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Forum Announcements / Anastasia: A new Ballet?!?
« on: October 16, 2007, 01:24:43 AM »
Imagine my surprise while "lurking" on the AP site this evening, with a local classical music station playing in the background, to hear a commerical (sandwiched between two concertos!), for the new Ballet by Opera Jorgen: "Anastasia" being performed in Toronto Canada on November 6/07 and then touring across Canada. I "googled" the theatre's venue and have appended the following synopsis: (My apologies if I have deposited it in the wrong location. I am sure that an ever-vigilant moderator will relocate it into the correct slot.)


Ballet Jörgen Canada will create its largest undertaking to date with the magical story of the Russian princess Anastasia. Created by acclaimed choreographer and Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen, Anastasia will be set to an original full orchestra score by Canadian/Russian composer Ivan Barbotin.

The mystery of what happened to the young 17 year old princess, Anastasia has fascinated people for 90 years spanning a multitude of books, movies and musicals. Anastasia is both a tragic story of a simple, innocent girl and the subject of modern mythology, as little is certain of what actually happened that fateful summer of 1918.

The human drama of this young girl born into privilege and cast out into a world of immense heartache proves an extraordinary gripping tale. The ballet will explore the emotions, aspirations and affections of this loveable yet controversial character as the world is transformed around her. Ballet Jörgen Canada, renowned for its ability to succinctly tell a fascinating story in an engaging and dramatic fashion will follow the young daughter of the fallen Russian emperor through the ballrooms of St. Petersburg, the Russian Revolution, to captivity and beyond.

Anastasia will be a full-length ballet, approximately 2 hours in length plus one intermission. It will be performed by 16 – 18 dancers with a full complement of production values including sets, costumes, and the ability for the music to be performed live or to tape.

Bengt Jörgen is one of Canada’s most popular choreographers. His most recent full-length productions Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet and Coppélia are performed both nationally and internationally, helping to broaden the interest in dance with ballets that are warm, engaging and creative.

Ivan Barbotin, an extraordinarily gifted ballet composer, has written the music for two of Ballet Jörgen Canada’s most popular works, The Velveteen Rabbit and The Emperor’s New Clothes.


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