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Hi members,

I don't know, if anybody know or has read the book, but there is an interesting biography by Martha Schad on Stalins only daughter Swetlana. I don't know, if this is also available in other languages, but it seems to be a fascinating piece of literature, as I have never seen any other german book on her. I have bought it, but haven't read it yet, but can give more infos, after reading it. It seems that Swetlana suffered all her life of being a dictators daughter, she was married different times, also to Wesley W. Peters from the US, whome she had a daughter, Olga, who is  called Chrese Evans today. Swetlana, who calls herself Lana Peters, has two other children from another husband before, too. She also went to India and different countries etc. and had a quite turbulent, but exciting life.
I inform about more things, when I have read the book. There are interesting pictures, too.

Has anyone read the book or knows it? How did you like it?

French Royals / Jean d'Orléans, Duc de Guise (1874-1940) and his family
« on: September 25, 2007, 01:11:29 PM »
:)Hello Britt !

These photographies are taken from "Mon Album de Famille" of Henri Comte de Paris, written by his nephew Michel Prince de Grèce ( Michael Prince of Greece).
Published by Librairie Académique Perrin, Paris 1996
ISBN 2.262.01237.7
It is a very beautiful photobook from which I discovered these pictures of Princess Isabelle and  Prince Murat.
It is mentionned under the photographies that the alliance between the two dynasties Bourbon-Orléans and Bonaparte was much discussed...

The same as it was with Clémentine of Belgique ( who had also Orléans blood) who married Prince Napoléon...

Can anybody repost the picture of Isabelle and Prince Murat please?
It was posted by Frimousse many months ago, from the book "mon album de famille" by Henri, count of Paris. But it unfortunately it was taken away by anyone, and I have lost it, because my PC was broken and my picture archives all got lost.
Frimousse was not active here since march and did not reply my PM.
Can anybody help me with the picture???


French Royals / Identification,please
« on: October 17, 2006, 06:58:20 AM »
Dear members,

I have a question concerning the following picture: Can anybody identify it without any doubt?

On the page of the "Réunion des Musees nationaux" it is identified as:

Numéro d'oeuvre :
Cote cliché :
N° d’inventaire :
Fonds :
Description :
Frédéric-Napoléon, prince Bacciochi (fils d'Elisa Bonaparte et de Félix Bacciochi) (1814-1833) - en habit de "prince français" en 1819
Auteur :
Krafft Barbara, née Steiner (1764-1825) peintre , femme, autrichienne
Crédit photographique :
(C) Photo RMN - ©Franck Raux
Date :
Technique/Matière :
huile sur toile
Hauteur :
1.700 m.
Longueur :
1.050 m.
Localisation :
Versailles, châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon

But I have doubts that this pictures really shows Frédéric Bacciochi, because there are other sources, where it is said that it shows Franz of Reichstadt (Napoleon II), the son of Napoleon I and Marie Louise and not Frederic, the son of Elisa Bonaparte and Felix Bacciochi. So I am quite confused now and don´t know, what is true. Does anybody of you know this picture?
As the artist Barbara Krafft was an austrian Lady I think it is rather unlikely that this pictures really shows Frederic, because he lived somewhere else, after the fall of the Napoleonic Empire. Reichstadt did live at the Austrian court, so I think it is rather possible that Krafft painted Reichstadt and not his cousin Fréderic, who lived in Italy after his uncles fall, I think. From the looking it´s hard to say, it could be Reichstadt, but as children it is possible that cousins can be similar... :-\

Can any body help me? Does anybody of you know this picture? Why there are two completely different identifications?

I have been searching for a picture of Frédéric for quite a long time, so I think, it´s a pity that it might not be him.

What do you think?

French Royals / Princess Jeanne de Villeneuve, neé Bonaparte
« on: May 16, 2006, 08:27:58 AM »

I am looking for any photo or picture of the aunt of Marie Bonaparte, Princess of Greece, Jeanne Bonaparte, who was married to Christian de Villeneuve-Escaplon.

I have seen some of her children (but not all), who were the cousins of the famous Marie Bonaparte (1882-1962), but I haven´t ever seen or found any picture or photo of Jeanne, her aunt. She lived from 1861 until 1910, and was the only sister of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Marie Bonapartes father.

