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There is much argument here that this particular part of the board is harmful, because it might provide misinformation to students who come here seeking knowledge. I narrowed it to 18 because if you can fight a war I consider you an adult.

I believe there are members here that are not yet considered adults by society's standards. You contribute just like the rest of us.

Yes, the theories presented here are not always plausible but do they steer you in the wrong direction or make you think? Do you take what is written here as gospel or do you form your own opinion?

Do any of you check in here because you find it appealing. appalling,entertaining or stimulating?

Romanov and Imperial Russia Links / Hauntingly beautiful pictures
« on: June 23, 2005, 03:27:56 PM »
This is a link to a photographer's website. On a visit to Russia , he took many pictures of palaces and estates. I thought many of you would enjoy seeing them.

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