastasia that surfaced in Paris in 1921? I mean, Mlle. Berditch, briefly mentionned in Peter Kurth's book when he was talking about that the "Emigré" Russian Community being already aware and warned of so much "Anastasia's" appearing all around Europe. Other "Anastasia's" appeared previous to AA, but the first one having a name is this lady, Mlle. Berditch, who, it seems was fast discredited.


Dear Friends:

                        I couldn't help but laugh when I read the last post and the last thread opened in the "Survivor" forum. It seems that the DNA group thinks that if those who doesn't believe in this DNA proof wanted not to post here for a while is for we have not arguments, or for we felt offended or "hurts in our feelings".

                           Well; speaking for myself I can assure that nothing of this happens. I have LOTS of arguments, and solids ones for you know that I undertake a research by myself and not being biased, for in fact, I tried to convince very hardly the experts who helped me in the research that AA was really FS without any positive results . I even spoke with a geneticist expert in DNA , and after reading all the material about the fact ("for", "against", the fact itself , this is the page with "the match-not match thing" who was posted here (I think that by Helen, but I'm not sure), and all the Robert K. Massie's chapters about the DNA test, and he agreed with me in the possibility of a switch. For him, is not a so strange thing...And of course I'm aware this is CRIMINAL! A person who does such a thing is a criminal, no doubt! And this is for that, that my geneticist friend suggest me to "get away the whole thing". He warned me if, I keep in the path I am now, I must be compelled to accuse someone and this is the thing I can't least this was his advice. If I said that I suspect that the culprit of the switch was "X" or "Z", I could be accused of false testimony. And this is not for I'm lying or hallucinating about an nonexistent switcher...You know very well that if it was a switcher, he or she wouldn't let the proofs here and there to all to discover them. Something there is no a single proof.

For example: all people here knows that Al Capone was the murder of Saint-Valentin Massacre, of dean O'Banion and other very well known rivals. You also know that he was the man who was in the "alcohol business" during the "Dry-Laws" era. Well...Judges COULDN'T found him culprit of NONE of those criminal acts. Why? There were not simply a single proof of them. They must found him culprit for...not paying his  bills. It was the only way to get him in jail.

So...Do you suppose that the switcher (if there is one) would let proofs of what he/her or they have done? If it was an intelligent switcher he would not.

Another thing, FA: if we are not suspicious of a think we could never find a criminal act. So, your state in the "Call all of Judges" about not posting any suspicion is not valid. If we already know all the answers and the facts in AA-FS-AN case ...What's the challenge to "call all the judges"? A natural death case, could become an "supposed to be murder" one when someone doubts about it being a natural death. Without suspicion...what's the matter to have a trial, here?

As for "our hurt feelings". I'm not hurt. Not now. Why I should be hurt? Only for you disagrees with me in this case? Nonsense. But I know that I will post in this thread once in a while, for I'm not interested in starting endless discussions and accusations of day-dreamer. No, thank you.

You must guess this is for I've not arguments. The persons who emailed me privately knows that it's far from this. I'll not participate for the reasons I gave above and for when I started my thread "How about?..." nobody did what the thread was created for: research. All people started to discuss their own opinions about AA being AN, FS or Good in heaven, instead to go find anthropologist experts, geneticist, etc. The thread became the same than all the others in the "Survivor" forums. So, the "DNA Klan" opened another thread for themselves...The one of the online trial.

I'm searching supporters in order to open another website about Anna's case. A site that wouldn't be in any way a mere comparison of some good taken pics of AA-FS and AN.


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / What about...?
« on: August 20, 2005, 08:15:44 PM »
Yesterday I was thinking in my own experience with AA case and I imagined a new "homework" for all people interested in the same matter here.

