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The Danish Royal Family / Kirsten Munck
« on: August 25, 2007, 03:48:36 AM »
Kirsten Munk (* 6. Juli 1598; † 19. April 1658 in Boller), daughter of Ludwig Munk and Ellen Marsvin.
In 1615 she became 'Gräfin von Schleswig-Holstein' and the second wife of the Danish king Christian IV. The King divorced her in 1629 after the birth of her last child. The King hadn't slept with her for over a year and this child was probably the child of her lover, Otto Ludwig Rheingraf zu Salm. She had became his lover in about 1626. In 1629 Christian IV took a new mistress: Vibeke Kruse. Vibeke was presented to the King by his former mother-in-law Ellen Marsvin. Ellen wanted to keep her influence over the king.
Most sources say she had 12 children with the Christian IV. I can only find 10. Who knows the other two children wo were probably stillborn?

Anna Christine (* 10. August 1618 Frederiksborg; † 20. August 1633), heiratet Frands Rantzau
Sophie Elisabeth (* 20. September 1619 Skanderborg; † 29. April 1657), heiratet am 10. Oktober 1634 Christian von Pentz,
Eleonore Christine (* 8. Juli 1621 Frederiksborg; † 16. März 1698 Maribo Kloster), heiratet am 9. Oktober 1634 in Kopenhagen Corfitz Ulfeldt,
Waldemar Christian (* 1622 Frederiksborg; † 26. Februar 1656 Lublin), Herzog von Schleswig-Holstein,
Elisabeth Auguste (* 28. Dezember 1623 Kronborg; † 9. August 1677), heiratet am 27. Oktober 1639 in Kopenhagen Johann Lindenow,
Friedrich Christian (* 26. April 1625; † 17. Juli 1627),
Christiane (* 15. Juli 1626 Haderslevhus (Hansborg); † 6. Mai 1670), heiratet am 6. November 1642 in Kopenhagen Hannibal von Sehestet,
Hedwig (* 15. Juli 1626 Haderslevhus (Hansborg); † 5. Oktober 1678 Kristiansstad), heiratet am 6. November 1642 in Kopenhagen Ebbe Olfeld,
Marie Katharina (* 29. Mai 1628; † 1. September 1628) und
Dorothea Elisabeth (* 1. September 1629 Kronborg; † 18. März 1687 Augustinerkloster in Köln).

Iberian Royal Families / Carlos IV of Spain and his family
« on: September 28, 2005, 11:28:11 AM »
I once read on this newsgroup that Maria Luisa was pregnant for some 24 times!
I can only find 15 recorded births:

