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The Imperial Family / Confusion on calendars.
« on: September 21, 2020, 03:45:17 AM »
Hi there.

I am at the moment a bit confused on calendar they used. To boil things down:
Was the difference 12 or 13 days to our modern?
When I look at the familys birthdays for example, on different places,
Some are 12 days behind our calendar and some are 13 days.
Did something happen during the time from, say 1890 to 1917?
Was the differenc at one time 12, and at another time 13 days?
Their wikipages for example gives Anastasia and Alexei a birtday that is 12
days behind, the other children 13 days.

Kind regards, Pontus

The Alexander Palace / New video Tsarskoie Selo, Alexander Palace etc
« on: October 12, 2018, 12:14:48 PM »

This is the first time I post here, even though I have been a member for a while.
I just want to share a video I have made of my travel to Tsarskoie Selo in late August.
It is rather long, but I would say it shows rather much from the AP and its surroundings.
This is the first time ever I do a video, but I think it turned out rather nice.
If you like it, please feel free to repost the link for it on other places were its contents might be of interest.
Feel free to ask/comment.

Kind regards, P.v. Holdinghausen

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