I consulted with some experts (being an historian  , I know some people who, not being historians themselves, are related to my profession, for example anthropologues, Geneticist, forensic especialists, etc) the AA affair, doing the same work that it was done when AA's trials started in Germany. I showed them photos and information about it to themselves to judge the whole situation. I make myself sure that they never knew the case, not has seen a single AN, FS, AA photo. Of course, all scientist read or know about Anastasia and the final results that said she was really FS, but not all of them know the matter deeply. They doesn't know the insights of the case since it started in the 20's. So, I only show the facts to them. The facts (as they are presented in the "101 reasons threads") and the photos...And of course when they have their own conclusions, I'm ready to tell them: "Well; you analyzed the "Anna Anderson-Anastasia's case and DNA proved that she was Franziska Schanzkovska". They get totally amazed and can't believe it. I have now most of them reading about the fact, purchasing books and searching in the net!  ;D

My idea is that most of us here could do the same and then share the results we got. Of course, the idea it's not to show the photos posted in his site by Peter Kurth. At least, not in the order he post them. You must present all the photos mixed up, and put the FS one among them. You must allow him to said that AA was FS, or that FS was...AN(yes; one of my friends mistook FS as if she was AN ;D). You must also show to them, those photos where AA seems very different from AN: those first AA photos where she has full lips and puffy cheeks. And over all things: DON'T INFLUENCE the experts. Let them choose their own conclusions. Other good things to do is  answer him/her things absolutely againts yours opinions in the matter. That would challenge what you knows and it's a very good intellectual excercise. Do as if you are doubting about the case. Never show to him/her that you have your own ideas.

Good Luck!  ;)

P.S: Of course, if you are an AA supporter you must not show to the experts all the pics you believes would demonstrate that AA was AN. If, inestead, you are convinced that AA was FS, don't show to them all the photos in which AA was similar to her. Be honest! Mix up the photos. It's the only way to do a good work.

Forum Announcements / I was thinking about...
« on: July 15, 2005, 07:38:56 PM »

       I was thinking about the interest that some people here in the Forums, has about culture and fashion in the Imperial Family era . It's just for this that you always find a thread about "dresses", "jewels", "hairstyles", "Sailor Suits" and "Swimming Suits", how Sporstive women where, etc in all the Alexander Palace Forums. I would like to propose to create a new Forum (if possible) about "Culture and life Since the laters 1880's to 1918". It would be interesting, for we would be able to discuss lifestyle back then and to post photos and articles from newspapers or magazines of the time about all those subjects. Then, the "Imperial Family Forums" would be free of those threads, to discuss the REAL subject of  them: The Imperial Family and their members.

What do you thing about it?


Forum Announcements / Have a Nice 4th of July!
« on: July 04, 2005, 05:05:52 PM »
I wanted to wish to all my American freinds from the board , a nice 4th of July! Good and warm wishes from Argentina!  :)



     I have an interesting book whose title is "A Princess in Exile", by Maria Pavlovna, (not the elder, but the younger. I mean Dimitri's sister). Did someone read it? I have it in Spanish, and I found it amazing, for the author does an excellent analyze of Russian Revolution, and why the Romanovs were, at least some of them, one of the factors whom caused it. She claims that too many members of her family were snobs, selfish and unaware about how the world was changing around them. I don't agree with 100% of her opinions, but it's an interesting book to know better the Romanovs .

  I found touching the parts where she tell us how did she know about her father execution, and Ella's one, and her demi-brother, Volodia and when she meet Dimitri again, in London. She wrote a great deal about Princesse Paley, and she depicted her in a nice way, considering she was her father's second wife.

 Other interesting insight in the book is Maria Pavlovna proofs in the working world, and how she failed when she tryed to do a career in the mode. She even worked for Coco Channel. She finished her book with her travel to America, where she planned to live.

  If someone read this book, I would like to discuss it here. It's depictions of exiled noblemen and women are excellent.


This is a movie filmed in 1956, starring Lili Palmer. She portrayed Anna Anderson, and this, as I read (since I couldn't see it) is AA true story. Turhan Bey portrayed Gleb Botkin. It seems that it's pretty accurate and they even show the Franziska Schanzkowska story...Did someone saw it? I would like to know how good this movie is.

 I'm not one of those people who said: "Oh, well! It's a not the historical truth, but it's a good movie! It's Holliwood, you know!"  :D I only like accurate movies! I accept that Amy Irving was excellent in "Anastasia; The mystery of Anna" but I didn't like the series a bit. It was only garbage. Bad stuff. I wanted to see a good movie on Anna. Perhaps is the Lili Palmer's one...As for the Ingrid Bergman one...Ugh...More garbage!


P.S: The title of this ovie in English is " Is Anna Anderson Anastasia?"

