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The Hohenzollern / Letters from Ella to Wilhelm
« on: August 01, 2017, 07:12:13 AM »
Here are all the letters I found from Ella to Wilhelm in chronological order, a few more than I posted before:

November 22 1870
Dear Willy,
Victoria and Irene and I are all very well and Grosmama and Grospapa too. Is Mama better? And Baby? How is your Mama and baby Sophie? Our best wishes for her birthday. We heard of Papa’s getting the Iron Cross and were very glad. I hope you and Harry are well. I have the shell you gave me. Good-bye,
Your loving cousin Ella

January 24, 1873
Dear Willy,
I hope you get this for the 27th. Many happy returns. I send you a little drawing I did which I thought you would like. Mama and Papa and sisters send their love and best wishes for your birthday.
Your loving cousin Ella

February 1876
Dearest Willy,
Thank you for your dear letter and the book and flower. I hope your leg is better. The little bird is very pretty. I hope we will see you and Harry soon again. We are all very well. Mama and Papa and Sisters all send their love and many kisses XXX
Your very loving cousin, Ella

December 15 1877
Dearest Willy,
We are here in Potsdam and we miss you and Harry very much. Yesterday we got the new volume about Grandpapa, Mama and your Mama have taken turns reading aloud from it. I remember you telling your memory of him and how I wish we could have known him. We shall be very glad to have you coming again after not seeing you the last months. The little ones are rushing about and playing and making such noise I cannot write more. Little May runs about waving her arms like she wants to fly. All send their love and many kisses XXX
I miss You.
Your very loving cousin Ella

March 15 1878
Dearest Willy,
Thank you for the book I just received. I was sorry you had stopped just at that spot and wished for you to go on. I shall read it myself now and enjoy it very much. But did Harry get to hear it? It was Grandmama’s present for him, I shall send it back if he has not tho I do not like to have to do so.
I send you what I was painting – tho’ it is not half so good and pretty as I should have liked. My foot is much better and I was up a little today. Mama says Grosmama is much better.
In three weeks it will be 3 years since – you remember in April 75?
Your very loving cousin, Ella

April 7 1878
Darling Willy,
I found what you left in the book and it is so sweet – I must write to you tho I do not have much to say and we only said good-bye two hours ago. Yes in 73 is when – I don’t know if I should write it here –I shall just say that I would be able to say the same as you did in your note, as much as a child could, since I was only 8 then. I think of the Hothouse – of M 9th & of the 5th & the 5th 3 years ago – when you first said something and the first
XXX Your Loving Ella

April 20 1878
Darling Willy,
You come this time on Mama’s birthday I think?  So you will be here 4 days this time and 2 times this month. Mama has not been well again, I hope she will be better soon. We shall not have the things like last year as Mama is not well. I got your poem - it is very sweet. I send you a flower from the back of the H- - h - - -e – you know where.
I miss you. A loving k- - -, your Ella

Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Anastasia and Duchess of Gloucester - Alice Montague?
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The Hohenzollern / NEW LETTERS about Wilhelm II and Ella
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:45:53 PM »
Here are some privately held letters - which I have been given permission to share these extracts of here - from Queen Victoria to Vicky (Crown Princess of Prussia/later Empress Frederick). They are kept together as if about the same subject.

September 1878
Willy’s visit has gone well – that subject was not mentioned at all until the last day (day before he left), when he asked to see me privately and confessed everything that happened and seemed overcome and burst into tears. He said he did not know how he would face Alice and Louis at the maneuvers next month. I only bring this up again because I wished you to know how he felt about it all and that he felt what he had done was wrong and that he understood that he himself had quite spoiled his chances (which may – later - have been reconsidered otherwise) since you said he acted so strange and cold and stony about it all to both of you when you attempted to speak to him about it.

December 2 1878
I heard from Princess C of H that all has gone quite well and that E had quite an easy time and feels quite strong. She said everything lasted only about 4 hours and that it is 2. But E has not been told of her poor little sister’s death. I just received poor A’s telegram – distressed that she could not be with E during this time. You will no doubt have heard from them both before you receive this.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Letter
« on: June 08, 2016, 06:07:21 PM »
Does anyone have the original (English) letter that Alix wrote to Queen Victoria when her father died?

I have it in Russian from Elizabeth Heresh's book here:

«…я едва могу писать, чувствую себя совершенно разбитой. Эта невосполнимая потеря кажется мне почти невыносимой, неизвестно, как жить дальше тому, у кого отняли солнечный свет. И все же надо набраться мужества и попытаться быть, как Он, и делать то, чего желал бы Он. О, как ужасно[38] мы за ним скучаем, с каждым днем все сильнее. (…) Для меня никогда не было большего ангела, такого хорошего, такого любезного, доброго, любимого. Он был всем для меня, и чем больше мы оба бывали вместе, тем ближе я ему становилась, и все же мы не смогли его уберечь. (…) Но мы должны смириться с этой утратой, ибо я уверена, что наш небесный отец не взял бы его от нас, если бы не хотел избавить от дальнейших страданий на земле (…)

Бедный милый Эрни так неожиданно оказался в таком положении[39], какая большая ответственность легла на его молодые плечи. Он такой мужественный и дельный, милый парень. Ему я теперь должна пожертвовать всю себя и попытаться помочь, насколько это в моих силах, и я уверена, что Ты, любимая бабушка, всегда готова даровать ему совет и любовь, когда в том будет необходимость…»[40].