B2. CARLOS IV Antonio Pascual Francisco Javier Juan Nepomuceno José Januario Serafin Diego, King of Spain (1788-5.5.1808), *Portici 11/12.11.1748, +Naples 19.1.1819, bur Escorial; m.San Ildefonso 4.9.1765 Pss Maria Luisa of Bourbon-Parma (*9.12.1751 +2.1.1819)
C1. CARLOS Clemente Antonio de Padua Januario Pascual José Francisco de Asis Francisco de Paula Luís Vicente Ferrer Rafael, Infant of Spain, *Escorial 19.9.1771, +El Pardo 7.3.1774, bur Escorial
C2. CARLOS Domingo Eusebio Rafael José Antonio Juan Nepomuceno Gabriel Julian Vicente Ferrer Andrès-Avelino Luís Fernando Angel Francisco Pasqual Joaquin Cayetano Ignacio Manuel Raimundo Januario Francisco de Paula, Infant of Spain, *El Pardo 5.3.1780, +Aranjuez 11.6.1783, bur Escorial
C3. CARLOS Francisco de Paula Domingo Antonio José Raimundo Diego Vicente Ferrer Juan Nepomuceno Isidro Pascual Pedro de Alcantara Fernando Felipe Luís Cayetano Gregorio Joaquin Lorenzo Justiniano Julian, Infant of Spain, *San Ildefonso 5.9.1783, +San Ildefonso 11.11.1784, bur Escorial
C4. FELIPE Francisco de Paula Domingo Antonio José Raimundo Diego Vicente Ferrer Juan Nepomuceno Isidro Pascual Pedro de Alcantara Fernando Felipe Luís Cayetano Gregorio Joaquin Lorenzo Justiniano Julian, Infant of Spain, *San Ildefonso 5.9.1783, +San Ildefonso 18.10.1784, bur Escorial
C5. FERNANDO VII Maria Francisco de Paula Domingo Vicente Ferrer Antonio José Joaquin Pascual Diego Juan Nepomuceno Januario Francisco Javier Rafael Miguel Gabriel Calixto Cayetano Fausto Luís Raimundo Gregorio Lorenzo Geronimo, King of Spain (1808/14-33), *San Ildefonso 13.10.1784, +Madrid 29.9.1833, bur Escorial; 1m: Barcelona 6.10.1802 Pss Maria Antonia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (*14.12.1784 +21.5.1806); 2m: Madrid 29.9.1816 Infanta Maria Isabel of Portugal (*29.5.1797 +26.12.1818); 3m: Madrid 20.10.1819 Pss Josepha of Saxony (*6.12.1803 +17.5.1829); 4m: Madrid 11.12.1829 Pss Maria Cristina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (*27.4.1806 +13.9.1878)
D1. [2m.] Maria Luisa ISABEL, Infanta of Spain, *Madrid 21.8.1817, +Madrid 9.1.1818, bur Escorial
D2. [4m.] Queen Maria ISABEL II Luisa of Spain (1833-1868), deposed 30.9.1868, and abdicated 25.6.1870, *Madrid 10.10.1830, +Paris 9.4.1904, bur Escorial; m.Madrid 10.10.1846 her cousin, Inft Francisco de Asis (*13.5.1822 +13.4.1902)
D3. [4m.] Maria LUISA FERNANDA, Infanta of Spain, *Madrid 30.1.1832, +Seville 2.2.1897, bur Escorial; m.Madrid 10.10.1846 Antoine d'Orléans, Duc de Montpensier, Infant of Spain (*31.7.1824, +4.2.1890)
C6. CARLOS Maria Isidro Benito, Infant of Spain, Conde de Molina; he objected to the alteration in the succession to the throne to allow his niece Isabel II to become Queen, and he and his descendants [they and their partisans were known as the Carlists] fought for the throne for decades; *Aranjuez 29.3.1788, +Trieste 10.3.1855; 1m: Madrid 22.9.1816 Infanta Maria Francisca of Portugal (*22.4.1800 +4.9.1834); 2m: Azcoitia 20.10.1838 Infanta Maria Teresa of Portugal, Pss of Beira (*29.4.1793 +17.1.1874)
C7. Felipe, *Aranjuez 1791, +Madrid 1794, bur Escorial
C8. FRANCISCO de PAULA Antonio Maria, Infant of Spain, Duque de Cadiz, *Madrid 10.3.1794, +Madrid 13.8.1865; 1m: Madrid 12.6.1819 his niece Pss Luisa of Bourbon-Two Siciles (*24.10.1804 +29.1.1844); 2m: (morganatically) 1851 Dona Teresa Arredondo (+Madrid 29.12.1863), a balerina
C9. CARLOTA Joaquina Teresa Cayetana, Infanta of Spain, *Aranjuez 25.4.1775, +Queluz 7.1.1830, bur Sao Vicente de Fota, nr Lisabon; m.Lisbon 9.6.1785 King João VI of Portugal (*13.5.1767 +10.3.1826)
C10. MARIA LUISA Carlota, Infanta of Spain, *San Ildefonso 11.9.1777, +San Ildefonso 2.7.1782, bur Escorial
C11. MARIA AMELIA, Infanta of Spain, *El Pardo 9.1.1779, +Madrid 22.7.1798, bur Escorial; m.San Ildefonso 25.8.1795 her uncle Infant Antonio of Spain (*31.12.1755 +20.4.1817)
C12. MARIA LUISA Josefina Antonieta, Infanta of Spain, Dss of Lucca (1815-24), *San Ildefonso 6.7.1782, +Rome 13.3.1824; m.San Ildefonso 25.8.1795 Luigi, King of Etruria, Pr of Bourbon-Parma (*Piacenza 5.7.1773, +Florence 27.5.1803)
C13. MARIA ISABEL, Infanta of Spain, *Madrid 6.7.1789, +Portici 13.9.1848; 1m: Naples 19.8.1802 King Francesco I of the Two Sicilies (*19.8.1777 +8.11.1830); 2m: Naples 15.1.1839 Cte Francesco del Balzo (*17.5.1805, +15.4.1882)
C14. MARIA TERESA Felipina, Infanta of Spain, *Aranjuez 16.2.1791, +Escorial 2.11.1794, bur there
C15. FELIPE Maria Francisco, Infant of Spain, *Aranjuez 28.3.1792, +Madrid 1.3.1794, bur Escorial

Does anybody have some details about the other 9 pregnancies?

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