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Hey, all. I just picked up this book at the local 1/2 price book store and was wondering if anyone has thoughts on it. This is "The Lakeside Classics" edition, published by RR Donnelley & Sons, Chicago, December 1999. (No ISBN listed.) Thanks in advance.

The Tudors / Elizabeth I paternity
« on: April 29, 2006, 01:40:21 PM »
Hey, all. My Western Civ instructor insists that Elizabeth I was the product of the purported incest of her mother with her brother. I was under the impression that this accusation had been fairly well disproved. It drives me crazy when she repeats this, but I'm definitely not all that knowledgeable about the Tudors. Can anyone provide assistance in helping me show her the error of her ways? Thanks in advance!

A Russian Civil War Diary: Alexis Babine in Saratov, 1917-22
ISBN: 0822308355

Has anyone read this book? Neither Amazon nor Amazon UK give any reviews. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Hello all. I apologize if this has been mentioned previously in a thread of its own, but I didn't find one.

My question is simple: Who are the authors one should avoid reading (because of either obvious agendas or presentation of fictitious "information" as fact, etc.)? Conversely, then, who are the most reliable writers out there?

I've picked up some tips from the discussions, such as Radzinsky tops the Avoid List, but what about others, such as Richard Pipes?

Just for kicks, here is my Amazon Wish List. Where am I making a mistake and what changes should I make?


Does anyone have pictures/links to pics of Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich? I cannot recall ever seeing one. Thanks in advance.

Okay, I admit I hadn't heard of this particular person before stumbling across this amazon website:

What I found most interesting here was the large block of quote from GD Kyrill. Does anyone know where this came from? Interesting how he manages to portray his self-serving treason in a wonderfully patriotic light.


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