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I've been through the boards one or two times and I, for some reason, cannot find a picture I am desperate to find even though I know I've seen it here.

It's a picture, possibly from the Hermitage, of a deep blue (velvet?) court dress that was identified as belonging to Alix.  Does anyone know where I can find a pic?  Thanks,
 - Liz

Their World and Culture / The Education of the Heirs
« on: November 18, 2005, 08:07:21 AM »
I searched the forums, and since I didn't find any topic discussing this I thought it safe to bring it up.

I for one am shocked by the education received by OTMAA, not so much by the younger three girls who had no real dynastic importance, but by the education received by Olga and Alexei.  

Alexei was the heir to the largest empire in the world and yet he received little in the way of valuable education.  I have read many books that always excuse his lack of proper education (i.e. that which would help him become a competent tsar) because he was an invalid much of the time.  But it always seemed that he had more than enough down time in which to study study study - those days spent in bed or cooped up in the palace were wasted.  Does anyone know why this little boy was not given the education he rightfully deserved and so desperately needed?  I understand that his parents felt bad for him, but at the same time Alexandra and the rest of the Romanovs were always complaining how little prepared Nicky was for the throne.  They saw that he was basically incompetent when it came to 'tsaring', why did they not try to prevent that in the next generation of tsars (Alexei)?  Why did Nicky not realize it, he a man who was more than aware of his own inadequacies?

Then there's Olga.  As the oldest daughter of the tsar, there was always the chance however slim that she might come to the throne.  After all, if Russian imperial history has taught us nothing it's expect the unexpected - particularly when it comes to women.  And yet no one seems to have thought of even trying to give her an appropriate education.  Furthermore, as the eldest daughter she would have most likely made the most politically important match and married the ruler of another country.  Why did no one seek to prepare her for the throne?  Did no one think that she could be Russia's voice in another country and therefore needed an education worthy not only of a queen but also a political figure?  

Anyone have any insights?

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