P.S2: I noticed that some of my post didn't have any answers. Why? I'm an insane, a weird woman, or simply a boring and not interesting person?  :-[

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Anna Anderson and Her Supporters
« on: June 12, 2005, 07:58:26 PM »
Hi, Guys:

               I know I'll disturb many people starting a new thread about AA. But I was always interested in her story, and it's the first forum about the NAOTMAA family and their pretenders I'm a member.

               I would want to know something more about AA supporters, for I think Blair Lovell's books is not the more accurate source to go see, and since I have this book, it's the only way to me to know a little about them. My personal truble with JBL is that for him, all AA supporters wanted to use her and were not sincere. The only one it's OK for him is Gleb Botkin.

               But I would like, it's possible, to know a little more about Harriet Rathlef, Doctor Rudnev,Clara  Peuthert, Zinaide Tolstaia, Captain Schwabe , Baron Von Kleist and his wife, Inspector Grünberg, Tatiana Botkina-Melnik, Xenia Leeds, Annie Burr Jennings, Mrs. Adele Heydebrand, Ambassador Zahle, the Madsacks, the Baroness Miltitz, Prince Frederick von Saxe-Althenburg, Mrs. Thomasius, Baron and Baroness Gienanth, Alexis Milukov, and (of course!) Jack Manahan...

               I would like to discuss these ones if someone here knows a little more info about them...Did you think all of them were AA believers? Did you think they use her as Blair Lovell claims they did? ???  Did you think they were sometimes mean to Anna as Blair Lovell states they were?



      Some historians claims that Anna Anderson knew most of anecdotes and little details about the IF, for she was always reading books in this issue. However, her supporters claims she couldn't do it for most of them were not published yet. But I'm this kind of person that never accepts things for other people said they are this way or another, so I made a little research in books that Anna Anderson could have read between 1920 and 1923 (Nevertheless I take this info with a grain of salt, for she was at Dalldorf in those times, and doctors and nurses must have noticed her "suspect" reading...She couldn't keep her books in secret).

  Here you have the list of books, anyway  ;D:

-Alexandra Feodorovna: "The letters of the Tsarina to the Tsar, 1914-1917" London; Duckworth, 1923.

-Bernstein, Herman: "The Willy-Nicky Correspondence" New York: Knopf , 1918.

-Botkina, Tatiana: "Vospominaniia o Tsarkoi Sem'ye" Belgrad. Stefanovich. 1921.

-Cantacuzene, Princess: "Revolutionary Days" Boston: Small, Maynard & Co. 1919.

-Dehn, Lili: "The Real Tsaritsa" Thornton, Butteworth.1922

-Deterichs, Mikjail: "Ubiistvo Tsarkoi Sem'i" Vladivostock: Military Academy Press" 1922

-Dillon, E.J: "Eclipse of Russia" London. Dent, 1918.

-Izvolsky, Alexander: "Memoirs" London.Hutchinson.1920

-Iliodor (Sergei Trufanov) "The Mad Monk of Russia". New York. Century.1918.

-Mouchanow, Marfa: "My Empress" New York. John Long.1918.

-Radziwill, Princesse Catherine: "Secrets of Dethroned Royalty" New York. John Lane.1920.

-Radziwill, Princesse Catherine: "Confessions of the Czarina" New York. Harper.1918.

-Vyrubova, Anna: "Memories of the Russian Court" New York.Macmillan.1923

Wilton, Robert: "The Last Days of the Romanovs" London. Thornton.Butterworth.1920..."

  Well; there is a lot of books that Anna Anderson could have read. However, most of them were in English, a language that AA was not supposed to speak in those times...Or she could speak it after all...There also are two books in Russian, but AA was not supposed to be able to read Russian... There were many books in the 20' about the Romanovs, anyway.

   And of course, she could have read some "Royal Magazines" even BEFORE the 20', that it was most likely:

-Fletcher, Richard: "Royal Mothers and Their Children" Good House Keeping. Vol 54, n° 4 (April 1912, pags,445-56)

-"The Czar and His Family" Munsey's. Vol.51. N° 1 February, 1914.

-Morris, Fritz: "The Czar's Simple Life" Cosmopolitan. Vol 23. N° 5 (September, 1902)

-Pelham-Clinton, Charles: "The Russian Coronation" Strand. Vol 11.1897"

  But, again...All this magazines are in English. Did you have any book or magazine name in German or Polish? If AA was FS they must have read them in those languages since she couldn't understand English, nor French...

RealAnastasia.  ::)

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