And it is in German in Alexandra - die letzte Zarin By Gunna Wendt

I would like to see the original if anyone can share it.

Nicholas II / Looking for historical film...
« on: October 30, 2015, 12:49:38 PM »
I didn't really know what thread to put this in but...
I saw a video on Youtube once that had a fuller version - all of this film and more - but I can't find it.
Does anyone know where it is?

Nicholas II / Who are Nicholas II's Godparents?
« on: October 26, 2015, 12:10:19 PM »
Does anyone have a list of Nicholas II's Godparents?

I've searched on hear and haven't found a complete list.

Olga Nicholaievna / question about a letter
« on: October 23, 2015, 06:43:16 PM »
What "nieces" are referred to in this letter?

Olga Nikolaevna to Olga Alexandrovna
21 June 1917

My darling, dear Godmother,

Am terribly touched by your sweet letter and heartfelt words. I wanted to have a heart?to?heart talk with you when you were with us in Kiev, but there wasn't the opportunity.

Poor Mama is terribly bored; can't at all get used to the new life and the circumstances here, although on the whole we can all be grateful that we will be together and in the Crimea. So horribly sad to think about our dear nieces and their parents and about our homeland. Little Dolls!! Now it's doubly hard for you, my darling Aunt Olga. May God preserve you.

A kiss to you and Mitia. Love you sincerely and with all my heart.

Your loving Goddaughter,

Maria Nicholaievna / Pictures of Dickie and Maria
« on: October 18, 2015, 07:26:21 PM »
What pictures are there that Maria and Louis "Dickie" Battenberg/Mountbatten are both in?

Alexandra Feodorovna / Letter during engagement
« on: October 08, 2015, 11:16:13 PM »
Does anyone know what is being refered to in these letters? They are quoted in "A lifelong Passion" on pages 61 and 63 and in "king, Kaiser and Tsar" and "The Last Tsarina". Dates are in old style.

From Nicholas April 23 1894 "...I see my sweet girly-dear looking back at me, sometimes with a sly look, which makes me think of a certain house on the road from Coburg to Ketchendorf on the left!!!"

From Alix April 26 1894
"You naughty thing, how dare you say that about the sly look and the house on the left! Be ashamed of yourself, I wish I were there to pinch you for it."

What happened in that "house on the left?" In "the last Tsarina" it said "they shared an erotic interlude". Alix was a virgin when they married wasn't she?

Rasputin / list of people at Yusopov's house when Rasputin was killed
« on: September 16, 2015, 09:12:29 AM »
Does anyone have a list of all the people at Yusopov's house when Rasputin was killed?

Who in order do you think had the best marriage and why?

I would say:

1. Lenchen and Christian
2. Vicky and Fritz
3. Beatrice and Liko
4. Alice and Louis
5. Leopold and Helen
6. Arthur and Louischen
7. Bertie and Alix
8. Alfred and Marie
9. Louise and Lorne

Nicholas II / Did Missy have a crush on Nicky?
« on: October 12, 2014, 02:07:36 PM »
Has any one else noticed how she always talks about him:

“…had kind gray-brown eyes, with a dreamy, searching expression and a shy smile upon red lips that seemed to have been shaped for soft words only.”
“he has the same dreamy, soft eyes, the same gentle lips, I knew when I was a child, those lips shaped for kind words only.”

“Nicky we always loved and admired, although, being older, he was rather beyond our reach in those days. Already, at that early age, he had that gentle charm and that kind, caressing look in his eyes, which was his all through life till the day of his tragic death.”

 “My eyes sought the Emperor, Nicky, dear to us all. He was not one of the giants, but the gentleness of his expression made him infinitely sympathetic; something seemed to melt in one's heart when one looked at him, at his soft hazel eyes, at his gentle lips, when one watched his quiet movements, listened to his soft, low-toned voice.”

“The Czar was the same gentle, rather timid man I had always known, with the dreamy gray-brown eyes and those soft lips that seemed formed for kind words only…”

 “I was sad to say good-bye to Nicky; a unique and not easily definable charm emanated from this quiet, almost inconspicuous little man who was the last Tsar of all the Russias. I can never think of him without emotion; he deserved a better fate.”

“Nicky was charming as ever, and I found myself continually watching him and again it struck me how very lovable he was with his low voice and gentle eyes; how little did I imagine then that we would never meet again.”
“I cannot read that ultimate message received from the quiet, gentle cousin for whom I had always felt such sympathy without deep emotion and that last sentence: ‘May God grant you final victory and the fulfillment of all your hopes’ has a quiet bigness about it. He was losing everything, his every hope had crumbled, but in a last cry of friendship he wishes for us a better fate. May God rest his soul in peace.”

“The Emperor Nicolas was lovable, utterly lovable…”

(the next is written in her diary right after his death)
“As I stood in the small, unadorned church whilst the humble village priest was performing the prescribed rites, I deeply pondered over your life, all the past glory, the tragic end… I remembered… my childhood impression… I saw again your gentle face. I had a vision of your riding into Moscow for your coronation, a quite young man surrounded by all the pomp and glory of the world, I saw you at Tsarskoe with your children, at Constanta the last time we met.

“Dear Nicky, I loved you sincerely. Our little memorial was celebrated without pomp, but it is not pomp you need to-day but hearts which can understand you and mourn for your cruel end. My thoughts go out to you in loving remembrance; may the great belief you had in God have been with you to the very end!”

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