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Having Fun! / Most Historically Important Royal
« on: September 17, 2005, 01:12:43 PM »
Who do you think was the SINGLE most important royal in terms of affect on modern history?

My vote...Nickolas II. He had to power to steer Russia toward more inclusive, semi-parlimentarian government and restrain his generals from mobilizing in August 1913. Had both situations been different, the rise to power of the Bolsheviks may likely been avoided. A different 20th century would have emerged.

The Habsburgs / House of Lichtenstein
« on: January 15, 2005, 04:53:38 PM »
Are there any linkages between the Hohenzollerns and the royal line of Lichtenstein? Does Lichtenstein play any significant role in European royal marriages and/or involvements? Thanks!

The Hohenzollern / Hohenzollern Jewels
« on: January 10, 2005, 11:43:09 AM »
By the by, Dona's fondness for jewels apparently did not result in a collection from her husband that compares to that of Alexandra or Mary, true? What ever became of the jewels Dona did have?

Is it the case that Princess Cecilie, wife of the Crown Prince of Germany, was the early 20th century's "Princess Diana"? I have heard Princess Cecilie was the storybook princess of Europe and was held in high regard and awe by not only the public but the German press and international press as well. The largest and most luxurious trans Atlantic cruise ships of the day was named for her. And, her style and beauty was classic during the pre-war period.

The Windsors / Princess Beatrice, Prince Henry of Battenberg and family
« on: October 11, 2004, 11:14:25 AM »
Princess Beatrice edited and destroyed huge amounts of Queen Victoria's correspondences with, in particular, Empress Frederick (Vicky). I have read that the correspondence contain much Germanophile leanings that few in England would have enjoyed knowing. What was the conventional wisdom at the time of Beatrice's purging (30s and 40s I believe) and what is the view today as to the contents Beatrice so wanted to be wiped from history?

The Hohenzollern / German Royal Palaces, Castles and Homes
« on: October 09, 2004, 03:23:45 PM »
The Stadt Schloss in Berlin was considered to be the most grand example of baroque palace architecture in all of Europe. A main attribute was the so-called White Salon. Are there details of the design and decoration of this room? Was it white marble with white furnishings? How did the Stadt Schloss compare in terms of opulence to other royal residences in Europe and England?

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