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Forum Announcements / New moderators
« on: July 22, 2012, 05:24:53 AM »
I'm since here on this forum since 2004 and active since 2005. I have been here with much joy. Reading the most interresting topics and learning from them. These topics were moderated by good moderators, who had a honest and great opinion and did their job well. Who were often were needed to end a discussion in the heat of the fire. Since 2004 many member have left the forum. Sometimes they are only only online but never active with new postings. Even some moderators have left this forum. Nobody have any clew were they are or why they have left.

I know moderating a website can cost much energy. And a moderator must be much online and active to do his/her job well. I want to thank all the "active" moderators who do their job with pleasure and such passion. I appreciate that so much.

Still our forum is growing with new members, some have great knowledge about "Royal", history, who probally also can do a great job as a moderator, such like Sarushka, LisaDavidson, Lucien and Svetabel. But because we also must think about the future of this Forum and learn from things happened in the past (there were discussions which ended in such disagreement, that some some member of great knowledge have left, like BlueToria, Elise_1972 and others) I hope to be of advice to the ForumAdministration.

There are a few moderators, who have been offline for years, like PrinceLieven (last active in 2010), cimbrio (last active in 2009) and VladM and ChristineM (both last active in 2008) and moderators who appear online, but never moderate.

On the moment on this forum, everything seems perfect. Everything goes as it goes. But there can be a time, that this forum need good and well informed, educated moderators, who can jump into a discussion to end it. There are too many "moderators" who are "sleeping moderators". So I want to say, is it maybe not an idea to replace at least the above mentioned "moderators", who did not appear online overhere for years by members who have the quality of a moderator or have such a great knowledge of Royalty, that they can act like a moderator?

I think of, Helen Rappaport, Suzanne and Marlene Eilers (who both have a great website about Royalty) Inok Nikolai (who is busy writing a book about the correspondence of the Imperial Family), Helen (who wrote the book about the correspondence between the Empress Alexandra and her brother), Coryne Hall, Greg King, Penny_Wilson. Just a few names which I think, who are able to do a good job as a moderator. Who can give us a lively discussion on different subjects and topics. And who can give us more knowledge about the subjects who are most dear to us all, "Royal", history. But ofcourse, most important, they have to be here online and active on this forum, so that they can act as a moderator.

New, at van Hoogstraten. The 1917 & 1918 diaries of Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra at in English. Order now.

Hello everybody,

For those, knowing Bookshop Van Hoogstraten - The Hague. You can now follow the bookshop through Van Hoogstraten.!/booksvanhoog

Gr. Teddy

Having Fun! / X-mas and December traditon!
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:36:48 AM »
Dear fellow members,

Its almost December and in some countries the first snow has already fallen and maybe here and there we can already ici skate.
December is the time, of joy and laughter. The Christian tradition is to remember the birth of Christ, The Saviour. While others only put up a Christmas three. Others pay extra visits towards family and friends, making big dinners, baking Christmas cookies, giving presents.

What does Christmas means to you?

Christmas as a religious festivity:
When I was young (I'm still 28), Christmas meant for me a time of joy, and the Remembrance of the birth of baby Jesus trough my Christian school. The bible was read, we sang Christmas songs, and we went with the whole school to church with our parents, were we performed a play and sang Christian Christmas songs. In the privy atmosphere of my parents house, we did not nothing religious during Christmas. We put up a Christmas tree and other nice things in the living room. For me, Christmas is not religious. Its just a social thing, altough I believe in God. (I'm busy to convert me to Islam). I think that those who say that they are Christians, can always remember the birth of Christ. December is not more special in a religious view then other months.

Christmas presents:
We have not some sort of ritual of receiving or buying Christmas presents. But in December we (Dutch) celebrates Sinterklaas on December 5Th. Sinterklaas is a sort of Santa Claus only typical Dutch. Sinterklaas comes with a boat from Spain (were he lives during the rest of the year, actually he is the bishop of Myra (Turkey), he has many helpers, called Zwarte Pieten, who bring us presents, while Sinterklaas is watching that every presents arrives on the right place and riding on the roofs of houses on his white horse Amerigo. Only the children who were the whole year sweet gets presents (but at the end every child gets something). Bad children, must come with Sinterklaas back to Spain as a punishment.

What do we do during the December month?
During December we pay extra visits to family and friends. Specially the old and those who have not all the riches of the world. We give them presents such as choclate or special baked cookies. Also we give the paperboys some extra money for delivery during the whole year the paper trough heat and rain, cold and hard wind. We listen much to the radio, listening to Christmas songs (Last Christmas, All I want for Christmas...), we watch Christmas movies and specials (Every year we have the Sissi movies with Romy Schneider or the Christmas special of Keeping up all appearance, with Hyacinth).
I also hope that December is cold. So that we can ice skate, with hot choclate and fresh baked cookies. Also I hope always for a lot of snow. So that children can build a snow men. Children laughter is always fun. Also you can visit markets, were you can buy nice things, hear gospel songs, and warming up at a have open fire, with in your hand hot choclate.

