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Hello, everyone! I've been wondering since I can were visits to the dentists back in the early 1900's? I know this is going to sound very..wierd...but did they even have toothbrushes back then? :P All i can imagine is the Tsar brushing his teeth with a toothbrush made of bone and whale hairs...
I'm aware that the Tsar didn't like to attend visits to the dentist..but how bad were they, really? I mean this not from the Tsar's point of view, but as in a question; what tools did they use back then? I'M sure they don't use alcohol to put a patient to sleep like in colonial times..anaesthetics were already invented, I believe. But then again I don't know that much about dental hygiene of the early 20th century.. ::) :P
Does anyone know anything about the techniques people used back then to clean their teeth, get rid of cavities, etc.? Enlighten me.  ;D

Alright, this is strictly a discussion I would really like to have, and it would help me to make a high-quality Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanov Fansite.
High-quality would be like this fansite: , except, dedicated to Aleksei.
It would have a broad gallery, truthful information, dates, quotes, and videos.
But, I need help in order for it to be completed. I'm really hoping for the site to become a sort of official Aleksei fansite. I use the term fansite lightly, because I dont mean loads of fangirls to frequent it, but people jst looking for a bit of info..and of course, those fangirls. lol I once was one..but now I understand that people just seek the truth, and so I really wanted to make an official site for him, not just some webpage.
And I was thinking that I could make one for each of the 4 GDs as well, if this one goes smoothly.
First, I'll need to get hosted. If anyone here knows anything about fansites, making webpages, HTML, FTP, etc. please post ANYTHING. I would really like all the help I can get, and I shall credit whoever helps.
I'm serious about this, and my goal would be sort of like this site, but of Aleksei.
I'll also need someone with a large collection of pics. As well as someone with a large collection of quotes, letters, etc. Everything.
Of course, since I'm a fan, I know alot about Aleksei, but not as much as the people here. I just would like to be able to hire a co-webbie and a few others like graphics-maker, gallery-updater, and more. Any help that I can get; anything that anyone would like to offer, would all contribute the site.
Btw, Ive made fansites before, so I know a thing or two about them; but, again, I need the help. Just browsing around this forum is a huge help, but I just want to make it clear that I need a co-webbie; someone to help me run this future site, and it would be great if that person, or anyone else, someone, knew something about FTP, or PHP, or HTML (I only know the basics). Also, I would really love for someone with a huge Aleksei gallery. *cough*Tukker-Ragazzo*cough* to help.
If the Aleksei fansite doesnt work out..meaning if I dont have any co-webbies or no one is willing to help with it, I'll try and make a high-quality fansite of Anastasia, or Maria.
But, if it does work out, I know that it can be great, and really an important staple of Romanov sites, like Romanov Web, AP, Frozen Tears, etc.  So please, if anyone is willing to help, please post any helpful info on getting hosted, HTML, FTP, PHP, if you're interested in being a co-webbie, contributing, donating Aleksei graphics, and anything else.

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