If anyone here has got any idea, where to find a picture of Jeanne Bonaparte, please give me a link or tell me any information, I would be very happy, as I am looking for any portrait of Jeanne de Villeneuve Escaplon (neé Bonaparte) already for a very long time.

In my book on Marie Bonaparte by Celia Bertin Jeanne is only mentioned in the text, but there isn´t any picture, but maybe there are also other books or archives that I do not know.

Thanks for any reply, I am happy for any link or help! :)

The Windsors / Princess Diana
« on: April 11, 2006, 06:18:58 AM »
I think, this is quite interesting...

(Please read the ansistors from left to right!)

First line:

 Maximilian I. ---- Philipp I---- Ferdinand I.-------Johanna v. Habsburg-------Marie v. Medici----  Henriette
(emperor)                             (emperor)            : Franz v.Medici                 Heinrich of France    

Henriette of France ------Charles II of England------- Henry Fitzroy ----Charles Fitzroy-----Isabella Fitzroy
  : Charles I of Engl.

---- Hugh Seymour -----Horace Beauchamp Seymour ----Adelaide Horatia Seymour----

-----Charles Rob.Spencer ----Edward John Spencer--- Princess Diana of Wales  ::)

second line:

Charles II of England (same ansistors like Nr. 1) ----- Charles of Lennox (Nr.1) ----Charles Lennox

(Nr.2)----- Georg Henry Lennox ---Charles Lennox-----Charles Lennox ---Cäcilia Kath. Lennox---

Rosalind Bingham--- Lady Cythia Hamilton ----Edward John Spencer ---Lady Diana ::)

Maybe this is already known here, but I found it quite interesting, it comes from the page Wordroots ,

which is sometimes very good!

I only have some doubts, because both lines back to the Habsburgs and Bourbons to the Princess of Wales are from illegitimate children of Georg II of England, and about some I have read they are not so secure.... :-/

What Do you think, can be trust in Georges fatherhoods?? ;)

Unfortunately I am not so well informed about him , so maybe anybody can tell any facts about the cases of secure and not so secure illegitimate children of him, he must have had many mistresses... :P

The Wittlesbachs / Marie Louise Larisch-Wallersee
« on: April 04, 2006, 05:30:21 AM »
Hello :)

I do not know if this topic is still here, but I would be interested in knowing more about her, and also in seeing some photos of her and her children.

I have tried to find one, but I could not not find any about her children 1) Franz Josepf Larisch-Moennich (he was more known than the others, because all of her other children died before her)
2.) Marie Valerie 3) Friedrich Karl 4) Marie Henriette 5) Georg Heinrich (he comitted suicide) 6) and
     Friedrich Karl

and there was also something about an Otto Brucks ?! :-?

Can anyone post pictures with some information?

If this topic still exsists , please be so kind to inform me, because I do not want to bother anyone with asking for infos, that are already here...Ok? ::)

Thanks for any reply.  
Yours Britta

French Royals / Familyconnection Bonaparte- Mussolini
« on: March 04, 2006, 10:40:10 AM »

My name is Britta and I am very interested in the Bonaparte family from the 18th century until the todays decendance.

I have got a very special question and would be very happy if anybody could help me to solve this problem.

On one website (in the archive of time-newspaper, I will post the address later on ) there is an article that in the year 1952 the great-great-grandson of Lucien Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon and prince of Canino, Alessandro Giunta (born 1929) married the 18- year old granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, Raimonda Ciano (born in 1933, and as I have read already dead: She was the daughter of Edda Mussolini and of the late count Ciano of Galeazzo).

I would be very interested in knowing, if there are descendants from this marriage and if there are any photos of the people.

Unfortunately I have found the information on this interesting marriage only on this one website and no where else.

Are these facts through and are there no more informations to find?

Can anybody help me??

I wrote to two relatives of Alessandro Giunta, but they did not reply my questions at all.

Does anybody know if any other of the Ciano hears  is (children of Edda Mussolini Ciano) still alive?
Edda had three children from count Galeazzo, who was murdered by Mussolini: Raimonda, Marzio and Fabrizio
( he wrote a book: Quando nonno fece fucilare papà)

I would really be interested in finding out more about this marriage, as it is an interesting connection: Bonaparte and Mussolini descendants in one family :D

So has anybody got an idea , who could be asked concerning this topic?
Are there any old newspaperarticles, photos other information?

Any idea, who could be asked?

I would be thankful for any link or answer or help!

Britta  ;)

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