And of course, December 31. fireworks.

But now I want to know, what you are all gonna do with the month December????

Already the best wishes for Christmas and Old years Eve and lots of hugs - Teddy.

Which books are gonna appear in 2010?

I've read somewhere about a book about Grand Duchess Olga A. on Facebook!

Hello members,

I saw a book called: Princesse Olga Romanoff l'Album de Famille de Nicolas II. Who haves this book and can tell us something about it?

Gr. Teddy

Their World and Culture / Post-Mortem pictures
« on: April 29, 2009, 09:50:30 AM »
When photography started, also the post mortem pictures began. What do you think of Royals (but also ordinary people, just like you and me) were photographed in the 19th, 20th century after they died?  It was then a sort of custom.

Because I've so many books on different Royals there are also some post mortem pictures to find in these books. I find it very touching that people maked pictures of the people the loved after they have died. When I see these pictures in my books its fascinating and touching my heart, but at the same time very disturbing and creepy.

What do you think?

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / New upcoming books in 2009!
« on: December 31, 2008, 05:13:03 AM »
Here to post Royal books (titles/writer) who are beiing published in 2009:

For what I know:

The Four Graces, by Ilana Miller

Who know about titles by EUROHISTORY beiing published in 2009?

Hello dear members,

Its' already November. The leaves are falling from the trees (first they were in the most magnificant colours, red, yellow, orange, green, dark red, brown). The temprature is colder. Candles are burning. In some places snow is falling. The time of joy and hapiness (hopefully for everyone) is near. Its almost December, For many  the time for presents to give and to receive. A time of happiness.

Which presents do you hope to get?
And which present are giving to others?

Presents I hope to get:

Jewel Album of the Nicholas II, by Alexander von Solodkoff
Complete Wartime Correspondence of Emperor Nicholas II and The Empress Alexandra by Joseph Fuhrmann
Romanoff - Un Album De Famille by Jacques Ferrand
Les princes Youssoupoff & les comtes Soumarokoff-Elston, Chronique et photographies, by Jacques Ferrand
The Grand Dukes (Eurohistory)
The memoires of Prince Christopher of Greece
Alexandre Mikhailovitch, Grand-Duc de Russie, by Marie-Agnes Domin
La Tournee Des Grands-Ducs, by Alexandre de la Cerda
Le Demon Bleu du Tsar, by Laurence Catinot-Crost
The four graces, by Ilana Miller
White Crow, by Cockfield
Das Familienalbum von Kaiser Karl und Kaiserin Zita, by Gabriele Praschl-Bichler
Educations of a princess, by GD Maria P.
Princess in Exile, by GD Maria P

Little Weather Station
Socks and boxers (you always need them)
Plates and a wall rug from Morocco (I've a complete Arabic room)
Pepernoten (I'm Dutch and dutch members know what the are and they are so yummy)
House license plate
A new job!
Lots' of fun! :)

Presents I hope to give:
Chocolate for those I cherish
Cookies for my grand parents
Toys' for my little niece
Flowers for my parents
Shawls for friends.


This morning appeared a new book about GD Serge A. on the site of Van Hoogstraten in The Hague.

Here is the link:

Its' called: The Russian Riddle, by Tamar Analic. Its a biography, with photo's, only in English.


[edited to add title info to subject line]

She did it again. After hard work, in the late hours of the night a new and very spectacular book about Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia has been born!!! The book is written by the well talented Christina Croft. By the earliest members of this board also know as Bluetoria.

Most Beautiful Princess: a novel based on the life of Grand Duchess Elizabeth, sister of the ill-fated, Empress Alexandra
For more information:

I hope you all enjoy.


Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Rosvall
« on: March 23, 2008, 12:55:56 PM »
Who knows the next project(s) of Rosvall Books?

The last one, was about Queen Marie. But which Royal person or next Royal family will be next?

I love the Rosvall books!

What a pity, I'm searching for a book about Princess Vera, more a catalogue from Russia. Searching, searching. And finally I could find a bookshop who can order this book for me, the book, is 8 times the price, someone pays this catologue in Russia.

I wish I had a Russian friend who could ship this (and other books) in the future. Ofcourse I pay everything, books including shipping.

But what a pity!

I heard from different sourches that in the Darmstad Archives, the Windsor Archives, the GARF and other Royal Archives are many many many more photographs and documents of our beloved subjects.

Why are these photo's never published??? So that we are not always looking at the same photographs in different books.

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