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Forum Announcements / Kind of late, but still very important
« on: October 28, 2005, 08:56:49 PM »
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and now is a great time to go get checked out! Breast cancer is one of the leading killers for women, but with an early diagnosis, it can be beaten. If a close relative (mom, sister, aunt, grandmother...especially on your mother's side) has had it, your chances of getting it are greater. Men should be aware what to look for too, as it's getting more and more common in men.

Some websites with tons of info: (American Cancer Society) (National Cancer Institute)

Check your area for organizations which may help with obtaining these services if money or lack of insurance is an issue. For example, here in North Dakota, we have an organization called Women's Way which women can get free testing... including pap tests and mammograms, as well as assistance for other things. Women's Way is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other states have similar programs.

The Tudors / Which of Henry VIII's wives...
« on: August 09, 2005, 03:04:51 AM »
Which of Henry VIII's wives would you have least wanted to be?

I saw this question in the most suprising place... a chic-lit book, and I thought it was very interesting. I'm not sure of my answer just yet, but I was curious to what everyone else would think. BTW, the book is Larger Than Life by Adele Parks... a brilliant book, though I'm not all the way through it yet.

The answers given in the book were Catherine Parr and Anne Boleyn. Catherine because "...she had to treat this gouty feet for years, which is definitely my idea of h*ll on earth." Anne not because she was beheaded, but because "She didn't even have the dignity of being the first and she was followed by the one he loved the most."

As I was doing a search of some kind, I came across this website. I don't think any one's posted on this... I checked and didn't see anything, so if it has been posted before, sorry. Anyway, it's a mini series about Alexander II's love for Katherine Dolgorukaya. I assume it's in Russian, and I don't know when it was made. There's picture stills on the site too. Has anyone seen this?

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / "Zoya" - Danielle Steele
« on: September 28, 2004, 01:24:46 AM »
I remember seeing the mini-series of this book many years ago starring Melissa Gilbert as Countess Zoya Ossupov and I instantly had to go buy the book. The story is of Countess Zoya, a cousin of the Imperial Family (and best friends with GD Maria), and the days leading up to the Revolution. Some of the members of the IF make appearances... Maria, Alexandra, Nicholas, Alexei (in rememberances), and Joy the dog. The other girls are sick with the measles at that time so they aren't really written about. The story then goes on with her escape from Russia and life afterward through many big events like the Depression and WWII, and it ends in the later part of the century.

Anyway, the story has it's flaws regarding the Imperial Family and little facts that we (Romanov Fanatics) know are false. But I still love the book as it draws you into the horrors suffered during the Revolution and life as an exiled royal.

Has anyone else read this book? What are some thoughts about it?

P.S. - Steele has another book where the Imperial Family makes some appearances.... it's called "Granny Dan".  Not as enjoyable as "Zoya", but still interesting.

News Links / Relics of Grand Duchess Elizabeth back in Russia
« on: July 26, 2004, 01:20:29 AM »

Remains of Last Czarina Sister in Russia

Sun Jul 25, 2:11 PM ET  

By STEVE GUTTERMAN, Associated Press Writer

MOSCOW - In an opening move to heal the breech between the Russian Orthodox Church at home and abroad, the remains of the last czarina's sister were flown Sunday from Jerusalem to Russia where they will be displayed in a golden ark in Moscow and throughout the country.

Grand Duchess Elizabeth was thrown down a mine shaft by Bolsheviks in 1918 and has been canonized by both the Moscow-based church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

The remains of Elizabeth, an older sister of Czar Nicholas II's wife Alexandra, were spirited out of Russia through China and later brought to the Mary Magdalene cathedral in Jerusalem, which belongs to the foreign-based church.

The relics — part of Elizabeth's right hand, according to state-run Rossiya television — were transported in a golden ark that was taken to Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral for a ceremony.

They will be in Russia for six months.

Also returning were the remains of Elizabeth's helper, a nun named Varvara, who was killed with her, the ITAR-Tass news agency said.

The temporary return of the remains was being carried out by the Russian Orthodox Church with the support of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the agency said.

It came as the two sides take their first steps toward reunification after decades of distrust.

In a message read during the ceremony at Christ the Savior, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II said he hoped the return of Elizabeth's remains would signal "God's blessing of the process that has started to unify the Russian Orthodox Church," according to ITAR-Tass.

Alexy didn't attend the ceremony because he has been ordered to rest after suffering heart arrhythmia.

The exiled church abroad severed all contact with the Moscow-based church after its leader pledged loyalty to the Communist government in 1927. The Moscow Patriarchate has said that step was taken to save the church from complete ruin under officially atheist Communist rule.

The Russian Orthodox Church has experienced a major resurgence since the 1991 Soviet collapse.

Elizabeth, who married an uncle of Nicholas, Grand Duke Sergei, founded a convent in Moscow.

Imperial Succession and the Throne / Succession Laws
« on: February 25, 2004, 07:33:43 PM »
I do not know a great deal about these laws and just want to ask some questions to those who do...

How hard would it be to reverse this law? Is it kind of like a Constitutional amendment - relatively easy to put in, but almost impossible to take back out?

I'd read somewhere that for the head of the family (whoever that may be) to change this law, it wouldn't be accepted unless they made this change retroactively and "de-morganaticized" the marriages of those whose marriages were considered unequal. Would this create even more problems should this ever occur? More specifically, what types of problems?

And my last question is what is the difference between dynastic head and head of family? For example, Nicholas Romanovich calls himself Head of the Romanov Family, yet he's married to a countess...noble but not royal. If a compromise were made and noble marriages were allowed, he could be recognized as the head of the family by all branches. Somewhere in the mix is the dynastic head of the family. Would a different member of the Romanov family be able to claim the dynastic position, but not be the head of the family?

I know that the members of the family have disputes over these laws and that something should be worked out between the branches so everyone is happy. I can only hope that it is soon...

thanks a bunch!!!

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