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The Tudors / Education of Elizabeth I
« on: November 04, 2007, 02:31:28 PM »
Since "Good Queen Bess" was so intelligent, I've grown curious about her humanist education.  Something surprising I read in Carolly Erickson's The First Elizabeth is that "All the children of Henry VIII were strikingly intellectual, Mary in particular, and though Elizabeth followed in her sister's footsteps she did not overtake her."  Imagine that, Mary being smarter than Elizabeth!  However, a few pages later, Carolly goes on to say that "Unlike Mary, who had channeled her outstanding mental gifts... along personal and confessional lines, Elizabeth had never ceased to cultivate her mind..."  Maybe Elizabeth lagged behind her sister at first, but by continuing to learn established herself as being more intellectual.  One amazing attribute was her knowledge of many languages.  Apparently, by her mid-twenties, "she knew six languages better than her own" by Elizabeth's own account.  That would be seven languages! 

1. English
2. Latin
3. Greek
4. French
5. Italian
6. German

The seventh one I can't figure out.


This photo shows 12 of the 14 granddaughters of Queen Olga!  The two missing are Marie Pavlovna and Princess Eugenie.
From left to right:
Princesses Sophie, Katherine, Cecilie, Marina, Theodora, Xenia Georgievna, Margarita, Elisabeth, Helen (with the crown), Nina Georgievna, Olga, and Irene.

Note how the sisters wear matching oufits if they are near the same age.  I got this somewhere on Birgette's site, but had to ID the ladies myself, and I'm pretty sure I've got them right.

The Stuarts of Scotland / Q.Anne & Sarah Churchill: An Item?
« on: August 29, 2005, 03:10:07 PM »
Were they or weren't they?  Just close friends or something more?  I started this over in the IF area on Non-Hetero Royals but decided to move the debate over here.  For previous arguments, refer to pgs 8 & 9 of:;action=display;num=1106117720
All argument welcome, especially those that agree with me; that they were!  ;D

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